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The BEST Bags for Travel and Cruise (Mia Tui Review and Discount Code)

If you are considering buying a new bag for a trip or cruise you may be wondering how the bags from brand Mia Tui work and last. I’ve been a customer of Mia Tui for over 7 years and have used my Mia Tui bags on every trip I’ve taken as well as in my daily life, taking my Mia Tui bag to work every day.

If you’ve seen any photos of me travelling anywhere, chances are I have a Mia Tui bag on my arm or back. Mia Tui is now the only brand I buy when it comes to bags.

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My Favourite Bags – Mia Tui

I bought my first Mia Tui bag in 2017 and I've not used another brand since. They come with me on every cruise and are FANTASTIC. They are beautiful, almost indestructible and have so many pockets and useful parts.

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mia tui bag reviews joe mini jen eleanor and isobel

Above are the bags I use most often at the moment. I usually default to a handbag of some sort whereas my mum has tried out every type of backpack.

Every full-sized handbag from Mia Tui comes with a smaller bag inside. If I don’t need to take my full bag somewhere, but still want to have the essentials on me, I’ll use the smaller inside bag, as shown above.

I Recommend Mia Tui Bags to Everybody Because:

  • The bags look amazing. Theres a wide range of styles and colours.
  • Every bag has lots of inside pockets and clever additions like an elastic for your keys (it’s a lifesaver!)
  • All bags are completely vegan and created with a man made material designed to look like leather.
  • The Mia Tui company are brilliant and always so helpful. The team work closely with the factory and know each of their employees personally.

Below is a photo of me on board the Celestyal Olympia with my Mini Jen bag. I used this bag every day for YEARS the bag came with me on every cruise I took, to work and back every day and to the gym (it survived being squashed into a locker a few times a week no problem).

Celestyal Olympia Pool Deck Embarkation Day
Me onboard the Celestyal Olympia with my Mini Jen Bag

I Haven’t Lost My Keys Since

Mia Tui bags have lots of pockets, bright coloured lining and an elasticated band to hold your keys. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without this bit of elastic these days, it means I ALWAYS know where my keys are.

When I change bags I just move my keys from one to another.

If I can’t find my keys and I have lots of things in my bag I know I can always pull on the elastic and at some point, the keys will pop out. It certainly beats rummaging around through all of your things in a dark bag!

Mia Tui Elasticated Key Chain
elasticated key chain mia tui handbags

Mia Tui Bags Are Designed for Travel

I do a lot of travelling and always take my Mia Tui bags. I’ve found that even the largest Mia Tui bags fit under the seat on planes and because they’re well designed and sturdy they survive being bashed around.

I have to admit I’m not always the most careful person with my bag, I’ll often throw it into the back of the car or nudge it with my foot under the plane seat, but I’ve never caused any damage to the bags. They’re pretty hardy.

On the larger bags, you’ll find that the front pocket has a gap behind it, this is designed to be looped over your suitcase handles so you don’t have to worry about it falling off as you drag your suitcase around. It’s genius! It isn’t designed for an arm, but you get the idea.

mia tui mini jen handbag

Smaller Bags and Backpacks

Mia Tui also have a selection of smaller bags and backpacks.

In the first photo, I was on a European river cruise, the bag was perfect because it fit my phone and that was really all I needed. I wish women’s clothes had pockets big enough for phones, but that’s another conversation entirely!

In the middle photo, I was watching Katherine Jenkins perform in an Italian Castle and in the last photo I was in Norway on a Viking cruise.

mia tui small bags
A selection of my smaller Mia Tui bags

You might think that the smaller bags wouldn’t have as many pockets. Well, they do! Just have a look at the below.

The smallest bags that come with the large bags (as seen on the right above) don’t have any extra pockets but small bags purchased separately do.

mia tui small bags

Mia Tui Sell Packing Cubes Too

A little while ago I bought a LOT of packing cubes from many different brands.

Mia Tui’s came out on top in all of the tests that I tried. I tried to rip the bags, break them with weight, you name it.

I actually have two sets of packing cubes as I bought some of myself and a friend bought me more. They know me well.

If you’re ever in doubt of what to get somebody for a present, I’ve found that Mia Tui bags work well (and packing cubes if they travel).

If I’m ever not sure what to get my mum for her birthday/Christmas I always say… ‘Mia Tui?’ and she always says YES. I’ve also bought bags for friends who have seen me with mine over the years.

Are Mia Tui Bags Leather or Are They Vegan?

All Mia Tui bags are vegan. None of the bags sold by Mia Tui are made from animal leather. The material that the bags are made from is man-made but is designed to look like leather. The material is hard-wearing and durable but also soft.

The bags are made from Polyurethane which is less harmful to the environment than PVC so Polyurethane is used in the bags.

Mia Tui also have eco-friendly packaging.

Who Are Mia Tui?

Mia Tui are a company based in the UK and founded by a lovely lady called Charlotte.

Charlotte started Mia Tui in 2010 because she was getting frustrated with the current bags available to her. She describes herself as a busy mum always looking after her 2 children, shopping and travelling.

Charlotte’s team has expanded to include Nici, Rebecca and Sandra all of whom love the brand as much as Charlotte does.

I found that all my bags were just empty sacks, you would have a phone holder and maybe a inside pocket, but that was about it, and all the interiors were black (who can find anything in a black hole!)

Charlotte (Mia Tui)

Now that I’ve been using Mia Tui bags for the last few years, I totally understand the problems mentioned above. Mia Tui bags are designed to solve these problems, and they do.

Tui means “Bags” in Vietnamese, and Mia in Italian means “My” so Mia Tui means “My Bags”.

Where Are The Mia Tui Bags Produced?

Mia Tui produce their bags in a factory in Vietnam. The founder of Mia Tui, Charlotte used to live in Vietnam and the Mia Tui team know each factory employee personally.

 “The factory is a clean and friendly working environment, all staff are paid overtime and have lunch provided each day.”

Charlotte – Mia Tui Founder

The way that the brand Mia Tui cares about its employees is one of my favourite things about the company. I don’t feel as though I have to worry when I buy a Mia Tui bag because I know exactly where the bag is coming from and I know that Charlotte and the team keep standards high.

Jane McDonald uses Mia Tui Bags

Jane McDonald has a range of bags produced by the company Mia Tui. Jane Mcdonald has been spotted with the bags Lottie, Emma and Jennie on multiple cruises shown on Cruising With Jane Mcdonald.

Mia Tui Discount Code

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My Favourite Bags – Mia Tui

I bought my first Mia Tui bag in 2017 and I've not used another brand since. They come with me on every cruise and are FANTASTIC. They are beautiful, almost indestructible and have so many pockets and useful parts.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

When I first heard about Mia Tui being a brand that produces exclusively Vegan bags in a factory where the employees are well looked after, I thought that this would mean that the bags would be expensive, but they really aren’t.

Most bags are between £35 and £55 which when you consider that the bags last for YEARS is great value.

My first Mia Tui bag is still going strong if a little scuffed after me using it for about 900 days straight!

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