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Do you NEED a balcony?

A balcony is amazing to have, I have had a balcony a couple of times before and I do enjoy them immensely. However, I don’t necessarily think a balcony is a ‘must have’.

If you’re anything like me you’ll want to save a few pennies and normally end up in an inside cabin. There are a few situations where I would definitely consider a balcony though. It really depends on a couple of things:

  1. Money. This one will come as no surprise to you. The difference between an inside cabin and a balcony can be a lot, sometimes enough to buy another cruise! Taking advantage of cruise line offers can make this price hike more affordable. If money is no object though, have a balcony. You don’t need me to tell you to treat yourself!
  2. Itinerary. There are a couple of itineraries where I would definitely try to get a balcony. Sailing out of New York harbour should not something to be missed!
  3. Weather. If you’re going somewhere where it’s likely to be raining the balcony can probably be missed… I wouldn’t get a balcony for a cruise up and down the channel in November for example!

It can often be hard to decide what to do so I’ve made you all a handy little flowchart… (aren’t I helpful?) 

cruise do you need a balcony flow chart

There are ofcourse a huge group of cruisers who wouldn’t dream of cruising in anything less than a balcony. I’m not sure what world these people live in.. but it isn’t mine (sadly). For most of us money is finite so don’t waste it on a balcony cabin if you’re not going to use it and appreciate it!

Take it from me, you will still have an amazing time if you chose an inside cabin. It is a little different but I don’t think that inside cabins are a bad thing at all. Check out my post here for more information on this: Inside cabins, are they claustrophobic?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, do you NEED a balcony when you cruise?

Happy cruising!


Wednesday 27th of September 2017

First cruise was inside. No complaints at all. Second cruise was a last minute email offer and was supposed to be ocean view for price of an inside but we got upgraded again to a balcony on boarding. Clever move by Princess as we've never booked anything less since. We're quite fond of the balcony even if it's just a weekend cruise to Belgium; my wife and I like to stand out and watch the waves crashing past while the other gets ready for the evening and we're not the most gregarious of people on ships so sometimes even a quiet spot on deck or around a bar is too much for us while reading on the balcony and listening to and watching the water pass by is just right.

Emma Le Teace

Wednesday 27th of September 2017

Ha ha thats the problem! You can't get used to these things ;)

I do love a balcony for all of those reasons, just for me at the moment it isn't my priority :).

Paul and Carole

Monday 25th of September 2017

Would love to be able to afford a balcony on every trip but unfortunately our budget does not allow! We have tried inside cabins but find the lack of natural light a bit of an issue, so always book an outside if we can. The amount of time spent in the cabin is minimal but it is nice to have a bit of extra space. One day we will book a suite lol and obviously we do dream a lot!

Emma Le Teace

Wednesday 27th of September 2017

I've only been in an outside cabin once actually... doesn't really appeal to me too much! I definitely agree about the suite though ;)

Wandermust Mummy

Monday 17th of April 2017

Fab flow chart. I recently wrote about how families can chose the right cruise cabin. We love cruising and want to prove like you that its not just for old people but a perfect family holiday

Emma Le Teace

Monday 17th of April 2017

Thanks for your comment. I LOVE the name of your website, wonder must. So so true.

I cruised a few times as a child so I know how amazing they are as family holidays.

We will convince people, one at a time if need be, that cruising isn't just for old people!


Tuesday 14th of March 2017

I NEED a balcony!.......but i might let you sit on it if you're good.


Tuesday 14th of March 2017