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5 things you should know before cruising with a baby

GUEST POST: Wandermust family

We are experienced cruisers so knew when we had a baby we would continue cruising. As our baby reached the obligatory minimum 6month age limit we booked ourselves onto Rhapsody of the Seas for a Med cruise. However, there was a part of me that was worried that we wouldn’t enjoy it as much! We were wrong to worry! Cruises are a fantastic holiday to take with babies. Here are 5 tips to make cruising with a baby easier

1. Ports

Don’t expect to take ports at the same pace. As with all baby travel you need to change your expectations of what you can do and take life at a slower pace.

2. Baby sitting

Make use of kids club and babysitting if you want to have a night to explore all of the ship’s amenities. Regarding babysitting, this varies largely depending on age and line. Some lines offer in room babysitting options and others offer only in the kids club. Depending on the age of children and the line depends if they will offer services while on shore excursions and until what time at night.
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3. Restaurants

Make use of the different types of restaurants. If you’ve had a busy day make use of a quick and easy dinner at the buffet restaurant but for more special evenings make use of the main dining or specialist restaurants. Onboard a cruise you never need to worry about fussy eaters – as you will be spoilt for choice for all the family. My baby enjoyed a variety of fresh purees on her first cruise! If you do decide to use the main dining room, be sure to pick the right seating. For us, this was definitely the first seating so we could be back at the cabin for bedtime. You may also want to consider prepaying your tips to get a table to yourself.
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4. Cabins

Choose your cabin wisely! Indoor cabins may be smaller but are the most budget friendly option however you may want to consider how much time you are going to spend in the cabin depending on your baby’s schedule. More info about family cabins here: Best cabin for a family.

5. Bath!

Pack an inflatable bath – unless you are in a suite (or on Disney) cabins don’t come equipped with baths and if your baby isn’t used to showers it may be difficult. Inflatable baths can also double up as a paddling pool which is useful as unless there is a dedicated toddler pool, cruise lines (again other than Disney) do not allow un potty trained children in the pool.

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Emma says: 
Thanks for this one guys! It’s reassuring to know that it is possible to cruise with babies. I would have never thought about things like the blow-up bath but that’s a brilliant idea. 

Wandermust family have tons of brilliant content on their website, all about why you should travel with a baby and loads of tips for practical things like tips about taking a baby on a plane. Baby E is just the cutest too so make sure you check them out! Cruising is definitely not just for old people 😉


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About Wandermust Family  

Fearless family travellers embracing luxury travel around the world with our toddler in tow! Our baby went on her first cruise as the mandatory minimum age – 6 months and we have cruises planned to Japan and Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific in the next 6 months. we can’t wait to share our love of cruising with your readers and prove that cruising is perfect for even very little people.


I didn’t cruise as a baby and honestly doubt I’d remember if I did. But, I did cruise as a child (11+) and loved it for so many reasons.  To find out more click here: Cruising as a child.

Michael Davis

Sunday 27th of August 2017

We've been sailing with my son since he was around 8mos. His first three cruises (up to around 3yrs) we took along the grandparents which helped. I remember needing a bag dedicated to food, diapers, baths, etc. early on. We always took good stroller too rather than a cheap one because you use it A LOT. The kids clubs didn't provide any help until his 4th cruise. I forget the details now, but he was always too young. There were hours you could use the facilities with them, but that didn't help that much.

Anyway he's 13 now and has become a seasoned cruiser. The memories are valuable though and I definitely recommend taking them along.

Emma Le Teace

Sunday 27th of August 2017

That is good to hear! I suppose it depends on the cruise line how young they take them (and how much they are going to charge you for it too!)

You've got to be organised to cruise with a baby I imagine, but then again you have to be organised to do anything with a baby!

Thanks for commenting :)