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Titanic vs The Queen Mary 2 – Size, Power, and Speed Comparison

When the Titanic was built in 1912 she was the largest and most technologically advanced ship of her day. The original Queen Mary was launched in 1936 and the Queen Mary 2 was built later in 2003.

I have just disembarked a cruise onboard the Queen Mary 2.

The Queen Mary 2 is currently the only ocean liner in the world still in operation.

Both ships set sail almost 100 years apart so there are some considerable differences between the two.

How did the Titanic Compare to the Queen Mary 2?

The Queen Mary 2 is 28% longer than the Titanic and 46% wider. She has over three times the horsepower and is able to travel 30% faster than the Titanic. The Queen Mary 2 has an additional 4 passenger decks compared to the Titanic.

Improvements in shipbuilding and design mean that not only can shipbuilders build larger ships but also ships that can sail faster.

Onboard safety also improved greatly with many changes being implemented after the sinking of the Titanic.

Queen Mary 2 vs Titanic – Length Comparison

Cruise ShipLength (Meters)Length (Feet)
Titanic269m 883ft
Queen Mary 2345m1131ft
Queen Mary vs Titanic – Length Comparison

The Queen Mary 2 is 28% longer than the Titanic. This is based on the length of the cruise ship as parallel to the waterline.

Some parts of the ship do technically protrude further than at the waterline, such as the aft section of the Titanic.

If you were to compare the length of the Titanic and Queen Mary 2 to the current cruise ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet, the Titanic would be the shortest.

The Queen Mary 2 had a length similar to that of the Voyager-class cruise ships for Royal Caribbean, built between 1999-2003.

Titanic vs Queen Mary 2 Length

Queen Mary vs Titanic – Width (Beam) Comparison

Cruise ShipWidth (Meters)Width (Feet)
Titanic28m 92ft
Queen Mary 241m134ft
Queen Mary vs Titanic – Width (Beam) Comparison

The Queen Mary 2 is 46% wider than the Titanic.

The beam of a cruise ship is the width of the cruise ship at the widest point. It’s usually measured where the hull meets the waterline.

Titanic vs Queen Mary 2 Width Comparison

Queen Mary 2 vs Titanic – Height and Deck Comparison

Cruise ShipHeight (Meters)Height (Feet)Decks
Titanic53m 174ft9
Queen Mary 271m236ft13
Queen Mary 2 vs Titanic – Height and Deck Comparison

The Queen Mary 2 is 34% taller than the Titanic but she includes an additional 4 passenger decks. The largest cruise ship currently in operation is 72 meters (238 feet) high.

Building tall cruise ships limits the destinations which a cruise ship can travel to. Some large modern cruise ships are unable to sail to some ports due to bridges.

Queen Mary 2 vs Titanic – Gross Tonnage Comparison

Cruise ShipGross Tonnage
Queen Mary 2151,000
Queen Mary vs Titanic – Gross Tonnage Comparison

The Queen Mary 2 has almost three times the gross tonnage of the Titanic.

The gross tonnage of the Titanic is smaller than any modern cruise ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet but the gross tonnage of the Queen Mary 2 is similar to many modern ships.

Titanic vs Queen Mary 2 Gross Tonnage Comparison

Queen Mary 2 vs Titanic – Horsepower and Speed Comparison

A ship’s horsepower is the amount of power provided by the engines, one horsepower is equivalent to 746 Watts.

Cruise ShipHorsepowerMaximum Speed
Titanic46,00023 knots (26 MPH)
Queen Mary 2160,00030 knots (35 MPH)
Queen Mary vs Titanic – Gross Tonnage and Speed Comparison

The Titanic had three engines. Two four-cylinder steam engines and one steam turbine. Each steam engine provided 15,000 horsepower and the steam turbine provided 16,000.

The Queen Mary 2 has four boiler rooms and two gas turbines. The combined horsepower was 160,000 which gave the Queen Mary 2 3x as much power as the Titanic.

This means that the Queen Mary 2 is able to sail 30% faster than the Titanic at full speed.

In reality, the Titanic sailed at a little over 21 knots (24 MPH).

Titanic vs Queen Mary 2 Speed Comparison (Knots)

Modern cruise ships still usually have a maximum speed of between 25-30 knots.

Both Ships Had/Have 3 Main Anchors

The Titanic had 3 primary anchors, one on the left, one on the right and one in the center. The ship also had two kedging anchors (lighter anchors).

The Queen Mary 2 has 3 anchors.

To learn more about cruise ship anchors, check out this post: Cruise Ship Anchors – Function, Size, Weight, and Uses

Queen Mary 2 vs Titanic – Ship Ownership

The Titanic was built for a company called White Star Line. The White Star Line merged with Cunard Line in 1934 to form the Cunard-White Star Line. The Queen Mary was then built for the Cunard-White Star Line.

Cunard owned 62% of the company and White Star Line 38%. Cunard bought out White Star Line in 1949 creating the Cunard brand that we know and love today.

Is The Queen Mary 2 The Sister Ship to The Titanic?

The Queen Mary 2 is not the sister ship to the Titanic. She was built for Cunard line 91 years after the Titanic was launched. Cunard Line was part-owned by the White Star Line, the company which built the Titanic so the Queen Mary 2 could be described as a much much younger relative, possibly a grandchild.

To learn more about how Titanic compares to modern cruise ships, including how the ship compares to the Royal Caribbean and Cunard fleets check out this post: Titanic vs a Modern Cruise Ship Fleet – Comparison with Photos!

If you would like to learn more about what it’s like to cruise on the Queen Mary 2, check out this video:

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