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Meet and Greet Parking – Southampton Cruise Parking Options

If you are taking a cruise from Southampton you might be considering meet-and-greet parking. Meet and Greet parking is available at all Southampton Cruise Terminals.

You will be met near the terminal by a company employee who will take your car and your car keys and move it to a secure car park.

On your return, they will bring the car back to you, and you can simply drive away

Meet and Greet Available at Southampton Cruise Terminals

  • Portside Meet and Greet
  • *CPS Car Parks “Meet and Greet” *This is not a true “Meet and Greet” option. Here CPS take your car from the terminal and park it within the dock area. When you arrive back, they tell you where your car is parked, but they don’t deliver it back to you.

For full details about how CPS work, look at the article below:

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Portside Meet and Greet – How it works

When you arrive at the cruise terminal:

  • Drop off your luggage at the baggage drop.
  • Drive to the short-stay car park nearest your terminal and look out for the red flag.
  • One of Portside Meet & Greet’s representatives will meet you there.
  • They will take photographs and note mileage and any damage on your car.
  • Once completed you will sign your car over to them and go back to the terminal to
    embark on your voyage.

When your return:

  • Once you disembark, head to the short-stay car park and look out for the red flag.
  • One of Portside Meet & Greet’s representatives will meet you and collect your receipt.
  • They will hand over the keys to your car.

Where Will My Car Be Parked?

Portside Meet & Greet have land on the outskirts of town where cars are parked.

You won’t know where your car is parked and this is one reason why some people avoid services like this.

Booking with Portside Meet and Greet

To book with Portside Meet and Greet, go to their website.

Enter your details, along with:

  • The Cruise Line
  • Ships name
  • Date of sailing
  • The length of the sailing

The website will then tell you if they have availability and give you a price. Booking is simple.

Will My Car Be Safe in the Portside Meet and Greet Car Park?

  • Portside Meet & Greet have land on the outskirts of town.
  • Housing and an office is also present on their site.
  • The area is secure, fenced and has extra security measures.
  • The land is protected by CCTV.
  • The cars are parked in long rows so are very safe.
  • They do not keep the keys to the cars onsite as a further precautionary safety measure.

Things to Consider before booking Portside Meet and Greet

  • Your car will be parked in a place that you won’t see.
  • Your car will be driven away and parked by the Meet and Greet Driver – If you aren’t keen on other people driving your car – don’t choose this option!
  • You will need to leave your keys with the company representative and trust them to take good care of them.

Would I Book With Portside Meet and Greet?

I have never used Portside Meet and Greet personally, although they have excellent online reviews.

It is certainly a very, easy and convenient option if you want to just hand your keys over and get straight on with your cruise! I would certainly consider them if they fitted in well with my cruise plans.

If time and convenience are important to you, this may be a good choice.

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