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Mia Tui 15% Discount code + Bag Review

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Updated Post: The BEST Bags for Travel and Cruise (Mia Tui Review and Discount Code)


Mia Tui Website

“EmmaCruises” discount code (15% off EVERYTHING!)

A couple of months ago Mia Tui, very generously, sent me a ‘Mini Jen’ handbag to review. The bag is designed specifically for travel with loads of pockets and a handy part that fits over your suitcases handles. It also has a key clip, water bottle holder, phone pocket and comes with a little matching clutch bag. (Very cute)

I was initially planning on using it just on cruises and when travelling but I fell in love with the bag and now it is my everyday work bag, holiday bag and everything in between bag. I’ve been using it for over two years now, it’s still going strong!

Even Jane Mcdonald has one for her cruises! Below is a photo of the bag when I took it on an outing to a train station (what a lucky bag).

Mia Tui bag handbag mini jen green review discount code

Who are Mia Tui?

Mia Tui’s creator Charlotte is the best person to answer this one!

Mia Tui was born in 2010 after I’d spent years searching for the perfect bag that would suit my busy lifestyle. I’m a mother of two, working, going to the gym (well maybe twice a year!), taxi to two girls, shopping and travelling.
I designed Mia Tui bags to be the busy woman’s best friend – it is stylish yet completely practical. There is a place for everything, and most of the bags come with their own accessory bags, so you can nip out to lunch with your clutch bag, or easily find your passports.

Charlotte lived in Vietnam at the time and her bags are made there in a factory that Charlottes friend Van runs. Mia Tui are focused on being highly ethical and putting their team of craftsmen and women at the heart of everything that they do.

Mini Jen

I decided on the Mini Jen because of the size and I LOVE this green colour. Mia Tui has a really wide variety of bag sizes available but I’m glad I chose this one. I think it is the perfect size for me! Below is a photo of me using the bag in Paris. This was the only bag I took for a weekend away and I managed to fit all the things I needed in it without any trouble.

Mia Tui bag handbag mini jen green review discount code

The Mini Jen comes with all of the following:

  • Clear internal bag with hand strap
  • Matching clutch bag with hand & X-body strap
  • Insulated water bottle holder (bottle not included)
  • Key clip
  • Phone pocket
  • Pen holder
  • Hands-free shoulder strap
  • Turquoise Interior

Size W35cm, D14cm, H29cm (width is taken from the base of the bag)

Weight – Bag 850g – Strap, Clutch & PVC 267g


Mia Tui doesn’t use any animal based products in their range which is great to hear. The material that they use is a faux leather which feels really durable. It is soft and flexible but also hardy and can withstand lots of rain/wind… (Important for battling the English weather). Apologies if the bag is looking a little grubby in some of the photos, as I said earlier it is my everyday bag and comes everywhere with me. No point reviewing a bag I don’t use is there?!
Mia Tui bag handbag mini jen green review discount code

Suitcase strap

The bag comes with a very clever strap which allows you to hook the bag over the handle of your suitcase. I’m often trying to balance a backpack/rucksack on the top of my suitcase which is not only very difficult but it’s very frustrating when it falls off… Since having this bag I have often looked at other travellers having problems balancing things on their suitcases and thought ‘that wouldn’t happen with a Mia Tui bag!’. See the video below for how this works.

Inside the bag

Key Strap (My favourite part)!

This is by far my favourite part of the bag. It’s so simple but ingenious. After work when I reach my front door I always have loads of things in my hands, shopping, post, you name it! In the past, I’ve had to resort to propping up my bag on some nearby plants to stop and have a root through my bag in search of my keys. That isn’t a problem with the Mini Jen bag because my keys are on a piece of elastic! Hoorar! Just find the elastic and pull, easy peasy.

Mia Tui bag handbag mini jen green review discount code

Pockets galore!

There are two pockets on either side for your bits and bobs. Another pocket at the end for your phone and a place to store a couple of pens. This is as well as the outside pocket where the suitcase straps go through. Before getting this bag I had no idea how much having an organised bag would improve my day, but it really has. I love that the lining of the bag is nice and bright too, it really helps you to find things.

Mia Tui bag handbag mini jen green review discount code

Water bottle

The bag also has an insulated bottle holder. I was surprised to find that it holds quite big bottles and can comfortably hold a 750ml bottle. I always have a drink of some kind in my bag and having it secured in the corner instead of rolling around squashing everything else definitely is a bonus. Mia Tui bag handbag mini jen green review discount code

Matching clutch/toiletry bag

The bag also comes with a free toiletry bag for you to put your toiletries through the scanner at the airport. What a great idea! I don’t currently have mine in the bag because I am using it as a make up bag. There is also a matching mini clutch bag which is great to have.

mia tui mini jen green

Other bags and products

Mia Tui have a number of different bags available on their site. They all have names and they even have one called the Emma! What a fabulous choice of name. They have cross body bags, backpacks, handbags and baby changing bags. As well as accessories like purses and fold away shoppers! Below is a very small section from the website,

mia tui bags

Cost & “EmmaCruises” discount code (15% off EVERYTHING!)

The Mia Tui team have been lovely enough to give me a 15% discount code for you all to enjoy! The Mini Jen is usually £52.00 which I don’t think is a bad price at all! Considering the quality of the bag I expect it to last for a long time. It also comes with the clutch bag as standard and will without a doubt make you a more organised person…

Entering “EmmaCruises” at the checkout will bring down the price of the bag by a whopping £7.80 to £44.20 (free postage on orders over £25 too)! I’d definitely recommend the bag if you haven’t got that vibe already…

Use the discount code here: Mia Tui Website

I will be taking my Mia Tui bag with me when I cruise from Singapore – Tokyo in a couple of weeks time. Make sure you stick around for lots of cruise content and considering subscribing to my YouTube channel where I will be bringing you daily vlogs as well as ship and cabin tours. Emma Cruises YouTube.

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