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I Tested 6 Car Parks Used for Southampton Cruises (Comparison, Prices, REAL REVIEW)

If you have booked a cruise that sails from Southampton, you may be looking for somewhere safe to park your car whilst you are away.

There are lots of different options.

In this article, we explore some of the more popular options and talk about my, and my family’s, first-hand experiences with these car parks.

I have personally used both official car parks, third party car parks, car parks located in Southampton centre and driveway parking.

Southampton Car Parking – Options Compared

If you want the most convenient option, then “official” cruise car parks, CPS and AB parking are by far the most convenient. However, this convenience comes at a cost, and they are usually the most expensive options.

If cost is important to you, you would be sensible to research other options! I am able to walk and don’t need help with my luggage, so I tend to try and go for a cheaper option where possible.

It is also important to make sure that the car park you choose is safe. Many of the car parks listed have the” Park Mark” award, which means that the car park is regularly assessed by Police Assessors to make sure that it is secure and safe.

Convenience Notes Average Pricing
CPS*** Only if you are travelling on certain cruise linesHigh
AB***Only if you are travelling on certain cruise linesHigh
Triangle**Check the proximity to your terminalMedium
Portside***Meet and GreetMedium
Airlynx**Park and RideMedium
Hotel with Parking**Various HotelsMedium
Park on a Driveway**Via an AppCheap
West Quay*Multistorey Shopping CentreCheap
Car Parking Options

To work out the best option for you, you need to know the terminal your cruise ship will be sailing from. This should be on your cruise paperwork.

Cruise lines are not tied to any particular cruise terminal. If a cruise line has more than one ship in port on the same day, they will be docked at separate terminals.

Southampton Cruise Terminals:

  • City Cruise Terminal. Berth 101, Western Docks, Southampton, SO15 1BS.
  • Horizon Cruise Terminal. Horizon Cruise Terminal, Berth 102 Southampton, Southampton, SO15 1AW.
  • Mayflower Cruise Terminal. Berth 106, Dock Gate 10, Southampton, SO15 1HJ.
  • Ocean Cruise Terminal Southampton. Berth 46 Cunard Road, Southampton, SO14 3QN.
  • QEII Cruise Terminal. Berth 38/39 Dock Gate 4, Cunard Rd, Southampton SO14 3QN

Official Cruise Port Car Parks

Official Car Parks can be expensive, particularly in peak season!

  • CPS
  • AB Parking

These two parking companies are official car parks for Southampton. They have car parks within the port/dockside area.

What makes it a little complicated is that you have to pick the right car parking company for the cruise line you are sailing with.

AB Parking serve:

I have used AB parking multiple times, sometimes I have booked it myself, and other times, it has been included as part of the cost of the cruise. I have never had a problem, and it is VERY convenient. The only downside is it can be a more expensive option – particularly in peak season. I would book again with them anytime.

Find out more about AB Parking here:

Southampton Cruise Parking Options – AB Car Parks (Real Review and Guide)

AB Parking taken from my car
AB Parking car park, taken from my car.

CPS Carparks serve:

  • Cunard
  • Princess
  • P&O

It would be hard to find a more convenient option than CPS Parking, it is right by the ship. I have used this company multiple times. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in booking with them again, but it has to be said, this is a more expensive option, particularly in peak season.

Find out more about CPS Parking here:

CPS Car Parks – Southampton Cruise Parking Options

Non-Offical Port Options

Triangle Car Park

If you wish to save money, you may wish to look at other car parks. Triangle car park is very close to the Ocean terminal where P&O sail from.

We have used Triangle Parking three or four times when going on family cruises. It is important to check which cruise terminal you are sailing from, to see if this is a good option for you.

It is a good 20-minute walk if you are sailing from the QEII Terminal, but if you are sailing with P&O it is very close! We have never had any issues with this carpark, and it is a more affordable option than the “official” car parks, run by AB and CPS Parking.

To see if this would be a good option for you, click here:

Triangle Car Park – Southampton Cruise Parking Options

Triangle car park

Quayside Multi-Storey Car Park

Another car park you may wish to consider is the Quayside Multi-Storey car park. This is around a twenty or thirty-minute walk from the cruise terminals – but is probably the cheapest option available, as they charge a flat rate of £5 per 24 hours!

Quayside Multi-Storey Carpark is attached to a shopping centre about a twenty-minute walk from the terminals. I have quite a small car and am perfectly able to drag my wheeled suitcase to the terminal. There is no pre-booking, which could be a problem in peak season. For me, it is a good, cheap option – but I fully appreciate that it is far too inconvenient for many others.

Find out all about Quayside Multi Storey Car Park here:

Cruise Port Parking, Southampton: West Quay Multi-Storey Car Park (Prices & Review)

west quay southampton parking
Photo: Carlesmari

Airlynx Park and Ride

There is a park-and-ride option available with Airlynx. Again, this is a cheaper option than using the port’s official car parks – but you need to leave time to park your car and make the transfer. It’s actually only 5 minutes away from the cruise terminal.

I have used Airlynx Park and Ride only once, and it was very easy. You need to allow more time as you need to park and then be bused to your terminal – very much like you would do at an airport. I would certainly consider using them again.

Find out all about this “Park and Ride” option here:

Airlynx Parking – Southampton Cruise Parking Options (Real Review and Guide)

Rent Someone’s Driveway!

Use specially designed Apps to find a private driveway to park on – at around half the price of a conventional car park.

I have used this option multiple times, and actually have favourite driveways in Southampton I like to park on. You need to do your research to find a convenient and safe driveway for your car. Look at the distance from the driveway to your cruise terminal, and make sure you are able to walk that distance, with all your luggage. If you can walk, this is a really cost-effective way to park your car. I will definitely be booking driveway parking again.

To find out all about this cost-effective option, click below.

Southampton Cruise Parking – Parking On Someone’s Private Driveway – Via an App

Meet and Greet Parking

You are met dockside by a company representative, who takes your car and parks it elsewhere, in a secure parking lot away from the port.

I have never personally used this service, but it gets excellent reviews online. If I am travelling with my family, we tend to travel in my Dad’s larger car. He is not keen on someone else driving it away, and the car being parked somewhere he hasn’t seen. If I’m driving my car I tend to go for cheaper options. If you are happy for the company to just take your car from you and drive it away, it is a very convenient option.

Find out all about Meet and Greet parking in the post below:

Meet and Greet Parking – Southampton Cruise Parking Options

Southampton Hotels with Cruise Parking

This is one option that I, or members of my family, have never used! If you live far enough away from Southampton to consider driving down the day before and staying overnight, you may want to try a “Stay and Cruise Package.”

Many people find that this option is great for them!

If you have to drive some distance to Southampton, it makes sense to travel the day before and stay overnight. This avoids stress in case of any accidents or delays on the roads. If you are staying in a Southampton hotel, and it offers a cruise parking deal, it would be worth looking into as it could be very convenient to just leave your car there.

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