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The best time to book… – NEWSLETTER

Book too early? The price may fall. Leave it too late? You may miss out completely! Knowing when to book a cruise can be tricky.

Generally speaking the cheapest time to book a cruise is as far in advance as possible (2-3 years sometimes) or last minute (60-90 days before the cruise).

At the 60-90 days pre-cruise mark there can be some great deals because this is when the cruise lines need the full payment from other guests, so they know for sure how many cabins they have to sell. It’s always a risk though, there could be no cabins left or no price drops.


It is a well-known fact that the Titanic didn’t hold enough lifeboats to hold all of the passengers onboard.

Why would she? the White Star Line said she was “unsinkable.”

Luckily everything is different now.

Do Modern Cruise Ships Have Enough Lifeboats?


If you want to buy a drinks package for a cruise, book it before you get on board. It’s always cheaper!


When cruising the Mediterranean you can be in a different country every day.

You can just enjoy your time onboard, wake up somewhere new – and go out and explore!

7 Reasons Why Your Next Cruise Should be in The Mediterranean


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Each week I share a discount code that is valid for my merchandise store (all designed by me), it’ll work for 24 hours only so please don’t miss out.

This week’s discount is on all Mugs!


If you are taking a cruise you might be wondering if it’s worth buying a drinks package, I usually don’t and in this article, I will explain why.

Drinks Packages Aren’t Worth it For Me – Here’s How I Decide (Price Lists & More)


If you are taking a cruise on a big cruise ship from either Royal Caribbean or MSC you might be wondering how they compare.

I spent a week on MSC World Europa and Symphony of the Seas, both cruising the Mediterranean from Barcelona.

MSC vs Royal Caribbean – I Cruised on The Biggest Ships: (Differences)


Our mascot Captain Hudson has been busy this week! He’s been all over the world and you can see his adventures at

My Captain Hudson adventure of the week:

Have a fantastic week,

Background World Map: Use code EMMACRUISES for 10% off – (Affiliate link)

Get Insurance NEVER cruise without insurance. Ever.

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