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Emma Cruises YouTube Map Background – (Size, Link and Design)

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Use code EMMACRUISES for 10% off everything. Click here to see the map on their website.

If you’ve watched any of my YouTube videos you may be wondering where my blue background map is from.

I’ve had mine for a couple of years and I love it, it’s made of wood and is always a conversation piece when guests come to mine.

The map I have is from a Ukrainian company called EnjoyTheWood.

Click here to see the map on their website.

They sell 3D wooden maps, posters, and photo accessories. As well as worldwide maps they also sell maps of specific countries.

My Map
SizeMedium 100cm x 60cm

I have size medium (which is the smallest size), it is 100cm by 60cm. The next size up is large and they also have extra large and extra extra large available.

I bought mine pre Brexit so didn’t have to pay any customs charges on my order to the UK. I have heard from others who have ordered to the UK since, that they have had to pay additional fees. Make sure you account for this.

You can find out more about the delivery and customs charges here.

Is it Hard to Put up?

I put the map up by myself and it was pretty easy. Each piece is stuck on using double-sided sticky tape which is provided.

It took me around an hour but it was good fun.

It looks like it’s a more difficult task than it was because the big chunks already come assembled, the bit that took time was sticking on all of the islands! The below video provides a demonstration.

Does it Come Off The Wall Without Damaging it?

I haven’t taken mine off and I don’t think I will anytime soon, but EnjoyTheWood say the below:

If you want to get it off your wall (hope it’s not because you don’t like it anymore) — you will need a hairdryer. Direct the airflow between a Map piece and the wall, wait a bit and remove them one by one.

It is only stuck using double-sided tape so I imagine it would be okay to move.

You won’t want to take it down though, so no need to worry about this!

Would I Recommend The Maps?

Absolutely. I love my map and it’s one of my favourite things in my home. I love the bright colours, it was fun to put up and I’m asked about it all the time, hence this post!

EnjoyTheWood are a lovely company and always very friendly by email. They kept me up to date every step of the way with my order being dispatched and delivered.

Use code EMMACRUISES for 10% off everything. Click here to see the map on their website.

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