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Ship Visit: Celebrity Eclipse

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited onboard the Celebrity Eclipse. I really enjoyed the day and it was brilliant to be able to meet Sanna from VeganCruiser. It was my first-time onboard a Celebrity ship and we got to see loads of things that I wouldn’t usually see, penthouse suites etc! 

My day

On this ship tour we are part of a huge group, I would say at least 100-200 people. A collection of travel agents, competition winners and bloggers. We were taking up the the sky lounge at the top of the ship and then split out into little groups to be given tours of the suites. After this we were given an hour or so of free time which was so much fun. I quickly rushed around the ship, filming a little vlog which you can find here:

After the free time we had lunch in the main restaurant and then were asked to leave (we did try to hide but alas, we had to leave).

Favourite bits

  • Lawn club! I LOVED the lawn club, it was such a sunny day when visited and we were able to lay down on the grass and enjoy the sunshine. The little picnic blankets were such a cute touch. I’m sure if I cruised with Celebrity I would be spending a lot of time here.
    Lawn club celebrity eclipse sunshine southampton

    Celebrity Eclipse lawn club sanna vegancruiser

    Sanna fiddling with her selfie stick 🙂

  • The atrium. I love ships that have a big multi level atrium. The Celebrity Eclipse has a gorgeous atrium with a huge tree in the middle. When we visited there was music playing on the lowest level and I enjoyed wandering around the library and other levels. A brilliant place to explore and people watch.
    Celebrity eclipse tree atrium cruise ship cruise line cruises
  • Free drink. We were given a free drink voucher and I enjoyed a fruit punch by the pool, lovely!
    celebrity eclipse drinks swimming pool alcohol

Least favourite bits

  • Lunch. It was dreadful, see below.
  • Suites. It was a shame that we only saw suites onboard the ship, suites are completely out of my price range and aren’t what interest me at all. Don’t get me wrong it was amazing to see them, but it would have been nice to see an inside cabin too (just for me!)

The suites

We saw a number of suites when we were onboard the Celebrity Eclipse. The one which stuck in my mind the most was the Penthouse suite, it was HUGE. Definitely bigger than my entire flat here in the UK.

‘Penthouse Suites have a separate bedroom with a king-sized bed, vanity, 52 inch interactive LCD television, a walk-in closet, and a private bathroom with marble floor, 26 inch LCD television, double sinks, a whirlpool tub, and separate shower stall with dual shower heads. The immense living space is beautiful and stunning with its dining area, living room, and full guest bathroom. The living room includes lounge seating, a queen-sized sofa bed, and surround sound entertainment system with 52 inch interactive LCD television. Separated from the living room by a classic baby grand piano, is the elegant dining area with a full bar. Royal Suites have floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors existing throughout the stateroom that lead to your spacious veranda with lounge seating and whirlpool tub, Each stateroom also has thermostat controlled air-conditioning, direct-dial telephone, hair dryer, mini bar, individual safe, 100% cotton towels and linens, complimentary use of bathrobes, and 24 hour room service. 

Penthouse suite celebrity eclipse bathroom luxury Celebrity eclipse penthouse suit bathroom penthouse suite celebrity eclipse piano dining room stateroom cabin kitchen


I have a dairy intolerance, I won’t die if I eat dairy but I do try to avoid eating it as it would definitely ruin my day. Cruising with a food intolerance is not normally a problem, I have even gone as far in the past as to say that it is easier to cruise with a food intolerance then dine on land. That sadly wasn’t the case on my Celebrity Eclipse Lunch. The menu went something like this:

Cheese – Cheese – Cheesey Salad

Cheese – Cheese – Not Cheese

Ice Cream – Ice Cream – Cheese

Do you see my problem? I thought I should ask if I could have the salad for starter without the cheese (that makes sense right?!) I was greeted with ‘So you just want a bowl of lettuce?’ *eye roll*

The bowl of lettuce that we were given was edible but definitely suitable for a small rabbit! My main was perfectly okay as I chose the Chicken dish but that was no good for Sanna, aka VeganCruiser. The problem is in the name there. Below is Sannas main course and I’ll let you make your own judgements.

celebrity eclipse lunch food

Sanna’s luch. She hasn’t eaten anything there, it was just cous cous and peppers.

I have no doubt that we just had such a problem because we were onboard for a ship tour and they obviously didn’t want to provide the full menu which was fair enough. It would have been much better in my opinion if they just let us eat in the buffet. (We had to share a table with strangers too which I always hate). It was a good laugh at how dreadful it was at least…

My thoughts…

I have a really interesting day onboard the Celebrity Eclipse. It was a shame that we didn’t get to see any cheaper cabins as the whole tour kind of just convinced me that I can’t afford to cruise with Celebrity. The ship was lovely though and I really did enjoy that lawn club! I’m not sure if I will be cruising with Celebrity in the future but I definitely will be keeping my eye out for a bargain (if thats possible).

Overall ship ratings

[usrlist “Ship:3” “Food:1” “Staff:3”]

Kim W

Sunday 17th of December 2017

Thanks for that write up. How sad, I've never been on a cruise and as I have multiple allergies this would definitely put me off. I find it hard at the best of times to find staff who understand that rapeseed oil is in most products, as it's also in generic vegetable oil too. Added to that I havee a gluten, oats, dairy and a few more intolerances and you see my problem! I would love a cruise but it would be dependent upon the staff and restaurants available. I do think the Celebrity could have put themselves out more, after all, it's not as if vegans and vegetarians, lacto-intolerant and gluten-free people have just appeared on the scene! If they couldn't put themselves out to do a great menu, what's the point in inviting bloggers who are going to blog about it! If they only wanted people with normal diets, they should have made that clear. I must say, the lawn club looked lovely. Why is it called club? Do you have to be a member to go down there as well, so it's out of bounds to some?

Katie Evans-Reader

Friday 29th of September 2017

Lovely pictures. I could lay on that lawn all day, definitely my favourite part of the ship!

Emma Le Teace

Saturday 30th of September 2017

Me too! Was definitely my favourite part of the ship, the sun came out for us that day too.