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Cruise Ship Spa Age Requirements (Massages, Thermal Area and More)

If you are taking a cruise with teenagers, or as a teenager yourself, you may be wondering about the age restrictions on cruise ship spas.

Cruise ship spas often have different age restrictions for their thermal areas, cosmetic treatments, and massages, in this post we will explore all mainstream cruise lines and their restrictions.

I have used cruise ship spas in the past on multiple cruise lines.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To A Spa On A Cruise?

On most mainstream cruise lines guests must be 18 years of age to use the spa and thermal areas. Some cruise lines will let teenagers under 18 into the spa if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian and some do offer services specifically for teenagers under 18.

Massage Bed Princess Cruises Ship Shape Program Spa

Fitness areas and gyms can usually be used by anyone over the age of 16.  To learn more about cruise ship gyms, check out this post: Cruise Ship Gyms: Cost, Opening Times, and Other Things You NEED to Know

Cruise LineSpa Age Restrictions
DisneySeparate Teen Spa
Senses Spa and Salon for 13 -17 year olds
CelebritySeparate Teen Spa
13-17 year olds
CarnivalZSpa Teen Spa within the adult spa area
Royal CaribbeanYSpa Teen Spa
Sometimes with the adult spa, sometimes separate depending on the size of the ship.
Holland AmericaNo one younger than 18 is permitted to use the onboard spas, unless participating in a treatment through the HAL teen spa program.
CostaOver 18’s only
Norwegian18 years of age to receive treatments or utilise the spa facilities, unless participating in the kids or teens programme.
PrincessGuests must be over 18 years of age to indulge in any body treatments.
P&OBookings for spa treatments and services for anyone under the age of 18 must be made on board by the parent or guardian. A parent or guardian will be required to accompany anyone under 18 for selected services; this will be advised by the Spa at the time of booking.
MarellaOver 16’s can use the spa.
CunardOver 18’s only

Most of the cruise lines that provide services for teenagers require an adult to be present.

Does Every Ship Have A Spa Onboard?

The majority of cruise ships have some sort of spa. The size will vary a great deal on the size of the ship – they can range from large areas of the ship with their own sun decks, saunas, and pools to a few rooms with a couple of massage tables.

Spas often have a separate salon section as well.

Salons offer hair styling, waxing, manicures, and pedicures. Many of which are also available for those under 18’s.

Are Spa Services Cheaper On The Ship Than On Land?

Spa treatments, such as massages, are usually more expensive on cruise ships than on land.

Sometimes you can get deals on spa treatments, often on port days when most of the guests are ashore. It is worth keeping an eye out in the daily planner if there is something you would like to try.

I had a massage on a Princess cruise that cost $180. $180! I couldn’t believe the price but it’s pretty common within the industry.

Scarlet Lady Virgin Voyages Redemption Spa

Are Gratuities (Tips) Included In The Cost Of My Spa Treatment?

Most cruise lines add a 15-20 percent tip to all spa treatments. Your receipt might include a line to add an additional gratuity, but you are not required to tip more.

To learn more about gratuities and what they are added to, check out this post: Cruise Gratuities: A Simple Step by Step Guide For First-Time Cruisers

It isn’t uncommon for a cruise line to try to sell you products after your massage. If you don’t want any, be firm and explain this as soon as possible.

What Do Cruise Ship Spas/Salons Offer to Teenagers?

Below is a list of treatments available to teenagers either in a separate teenager spa or the regular adult spa.

There are many more treatments available to those over 18.

Cruise LineTreatments available
DisneyTeen spa offerings include the Heavenly Massage, Hot Chocolate Wrap, Surfers Scrub, Ice Cream Manicures and Pedicures, Tantastic Body Bronzer, and the Acne Attack Facial. Mother/daughter and father/son massages are also available.
CelebrityThe teen spa offers teeth whitening, manicures/pedicures/facials.
Hair treatments and styling, Mother/daughter and father/son massages.
CarnivalThe teen spa offers superfood Insta-Glow Facial, Clear Skin Multi-Mask Facial, manicures and pedicures, and Mother/daughter and father/son massages, hair services.
Royal CaribbeanThe teen spa offers manicures and pedicures, facials, a deep conditioning hair treatment, and massages. Mother/daughter and father/son massages.
Holland AmericaSalon services are available for under 18s.
NorwegianSalon treatments available for those under 18
Princess“Other Spa services are available to guests 13 years and older when accompanied by an adult”
T’s &C’s don’t state which treatments. Check onboard.
P&OTreatments available for teens are not advertised online and would have to be discussed and booked onboard.

Many cruise lines offer teeth whitening and other treatments that may require a parent or guardian to be present and give their permission.

What Kind Of Spa Services Are Available to Adults?

The spas offer a number of services. For example, hot stone massages and facials, body wraps featuring seaweed, Flowers, Nectar – and a range of other things that claim to offer detox!

On larger ships, you’ll also find services such as teeth whitening, Botox, and Acupuncture.  

Often there is also a salon close by offering hair styling, waxing, manicures, pedicures, and barber services for men.

Cruise ships wouldn’t offer invasive treatments such as Botox to those under 18’s but this is available for adults. 

Princess Spa

Should You Pre-Book Spa Treatments For Teens?

Many lines don’t advertise which treatments they would offer to those below the age of 18 so it’s best to go to the spa once on board, and see what is on offer.

The staff that work in the spa will always be happy to show you around and chat with you about the services that they provide.

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