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NCL’s updated latitudes programme 2017

Its hard to believe but I have cruised with NCL for a whopping 84 nights! It is absolutely mad to think that I have spent almost 3 months at sea, what a happy few months. Because of the amount of time I have spent onboard I have a latitudes reward status of platinum. Platinum status is between 80-174 nights at sea so I have quite a long way to go before I can ‘level up’. To read about my experience with the Platinum perks click here: NCLs platinum rewards status.

“As a member, you receive one rewards point for every night you cruise with us. You earn an additional point per night for booking in a Suite* or in The Haven or booking with a Latitudes special offer.”

Everybody is automatically enrolled on the latitudes programme after their first cruise. Guests returning for a second cruise can expect a number of perks:

Bronze perks (1-29 nights):

  • Priority check in. I’m not sure how good this one is as I’m normally in the Platinum queue.
  • A bottle of sparkling wine per stateroom (woohoo!)
  • 10% off the duty free shops.
  • A number of other perks which I don’t really think are that interesting…

Silver perks (30-54 nights):

  • The same as the above plus…
  • Exclusive cocktail party. (I’ve never actually gone to this, the whole ship is a party to me! Good if you want to make friends though).
  • 10% off shore excursions. They can get expensive so any discount is good in my book!
  • 20% discount on photos.

Gold perks (55-79):

  • All of the above plus…
  • 1 bottle of water per stateroom, I hope this is a big bottle.
  • 50% off a bag of laundry.
  • Priority tender tickets.
  • Priority disembarkation (if you’re from the US).

Platinum perks (80-174):

  • All of the stuff above and…
  • Priority embarkation, this wasn’t a benefit when I cruised last May but it does sound good. I always want to get on the ship as soon as possible and this would help with that plan… straight to the food I say.
  • Dinner for two at Cagneys with a bottle of wine (per stateroom).
  • Dinner for Two at Moderno or La Cucina (per stateroom).
  • 30 mins free internet. This is a perk which I am actually really excited about. I rarely buy internet onboard cruise ships because of the cost but a free 30 minutes would be good. Just enough time to send a few photos and check your emails. Perfect!
  • Behind the scenes ship tour.
  • Free bag of laundry. I LOVED this one. My boyfriend and I washed a whole bag of t-shirts which was really helpful as we packed light. (We packed for two weeks in a cabin bag actually! To read more about that click here: Packing for two weeks in a cabin bag.)

Platinum plus perks (175 – 699):

  • It blows my mind a little that people can have racked up this many nights at sea (lucky them)! They get all of the perks above plus…
  • Dinner with the officers. I honestly don’t understand why people want to do this, it doesn’t interest me.
  • Priority restaurant and entertainment seating.

Ambassador (700+):

  • 700 nights!! That’s almost two years. This status gets everything mentioned above and…
  • A complimentary 7 day cruise!! I can’t help thinking that if you can afford 700 days at sea you can probably afford another 7. A free 7 day cruise would probably mean a lot more to somebody with a bronze/gold/platinum status than somebody who already almost lives on a cruise ship. (I’m just jealous…)

Please note: Discounts on shops/photos do increase as you rise through the tiers. I just didn’t write them all down. Everything listed was correct as of February 2017 but please do check with NCL if you are unsure of anything!

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I love the perks which I experienced when last travelling with NCL and my platinum status. I doubt I will be getting to the higher tier anytime soon, but I am only 22. Could be cruising til I’m 100! Who knows…

What tier are you and what benefits do you enjoy? Let me know in the comments!

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Saturday 25th of March 2017

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