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13 Weird and Funny Titanic Gifts That Are Guaranteed To Confused Your Friends (For Kids and Adults)

We all have a friend who is obsessed with the Titanic. If you don’t think you don’t, you might be that friend.

When you think about Titanic-related gifts you might consider a poster, or maybe a book but that is far too sensible. Nobody wants to be the boring gift friend and with this guide, you definitely won’t be.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

In this article, we explore the weirdest Titanic-related gifts on the internet.

Each gift will make you wonder ‘Why is this a thing?” and “Do people actually buy these?”.

Yep, yep they do and you can too! Hooray.

Titanic Scented Candle – Who Doesn’t Want to Smell Like a Shipwreck?!

To kick off our list we have the Titanic scented candle. Complete with a mini Titanic and iceberg.

The packaging says that the candle smells of water (phew) and that it definitely doesn’t smell like coal, iron, or emergencies.

Photo: JDandKateIndustries Etsy

The packaging of the candle also has reassuring quotes on it like:

“The Titanic could go 28mph, which is faster than you can run. So you’ll probably be fine if you run into an iceberg”

I don’t know about you, but I definitely feel reassured!

Get Your Titanic Candle on Etsy by Clicking Here

Shrek Titanic T-shirt – The Crossover That Never Happened

When I think about the Titanic, I tend to think about the movie… Titanic. I don’t think of Shrek.

This T-shirt shows us what a Titanic Shrek crossover may have looked like.

I don’t know where you would wear a t-shirt like this but I’m sure you’d find somewhere.

Photo: WaxaFactory Etsy

The background, colorful font, and low-quality Shrek really bring out the meaning behind the shirt. I think…

At the time of writing this, 8 people have this exact shirt in their basket! I told you people buy these things.

Get Your Shrek Titanic T-shirt on Etsy by Clicking Here

My Heart Will Go On – Recorder Version

This is the cheapest gift on the list but I think it’s genius. Scan the QR code on your phone, go on, I dare you.

When the code is scanned the user will be taken to a YouTube video of a cover of My Heart Will Go On performed VERY DRAMATICALLY, and very badly, on a recorder. The cover isn’t in time, or in tune.

I don’t know what it is about the song, but it makes me laugh so much. If ever I am sad, this song is guaranteed to make me laugh. Everybody should watch it at least once.

Titanic Recorder Sticker
Image: Meimin (Red Bubble)

The sticker can be used on anything and with it you can share your love of the song with friends.

The videos had over 34 million views on YouTube, so you know it’s good.

Get Your My Heart Will Go On (Recorder Version) Sticker Here: Link

Jar Jar Sticker – Aka Nightmare Fuel

For fans of Star Wars, we have a Jar Jar Binks sticker.

I have to admit, I’ve never watched Star Wars but I have plenty of friends that love the movies and this sticker is weird whether or not you like star wars!

Did you know on some Disney Cruises you’ll find a ‘Star Wars at sea’ day where everything is Star Wars themed. Disney’s newest ship the Disney Magic even has a Star Wars themed lounge.

Jar Jar Binks Titanic Sticker
Image: Fish-Thighs

The design is also available on t-shirts and phone cases. You’d definitely get some strange looks weird when shopping. I think I’m going to see it in my nightmares.

Get Your Jar Jar Binks Titanic T-Shirt Here: Link

Family Cruise T-shirt – I Really Hope Not!

It’s a common site on modern cruise ships for families to have matching t-shirts made.

I don’t think it was so popular in 1912 though and the t-shirts definitely wouldn’t be in as good quality as these are.

Photo: ShirtAntics Etsy

This one borders into the ‘ooo, maybe that’s too far’ category for me but it has been over 100 years…

If you have some friends who you want to make quite uncomfortable, this could be a great gift!

Get The Family Cruise T-shirt on Etsy by Clicking Here

Leonardo and Harry Greeting Card – Because OF COURSE

If you have a friend whos a fan of Leonardo Decaprio and also of Harry Style, I have the perfect gift for you.

It can sometimes be tricky to find a friend a present, especially if they are the person who seems to have everything. I can almost guarantee though, even if your friend has everything, they probably don’t have this.

This is actually a greeting card so you can send it to a friend and watch them open it (and react) in front of their family if you’d like. That’d be fun (maybe not for them, but for you).

Photo: artfullyapollo Etsy

The incredibly smooth faces and embrace of Leonardo and Harry certainly make this a present that you wouldn’t forget receiving.

Get The Leonardo and Harry Greeting Card on Etsy by Clicking Here

Custom Titanic Pet Portrait – I’m Sure They’d Love a Cruise

If you have pets I’m sure you’ve always wanted to see what they’d look like on the Titanic. Right? Now you can!

You can order a custom design of your cats or dogs on board the ship.

You’ll need two cats or dogs (or a combination of the two) for this to work but if you’re buying the portrait as a gift for a friend any dogs or cats would do.

Note: Dogs and cats aren’t allowed on most modern cruises. They are however permitted on Cunard cruises. Cunard have kennels on board their ships and even a deck where the dogs can do their business.

Photo: MokaMeta Etsy

Note: You’ll receive a digital download when you purchase the above, it isn’t a physical product. That means you can print the design however you’d like, maybe on a t-shirt or a blanket?

Get The Titanic Pet Portrait on Etsy by Clicking Here

Titanic Cats Shower Curtain – Cattanic

Your bathroom is supposed to be a relaxing place where you can detox at the end of a long day. What better way to do that than by taking a bubble bath and looking and two cats in a Titanic pose.

It’s so cute how the little white paws of the black cat are holding the ginger cat. Adorable!

The ‘boat’ that the two cats are in is called the Cattanic.

This design is available on a range of items. Face masks, t-shirts, hoodies, you name it. My personal favorite though is the shower curtain.

Get Your Titanic Cats Shower Curtain Here: USA Link. UK Link.

Paint Me – Wall Tapestry

Imagine going to a friends house and seeing this on the wall, better still, imagine staying at a friends house and seeing this in the room you’ll be staying in. Leonardo Decaprio staring at you all night long…

Many people incorrectly quote Titanic by saying ‘Paint me like one of your french girls’ it is infact ‘Draw me…’

Leonardo Dicaprio Tapestry
Image: Delss (Red Bubble)

The tapestry comes with free shipping and free returns.

Get Your Wall Tapestry Here: Link

There Was Room For Jack – TShirts

This one is for fans of the movie. If you believe that Jack could have fit on that door… let the world know! I’m sure you’ll find lots of people who agree with you.

The debate about whether Jack would have fit on the door has been going on since 1998 when the film was released. It’s generally accepted that yes Jack would have fit on the door, but that the door wouldn’t have been buoyant enough to hold the weight of two people above the water.

jack would have fit on the door tshirt
Image: zareworks

The t-shirts are available in a range of designs.

Get your ‘There Was Room For Jack’ T-shirt here: Link

Dwitanic – For Fans of The Office

If you’re a fan of The Office, and of Titanic I’ve got the perfect bag for you. The below is available in all-over print and also as a cotton tote bag with the design in the middle.

The bag features Dwight as Rose and… you guessed it, Dwight as Jack.

dwitanic bag
Image: Flakey (Red Bubble)

The bag is available in 3 sizes so you can have one for every occasion and the design is on both sides so that you never have to miss seeing this picture.

Get Your Dwitanic Bag Here: Link.

Grumpy Cat – For The Pessimists Amongst Us

We all know somebody like this, don’t we? I do find it a little strange because the Titanic was a real maritime disaster, but hey. This was about the movie, let’s try to forget it’s based on real events.

This design features Grumpy Cat who rose to fame in 2012. She was famous for her grumpy-looking face called by feline dwarfism. Grumpy cat passed away in 2019 but by this point, she had over 280,000 YouTube subscribers and 8 million likes on Facebook. That’s pretty impressive!

grumpy cat titanic tshirt
Image: JudyDurgane (Red Bubble)

This design is available on a range of t-shirts.

Get Your Grumpy Cat T-shirt Here: Link

Fat Cat Titanic Cushion – With Kittens in Lifeboats!

Imagine you went to a friend’s house, and you saw that they had this cushion sat on a chair, you’d have a few questions wouldn’t you? I certainly would!

I love how effortless the fat cat looks and how cute the little kittens are too.

The cushion is 18 inches by 18 inches (45cm by 45cm).

Note, this is just the cover so you’ll have to buy your own cushion. They’re pretty cheap though.

Get The Fat Cat Titanic Cushion Here: USA Link (Not a Cushion). UK Link.

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