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Southampton Cruise Parking – Parking On Someone’s Private Driveway – Via an App

If you are looking for affordable car parking in Southampton, travel light and are able to walk, parking on someone’s private driveway may be a good, affordable option for you.

This option is usually considerably cheaper than the cruise car park options available.

Why Choose to Park Your Car on Someone’s Private Drive?

I often use this method of parking when cruising from Southampton.

It is often considerably cheaper than parking in a designated cruise car park. In the past I’ve paid around £70 for the week.

At busy times of the year – Bank Holidays, School Holidays etc, cruise car parking can be very expensive!

There have been times when I have booked a last-minute cheap cruise deal – only to find all the regular cruise car parks full.

This has been such a good option for me, and I have particular spaces in Southampton that I like, and will book again!

How to Find a Suitable Driveway to Park on

There are Apps available that connect parking space owners with people wishing to park their cars whilst on a cruise, on holiday, or just visiting the area.

You can book for just a couple of hours, a week or longer.

You are also able to search for parking with Electric Car Charging points if you should need one.

car parking space

Two of the most popular Companies are :

Your Parking Space *

Just Park *

How it Works

  • Download the company’s App
  • Select the dates and times you would like to park
  • Choose from a number of parking spaces in the area that are available. You will find photos of the spaces and maps showing their locations on the App.
  • Book and pay online
  • When you arrive, just park the car and leave.

No need to have any interaction with the owner of the parking space, just park and leave!

You Can Rate Your Parking Space – and the Owners Can Rate You Too!

  • You can leave feedback on your return about the parking space you have rented. This helps others choose suitable, safe spaces in future.

The owners of the parking space can also rate you – so be kind and considerate, arrive and leave quietly and don’t overstay your booking times!

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Space

  • How far the space is from the cruise terminal?
  • Are you able to walk there or can you easily get a taxi?
  • Is the space safe?
  • Is the space big enough for your car?
  • Will people be constantly walking past the space, is your car liable to get damaged?

If You Have Any Problems…

Contact the company you are using via their App.

your parking space website

Many companies offer additional insurance coverage for a fee, to protect against the unlikely event of your car being damaged whilst parked.

This insurance cover can be added on at the time of booking.

Your car own insurance should also cover you for any damage if you wish to claim on it

In Conclusion

This method of parking is a good option for those who are happy to book via an app on their phone.

It is also a good, affordable option if other cruise car parks are full.

If you are not happy to use modern technology to search for and book a parking space, this is probably not the option for you.

Companies do often have a telephone number for customer service, for support once booked.

It is, however, completely down to you to check the parking space’s suitability and safety before you make a booking.

I wouldn’t hesitate to park on someone’s driveway, using an App. I have done it many times in many different towns and cities, and have never had a problem!

To check out other parking options in Southampton, Check out the link below:

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