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CPS Car Parks – Southampton Cruise Parking Options

If you are sailing from Southampton with P&O CruisesPrincess Cruises or Cunard you may be considering booking CPS Valet Parking.

I have personally used the service multiple time and although it isn’t cheap, it’s very convenient.

How CPS Parking in Southampton Works

When you arrive at the correct terminal for your ship:

  • You will be directed to the appropriate vehicle lane by a member of staff.
  • From here you will be met by a member of the reception team who will book in your vehicle and carry out relevant security procedures. You will be issued a barcoded receipt.
  • Once checked in a driver will take your vehicle to the nearby secure compound.
  • You are then able to proceed to the terminal to check in for your cruise.

This process has taken me in the past between 5 minutes and 45 minutes.

On your return:

  • You will be directed from the terminal to the key collection point.
  • Hand the receptionist your barcoded receipt, and you will be given your vehicle keys.
  • You will be directed to the relevant area of the car park where your vehicle is located. There will be staff on hand to assist if you need further help locating your car.
  • You will then be directed to the port/car park exit

Booking with CPS Car Parks

To book with CPS Car Parks, go to their website, and enter

  • The Cruise Line
  • Ships name
  • Date of sailing

The website will then tell you if they have availability and give you a price. Booking is simple.

CPS Parking

I have found in the past that CPS parking has sold out and I’ve had to pick another option. If you know that you are taking a cruise in the future it is best to book your parking as soon as possible.

How to Find the Correct CPS Car Park for Your ship

Head to the correct terminal for your cruise ship, this should be shown on your cruise booking paperwork.

CPS Parking serves:

  • The Mayflower Terminal
  • City Cruise Terminal
  • Ocean Cruise Terminal
  • QEII Cruise Terminal

Cars are driven away by CPS drivers, and parked in secure compounds within the Port.

Will My Car Be Safe in a CPS Car Park?

  • Their On-site car parks have 24-hour security patrols and are locked and secured.
  • The Car Park has a Police-approved “Park Mark Safer Parking Award.” These Car Parks are proven to be safer for vehicles and people. They are checked and passed annually by a Police Assessor.

Things to Consider before booking CPS Car Parks

  • Each cruise line uses a different terminal and Car Park.
  • You must book the correct car park by entering the ship and dates you are travelling on their website.
  • If you do not do this, you may be turned away and refused access!
  • Your car will be driven away and parked by a CPS Driver – If you aren’t keen on other people driving your car – don’t choose this option!
  • You will need to leave your keys at the CPS Reception

If you have limited mobility, this Valet Car Parking could be a good option for you.

Would I Book With CPS Car Parks again?

I have parked in CPS Car Parks a number of times, it is certainly a very easy and convenient option.

Understandably, as it is an official cruise car park, and very close to the ship, the charges are usually more than some of the other car parking options available.

If time and convenience are important to you, this is a good choice.

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