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Cruise Port Parking, Southampton: West Quay Multi-Storey Car Park (Prices & Review)

If you are looking for affordable car parking in Southampton, Westquay Multi-Storey Car Park may be a good option for you.

I have used it a number of times – and it is probably the cheapest car parking option in Southampton!

West Quay Multi-Storey Car Park

Westquay Multi-Storey Car Park is situated in the main shopping area of Southampton town and is around a 20 to 30-minute walk to the various different cruise terminals.

It’s important to check which cruise terminal you’ll be sailing out of as some are much closer than others.

Where is The West Quay Multi-Storey Car Park?

The address is: West Quay Road, Southampton, SO15 1EE.

There are road signs when you get close and it’s easy to find by car.

It is situated in the shopping district of Southampton town, in the West Quay retail park.

How Much Does it Cost to Part in West Quay For a Cruise?

They charge a flat rate of £6 a day – so £42 for a week. Probably less than half the cost of other cruise car parks in the area.

The price of this car park is very cheap compared to other car parks in the area.

It Is a Self Parking Car Park

West Quay is a long-stay, multi-storey car park with 2489 parking spaces. 

Take a ticket from the machine when you enter, and pay before you leave. You can not pre-book.

You choose your space and park your car yourself. You then take your keys with you.

The parking spaces themselves are a little on the small side, as in many multi-story car parks.

Will My Car Be Safe in the West Quay Multi-Storey Car Park?

  • The Car Park itself is covered by CCTV, 24 hours a day.
  • The Car Park has a Police-approved “Park Mark Safer Parking Award.” These Car Parks are proven to be safer for vehicles and people. They are checked and passed annually by a Police Assessor.

The car park does have other people coming and going everyday, so there is always a risk that your car might be damaged by passing bags or buggies.

Things to Consider before Choosing the West Quay Multi-Storey Car Park

  • The West Quay Multi-Storey Car Park is around a twenty to thirty-minute walk from the various cruise terminals.
  • You will need to use the lift to exit the car park, and then will have at least a 20-minute walk, with your luggage to your cruise ship terminal.

It may be worth booking parking closer to the terminal you are travelling from if you are not happy to, or are unable to walk.

When I sail from Southampton, I just take one suitcase. It is on wheels and isn’t too heavy for me to pull along behind me. I may also have a rucksack on my back. I am aware that not everyone travels as light as me and I wouldn’t recommend this option if you have kids with you.

If you are taking lots of luggage, or have a particularly large car – this will probably not be the best option for you.

  • If you are going to be worried about the car park being full when you arrive, for instance, in peak season – then book elsewhere, as you can not pre-book your space.
  • There is a 2m height restriction for this car park, so if you have a large car and roof box, it may not fit in the car park at all!

West Quay advertises Electric Vehicle Charging free of charge. You can find electric vehicle charging on level 5 of the Multi-storey. There are 8 electric vehicle charging points in total.

If you travel light, off-season, and just need a cheap car parking option, it may be worth considering!

west quay southampton parking
Photo WikiCommons: Carlesmari

Would I Use West Quay Multi-Storey Car Park again?

I would book Westquay Multi-Storey Car Park again if I was travelling to Southampton in my own, small car.

If I was with my parents in their larger car, or travelling with family members less able to walk, I would choose a different option.

If you are concerned about your car getting dented or damaged, this may not be the car park for you.

The spaces are not generous, and there are people in and out of the car park, all day, every day, doing their shopping!

If you have an older, or smaller car and don’t mind taking the risk of it being scratched or dented, this car park could be worth thinking about!

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