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Cunard Food Review. Queen Victoria.

I have recently returned from my first ever Cunard cruise onboard the Queen Victoria. I’m usually more of a freestyle diner so the fixed dining codes and dress codes took me a little by surprise. The food was generally really good but ‘fancier’ than I am used too. By the end of the cruise I was really craving a burger.. however, there are burgers onboard if you know where to look for them.

Food options.

The Britannia restaurant was where I had the majority of my meals. This the free main dining room onboard the Queen Victoria. I LOVED the decor in the restaurant, it felt very grand. The dress code is strictly enforced in the dining room so if you are unsure about that make sure you check out this post here: Cunard: What to wear. 

I also had food from the pub and buffet and will be reviewing all of them below.

The Golden Lion Pub

The Golden Lion Pub is a real ‘British pub’. They serve traditional ‘pub grub’ and it was okay. Nothing particularly good to write home about. They have dishes like fish and chips, cottage pie and curries.

The buffet (Lido restaurant)

The buffet was of a high standard, always clean and full of food. It was considerably smaller than what you’d find on larger ships but was also a lot quieter. I only had trouble getting a table once (and that was on disembarkation morning which is to be expected). Overall it was a pretty impressive buffet.

Britannia dining room

Cunard only offers set dining so I went for the early slot. I’m more used to freestyle dining on cruise lines like NCL and P&O so it was a little strange to have to eat at a set time. But dinner is such a big event onboard Cunard ships that I didn’t mind.


The starters in the Britannia restaurant were a mouthful or two, normally pretty yummy but tiny. Below is a photo of the fanciest egg on toast in the entire world! I’m not sure if Cunard would like me calling it an egg on toast.. but it was an egg and it was on some toasted bread so I think that qualifies.

Cunard food Queen Victoria main restaurant starters


The mains were also good but quite small. This wasn’t a problem though as on a cruise you’re normally eating constantly so not exactly hungry. Below are some photos of my mains.
Cunard Queen Victoria main restaurant food main course


The desserts were really nice, I mostly had the chocolate option. I was disappointed that there was no fruit on the dessert menu. I’m sure that they would have provided some if I’d asked, but on other cruise lines the fruit/melon plate is usually my go-to. These all seemed pretty small but that probably says more about me than Cunard.
Cunard Queen Victoria Food Desert

 Room service.

By far the best food on the ship can be found on the room service menu. The room service is completely free on Cunard! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had room service before. There has been a cost for it on all the other cruises I have been on so I have never considered it an option. It was brilliant to be able to order room service on Cunard, I had a double bacon cheeseburger one day and a really nice steak the next. The chocolate cake for pudding was absolutely huge. I definitely would recommend anybody cruising Cunard to order room service. (Especially if you’re bored of all of the fancy vegetables and fancy a burger).
Cunard queen victoria room service food

Overall impressions

In general, I would rate the food on Cunard as good. It was not the type of food which I would choose to eat regularly but it was always of a high standard. I also particularly enjoyed the fact that they had marshmallows by the ice cream machine in the buffet. I enjoyed many pots of marshmallows between meals…

Have you cruised with Cunard? Did you like the food? Let me know in the comments.


Sunday 10th of September 2017

Ive read your Cunard blogs for some weeks now and I really wonder why you ever sailed with them in the first place!

Emma Le Teace

Sunday 10th of September 2017

Because it was a family trip :) I enjoyed it and would cruise with them again!