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There is not a lot that I love more than going on a cruise, meeting new friends and realising that I paid considerably less than everybody else for the exact same cruise.

I regularly cruise with mainstream cruise lines for as little as $50 per night and by following my methods within this course, you can too.

You'll save at least 60% on advertised cruise prices and by implementing my tips, tricks and hacks you'll be able to immediately start securing upgrades and freebies.

You’ll find included cheat sheets, tools, and guides which will show you how to save money at every stage of the cruising process. 


Save 60% on Your Next Cruise

Every time I go on a cruise I see families who are stressed out, they are tripping over bags of things that they don’t need and they’ve spent a lot more on the cruise than me! They’ve missed out on freebies and experiences which they would have enjoyed had they been better prepared.

I don’t want to see anybody else in this situation.

The step by step process outlined in this course will show you not only how I save a considerable amount of money when I cruise, but also how I make the most out of the money that I do spend by using my secret tips and tricks to secure discounts and upgrades. 

The methods taught in this course have allowed me to take cruises which I would never have been able to afford otherwise. 

Experience New Cultures and Travel Further

In Chapter 1, you'll learn how to find the best cruise line on your budget. By picking the right cruise line, destination and time to cruise you'll be able to do more than you ever thought possible. 

Make Lifelong Memories With Friends and Family

In Chapter 2, you'll learn how to cruise as cheaply and easily as possible. Utilising discounts, promotions and cash back will mean that you're able to spend your money where it really matters, on making memories with your friends and family. You could take an extra excursion or enjoy a thai curry with your family onboard the ship!

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses and Cruise Stress Free

In chapter 3, you'll learn how to plan and pack for your cruise. Minimising stress and unnecessary expenses will mean that you don't waste a single minute of your trip.

Enjoy More, For Less

In Chapter 4, you'll learn how to save money when onboard. Cutting the cost of onboard expenses and increasing your chance of receiving freebies and upgrades means that you'll be able to enjoy things that most other cruisers miss.

cruise course money saving ideas
cruise course money saving ideas

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I’m not based in the UK or US, is this course still relevant?
The course has been designed to help you regardless of where you are from. You will learn about cruise lines from the USA, UK, Greece, Germany, Italy and more! The principles and process taught are applicable worldwide.

Note: Australian based cruise lines are not covered in great detail but all chapters are still relevant.

Are the videos available to stream online or download?
Both! All videos are fully downloadable and available to stream online.

How long do I have to complete the course offered by this guide?
Once enrolled you will have access to the course for as long as the course exists (minimum 1 year). New content is being continually added and even if the price increases you’ll never have to pay more.