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Airlynx Parking – Southampton Cruise Parking Options (Real Review and Guide)

If you are taking a cruise from Southampton you may be considering Airlynx Britannia Wharf.

I have parked here in the past and would recommend them.

Airlynx Parking

Airlynx is a private, secure off-port car park. They transfer you from their compound in Britannia Wharf to Southampton cruise terminals in luxury minibuses.

Their Britannia Wharf parking facility is less than a 5-minute drive from the cruise terminals. They deliver you straight to the terminal door.

How it works

When you Arrive:

  • When you arrive at their compound, you will be met by a member of staff.
  • They will ask you a few questions regarding your cruise booking, surname, number of passengers, returns date etc.
  • Luggage will be transferred to the minibus and your contact number will be taken.
  • You will receive a card with a number on it. Keep hold of this card as you will need it to call Airlynx on your return to the Port.
  • Park your car in the compound, and they will ask for the key to your vehicle.
  • You are then transferred to the appropriate terminal for your cruise.

When You Return:

  • When you return, call Airlynx to find out where your minibus will be.
  • The mini-bus will take you back to the car park.
  • On the day of return, your vehicle will be parked closer to the compound exit area
  • Your keys will be returned when you reach the compound.

Other Facilities Available

  • Airlynx has bathroom facilities (suitable for wheelchair users) hot and cold drinks facilities and Wi-Fi.
  • They have parking assistants on hand to help transfer your luggage to the transfer minibus.
  • They have Disabled access, and toilet facilities are wheelchair friendly. If you have specific, special requirements regarding your mobility, contact them before booking and they say they will do their best to help.

They also offer longer transfers to Portsmouth if your cruise ship is departing from there

Booking with Airlynx Car Parks

To book with Airlynx Car Parks, go to their website, and enter:

  • The Cruise Line
  • Ships name
  • Date of sailing

The website will then tell you if they have availability and give you a price. Booking is simple.

There is no hassle about finding the correct car park for your cruise – Airlynx will drop you outside the appropriate terminal for your ship.

Will My Car Be Safe at the Airlynx Car Park?

  • Their Britannia Wharf car park has 24-hour security
  • They have security patrols and CCTV

Things to Consider before booking the Airlynx Car Park

  • You will be delivered to your cruise terminal by “luxury transfer vehicles.” (Minibuses)
  • You park your own car, but it will be driven closer to the compound entrance on the day you return. If you aren’t keen on other people driving your car – don’t choose this option!
  • You will need to leave your keys at their reception
  • Cars are parked outside in a tarmacked car park

Would I Book With Airlynx Car Parks again?

I have only used the Airlynx Britannia Wharf car park on one occasion, and I would happily book with them again.

The transfers were quick, easy and efficient. It was very much like using a long stay car park at the airport – but with nicer transfer buses!

Because it is not an “official” cruise car park and is a five-minute drive from the terminals, it may be a cheaper option that of the “official” CPS or AB Parking car parks.

When our family used this car park, we returned to find our car battery flat! They were very helpful and efficient and had the equipment to jump-start the car for us.

That has never happened to us before – and hopefully will never happen to us again!

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