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Weekly Roundup From Celebrity Infinity + CAPTAIN HUDSON IS AVAILABLE NOW

I found it I found it! The sun! It does still exist, it’s in Greece onboard the Celebrity Infinity.

Luckily for me… I’M HERE TOO, taking a very cheap last minute out of season cruise.

Our journey started at 3am so I haven’t explored the ship properly yet but I can confirm my ‘Celebrity has the best buffet’ statement 100% still stands.

If you have seen pictures of Cruise Ships and Ocean Liners in dry dock undergoing renovation, or being built in the shipyards you may have wondered why they are painted a different colour – often red – below the water line.

I went under one (MSC Bellissima to find out why).

Why Are Ships Red Below The Waterline?


If you don’t mind where your cabin is located, book a ‘guaranteed’ cabin where the cruise line picks. They are almost always cheaper and I’ve never regretted the decision.


Captain Hudson V4 is ready to order!
Last year we raised over $81,000 for the charity Mercy Ships (all profits donated), can we beat that this year? I hope so!

Captain Hudson V4 is ready to order!


  • Next Live: I’m not entirely sure because it depends on cruise ship WiFi/4G signal strength but I do hope to go live from the ship!


I’ve been on lots of cruises but even amongst the never-ending list of extras you can pay for, there are a few money can’t buy things that I’d love on a cruise!

These things are very specific, but I don’t think I’d be the only person who would like them.

5 Weird Things Money Can’t Buy on Cruises (That I’d Pay For If I Could)



Each week I share a discount code that is valid for my merchandise store (all designed by me), it’ll work for 24 hours only so please don’t miss out.

This week’s discount is on the new Easter range!

I’m often asked which cruise I’ve taken had the roughest seas, and without a shadow of a doubt that goes to my Fred Olsen cruise into the Arctic Circle.

Fred Olsen are a traditional British cruise line and very different to the type of line I normally pick.

I Took a Traditional British Cruise with Fred Olsen (Entertainment, Food & Ship Review)


Thank you all so much for the Happy Birthday’s this week.

It was much appreciated. Check out the incredible Captain Hudson cake my friends made me above!

Have a fantastic week,

Background World Map: Use code EMMACRUISES for 10% off – (Affiliate link)

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