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Which Cruise Lines Have The Best Cookies? (11 Cruise Lines Compared!)

I have been cruising (and testing cruise ship cookies) since I was 11 years old and in this guide, I will share with you the cookie options from all the mainstream cruise lines.

Cookies vary in quality, availability and location.

Cafe Al Bacio Celebrity Edge. Cake and Cookies

Of course, this is just based on my personal experience. Cookie locations and availability are subject to change at any time!

Royal Caribbean

Where Will You Find them?

  • Buffet
  • International Cafe
  • Two70 Cafe on some ships


There are normally a couple of choices available, on most days.

royal caribbean buffet food examples desserts cookies
Royal Caribbean buffet cookies

Norwegian Cruise Line

Where Will You Find them?

  • Buffet


There are normally a couple of choices if you find them – but they aren’t available every day.


Where Will You Find them?

  • Buffet


We only found Chocolate Chip cookies, they were in big bowls in the buffet.

Some people would empty the bowl completely – taking 20+ cookies at a time – which we found quite surprising!


Where Will You Find them?

  • In the buffet
  • Raj Polo Tea House on MSC World Europa


They are often available in the buffet – but they are more like British biscuits than American Style Cookies.

There are jars of cookies/biscuits available in the Tea House on MSC World Europa

MSC World Europa Tea Lounge
Tea and Biscuits, Raj Polo Tea House – MSC World Europa

Costa Cruises

Where Will You Find Them?

  • No American Style Cookies were available anywhere, they had small, harder biscuits available in the buffet in the afternoons.
    • Afternoon snacks in the buffet are things like Churros and interesting breads.


Costa’s biscuits were available from 4 pm when they opened for afternoon snacks. I never found American-style cookies anywhere.

Costa Cruises Buffet Food Included
Biscuits, churros and bread in the Costa Smeralda buffet.

Find out more about my trip on the Italian Mega Ship, Costa Smeralda here:


Where Will You Find them?

  • Cafe El Bacio
    • Drinks come at an additional charge (if they aren’t within your drinks package) but the cookies and other snacks are free.


Whenever the cafe is open ( which is most of the time) they are available. Just go and ask. They will give you them to take away in a paper bag if you aren’t staying for a hot drink.

On my last cruise, they had four different types to choose from.

This cafe is often open 6.30 am until midnight every day, and the cookies are of a very good quality.

Celebrity Edge Cookies and Cake in Cafe Al Bacio
Cakes and cookies in Cafe El Bacio Celebrity Edge


Where Will You Find them?

  • International Cafe
  • Sometimes in the buffet


When you go to the International cafe, you will have to ask for cookies.

They normally have some in the afternoons and evenings at least.

emma cruises cookies princess cruises atrium
International cafe cookies – Emerald Princess
Take Me to the Cruise Ship Cookies


** LIMITED QUANTITY and not available in stores **

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Where Will You Find them?

  • You are unlikely to find American Style Cookies anywhere.
    • You might find British biscuits, and they supply biscuits with the tea and coffee-making facilities provided in the cabins.
p&o iona kettle and biscuits in cabin
P&O Iona – kettle and biscuits in cabin


Biscuits in the cabin were replenished daily on P&O’s Iona – but interestingly, when I sailed on her sister ship Arvia later the same year there were no biscuits at all.

Someone told me later that they will leave biscuits in the cabin if you ask – so I recommend you do!

This is probably just another cutback to save P&O money.

p&o iona conservatory balcony cabin
P&O left these giant cookies in my cabin when I sailed on Iona! They were ordered for me by a friend who works for P&O. Money can’t buy these! I did share them, promise…


Where Will You Find them?

  • Snack Shack on the pool deck.
  • British-style biscuits, rather than cookies are available in the buffet


When those venues are open (which is most of the time) you will likely find biscuits there.

Marella Explorer Snack Shack Cookies
Free Snack Shack Cookies

Paid Cookie Option on Marella

Coffee Port Cafe

In the Coffee Port Cafe, they sell amazing cookies for a couple of Euros each.

They are well worth the additional cost!

marella cruises coffee port cookies
Look at the size of those cookies! Marella Coffee Port Cafe – additional charge payable.

Virgin Voyages

Where Will You Find them?

  • I’ve never found any at all – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any.
    • I’ve only taken one Virgin cruise so far and there weren’t any cookies that i could find.

Fred Olsen

Where Will You Find them?

  • There are proper, British biscuits like Custard Creams in the buffet at afternoon tea time.
    • Fred Olsen are a traditional, British cruise line, so it is no surprise they don’t serve American-style cookies.
Fred Olsen Bolette Buffet Food
Fred Olsen’s Bolette Buffet Snacks


British-style biscuits are available every afternoon in the buffet.

Find out more about sailing on a traditional, British Cruiseline here:

Before You Go

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