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Products and Services

How to Cruise For Less – Video Course

There is not a lot that I love more than going on a cruise, meeting new friends and realising that I paid considerably less that everybody else for the exact same cruise. 

I regularly cruise with mainstream cruise lines for as little as $50 per night and by following my methods within this course, you can too

You’ll learn how to save at least 60% on cruise prices and guarantee that you are always the person who has paid the cheapest price onboard. You’ll find included cheatsheets, tools and guides to make sure that you are saving money at every stage of the cruise process.

on Cruise Prices

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You can now book cruises through me! Visit this page for more information (currently UK only): Book a Cruise. 

Exclusive Patreon Only Content

Emma Cruises Patreon

Emma Cruises Patreon
Emma Cruises Patreon

Why Patreon?
Your support helps me to keep producing impartial content by eliminating the need for me to partner with any cruise line or travel agency. I work in insurance by day and every Patreon helps me to spend more time creating cruise content. 

How Does it Work? Select a tier above based on the benefits that you’d like to receive. Every month (on the 1st) you’ll be charged this amount and in return receive access to the Patreon only podcast, behind the scenes content and lots more.

Rewards are continually updated. Click here to learn more: Emma Cruises Patreon. 

Emma Cruises Patreon

Consultation Services:

Audio Consultations: $39 (Not Live)
Face to Face Consultation, Zoom or Other Live Event: $89 per hour

For more information please get in contact through email at [email protected].

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