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Movies Under The Stars

When talking about guest posts with Em she decided, she needed to be educated about the ‘movie thingy’ before she sailed Princess for the first time next year. Of course, the heathen meant Movies Under the Stars. So here is everything you need to know about this fine Princess tradition.

Movies Under the Stars was seen as a innovation when it debuted aboard Caribbean Princess in 2004. Since then it has become one of the lines signature features. If you have experienced one of the million dollar, 300 feet screens and been blasted by the 69,000 watt sound system then you will understand why it is a truly unforgettable experience.

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Despite their name, the screens also run all day long! Displaying concerts, family cinema and trivia. Which are a God send if you are like me and cannot sit still on a sunbed to save your life. I still fidget incessantly (I’m a child, okay!?) But the big screen definitely keeps me entertained. You definitely feel like you have found heaven; when you board Royal Princess in the blistering Rome sun and Pink Live is belting out from the big screen. It just completes a holiday atmosphere.

Of course, movies under the stars main attraction is to provide unique nightly entertainment. Far away from the stuffy old fashioned entertainment that people associate with cruise ships. Here is what you can expect from this magical cinema experience underneath the velvet sky:

What happens during Movies Under the Stars?

  1. Loungers:

    Poolside loungers are dressed up for the evening with special padded cushions. Don’t worry you don’t have to put your clean clothes where someone’s sweaty body has lain all day.

  2. Blankets:

    There is blankets! Because movies are better when you are cosy right!? Now before I did Movies Under the Stars for the first time the blanket thing confused me. A blanket in tropical temperatures? No thanks, not today Satan! But they are actually a dream when it gets breezy on deck. (First timers tip: You just pick a blanket up from one of the vast trolleys. The same way you would pick up a towel during the day)

  3. Popcorn:

    You can smell this long before the movie starts. They pop it in an old fashioned cart on the pool deck and it is complimentary. You can either go down and pick it up from the cart or grab it from a member of the crew, who hand it out from old fashioned wicker baskets.

  4. Movie nibbles:

    This isn’t something I’ve seen on every Princess ship so it may be pot luck. But it is worth checking out the ice-cream station because sometimes they have American sweets. I picked up my favourite, junior mints, on-board Caribbean Princess. But just so you know this was subject to charge. (Tip: If you have a favourite movie snack why not pack it to enjoy the movie with?)

  5. Cookies & Milk:

    This is, in my opinion, the most adorable thing onboard. A little cart is pushed around by two crew members; one bearing a hat that says cookies, the other bearing a hat that says milk. And that is exactly what they deliver! Complimentary, of course.

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Movies under the stars is an essential experience when sailing on any Princess ship. One that you would be insane to miss.

Top tip! 

Movies Under the Stars is a great way to avoid formal night! I’ve been on Princess ships that have had four formal nights and since we all know that is not for me – This has become my escape route. Throw on some shorts, head upstairs, grab some famous Princess pizza for the main course, movie snacks for dessert and chill out with a film. Far away from the piazza where people are fixing bow ties, clambering for free champagne and listening to a string quartet, that is inappropriately playing the Titanic theme.
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Little known facts about Movies Under the Stars :

  1. Special programming: If you are on the ship during a big event such as the Academy Awards or the Superbowl then those will be broadcast up there too.
  2. Engagement Under the Stars: If you are looking for a magical marriage proposal; then use the screen to pop the question in a big way. With a special Engagement Under the Stars package, Princess offers the opportunity to create a personal video proposal that will surprise the unsuspecting fiancé prior to the evening feature film. After they say yes the couple will enjoy other special amenities including: A romantic dinner, champagne, photos, a couples massage and the creation of other keepsake items.

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Emma says: I am BEYOND EXCITED for my first Princess cruise! Thank you tons Victoria for this one. I can’t wait to experience my first movie under the stars, I wonder what it’ll be (and if it’ll be in English… I am cruising from Singapore – Tokyo).

Thanks for the little tips about avoiding formal night and the blankets, I think I will be doing that at some point. I do like a formal night but I also like to snuggle up with a blanket.