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5 Pros of Booking Oceanview Cabins on a Cruise (+ 2 Cons)

I have been on many cruises – and I have often seen oceanview cabins advertised for a price that is not much more than an inside cabin.

You may be wondering whether it is worth paying a little more and having that ocean view.

In this article, we look at the advantages of having an oceanview cabin – and look at the disadvantages.

Azamara Pursuit Oceanview Cabin
Oceanview cabin – Azamara Pursuit

#1 Natural Light

The major disadvantage of booking a cheap inside cabin is that it is always dark – you always have to have the lights on when you aren’t sleeping.

You won’t know if it’s midday or midnight – which is great for good sleep quality – but can be a little disorientating.

I often sail in inside cabins, and I always use a sunrise alarm clock to help solve this problem. Find out more about these helpful little gadgets here:

Sunrise Alarm Clocks – The BEST Inside Cabin Hack

If you have a window or porthole you don’t have this problem. You will know whether it is day or night – and what the weather outside is like!

You don’t want to be dressed in shorts when it is wet, cold and rainy outside – you might have to switch over to the “Bow cam” on the TV to see what the weather is actually like if you don’t have a window.

Consider a cheap upgrade to an obstructed-view oceanview cabin – the view might be restricted by lifeboats or safety equipment, but you will at least have the benefit of having some natural light.

Obstructed view cabins are available in both oceanview and balcony cabins. They can offer great value for money. See some real-life examples of restricted view cabins in the article below:

The Truth About Obstructed View Cabins – (Photo Examples & How to Find One)

Obstructed ocean view cabisn – you still get the benefit of natural light.

#2 Good For Seasickness

It surprises many people to know that I do suffer from seasickness.

One of my best seasickness hacks is to book a cabin that is low down and central in the ship – here you will feel the least movement.

Ocean view cabins are lower down on the ship, below any balcony cabins. They are therefore very good for those who suffer from seasickness – or are worried they might.

Find out more about choosing your cabin to avoid seasickness here:

What is The Best Cabin Location on a Cruise For Avoiding Seasickness? (I’ve Tried Them All!)

Celebrity Infinity Docked
My brother’s cabin position on Celebrity Infinity. Low down and central – great for seasickness!

#3 Same Facilities, Less Money

If you book an oceanview cabin (or an inside cabin for that matter) you will have the same facilities inside the cabin as in a more expensive balcony cabin.

You won’t have balcony doors to your own private balcony area, and the square footage of the cabin is often smaller – similar to the size of an inside cabin – but with the benefit of the additional window.

If you are choosing a cruise itinerary where the balcony is unlikely to be used much, why not save yourself some money and try an ocean view instead?

Learn all about the oceanview cabin my brother had on the older ship Celebrity Infinity below. He had the room to himself, and really liked the cabin – despite its older design and style.

Celebrity Infinity Ocean View Cabins – Real Opinions and Review

Ocean view Cabin Celebrity Infinity
Celebrity Infinity – My brother’s oceanview cabin

Compare the Celebrity Infinity oceanview cabins with a balcony cabin on the same ship here:

Celebrity Infinity – Balcony Cabins – Real Opinions and Review

#4 Great Views

When I booked my first oceanview cabin, I was surprised by how good the views actually were.

When you have a balcony cabin, there are curtains, patio doors, patio furniture and balcony railings between you and the sea.

In an oceanview cabin, you can literally stay in bed, pull back the curtains and watch the world go by. The views can be amazing.

Another advantage is that if the weather is bad, you can just sit back and watch what’s going on through the window. You don’t have to go outside and risk getting cold and wet!

Azamara Ocean view
Windows offer great unobstructed ocean views – view from the restaurant in Azamara Pursuit

#5 They’re Often Very Quiet

Because of the low-down position of oceanview rooms, they are usually in low-traffic areas – so you don’t get lots of people wandering by your cabin.

The main public areas on ships are often in the middle of the ship, or up on the top deck. You might find you are below these areas, and the only people coming down to your deck are the people actually staying in cabins down there.

You are unlikely to be near a nightclub, bars or the buffet.

My parents recently stayed in an ocean-view cabin onboard the Azamara Pursuit. They were just along from the Medical Centre and close to the Reception.

Azamara Pursuit is a smaller ship, holding only around 700 passengers – the Reception area was normally completely empty.

Find out in more detail about what they thought of their cabin here:

Azamara Ocean View Cabins – Real Opinions and Review

fred olsen bolette oceanview cabin
Ocean view cabin on Fred Olsen’s Bolette

Oceanview Disadvantages

There are a few disadvantages to having an oceanview cabin.

No Outside Space

You have no outside space to call your own, so you won’t know what the temperature is like outside.

If outside space is important to you, book a balcony cabin – but you might find a balcony is up to double the price, depending on cabin availability and popularity.

It really depends how important having that extra outside space is to you – are you prepared to pay hundreds of pounds more for a few feet/metres of outside space?

norwegian prima balcony
Balcony area on Norwegian Prima

Same Size As Inside Cabins

Ocean view cabins are really very similar in size and layout to inside cabins – but with a window.

If you are sharing the cabin with more than one other person, you may find it cramped. I have shared an inside cabin with three other people before – and although it is fine for a couple of days, any more than that, you might find it too much of a squeeze!

I often choose the cheapest cabins available when I cruise.

Find out about the cheapest cabins I have stayed in here:

If you think you need more room or are sharing with more than one other person, consider a balcony cabin or a suite.

Of course, balcony cabins and suites cost much more money. It really depends on what your priorities are when it comes to cruising as to whether this offers good value for you.

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