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7 Reasons Why Your Next Cruise Should be in The Mediterranean

I have taken many many cruises around the Mediterranean. There are lots of reasons why I keep returning again and again.

In this article, we explore some of those reasons and why I think you should cruise there too.

Emma and Symphony of the Seas
cable car barcelona

#1 The Different Countries You Can Visit

You can visit a great many different countries in a short period of time, which is great if your holiday/vacation time is limited.

It is easily possible to visit France, Spain and Italy in a week- and often other lovely Mediterranean Islands too.

Western Mediterranean Cruise Itineraries

Western Mediterranean cruises are the ones I think of as “Classic Med Loop Cruises.”

They typically visit Spain, France, Italy – sometimes Malta, the Balearic Islands ( Mallorca, Minorca or Ibiza) Sicily or Corsica too.

You can be in a different country every day. You can just enjoy your time onboard, wake up somewhere new – and go out and explore!

Eastern Mediterranean Cruise Itineraries

These can visit Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, Turkey – sometimes Greece, or the Greek Islands, Rhodes, Crete, Cyprus, Santorini etc – the options are endless it seems!

Again, you can visit and experience many exciting places in a relatively short period of time.

If there is somewhere you particularly like, you can always return for a land-based holiday there at a later date. A cruise is a great way of trying different places out.

I recently took a trip on MSC’s largest ship MSC World Europa on a classic Mediterranean loop cruise.

Find out what I thought of her here:

#2 Weather

Weather is very subjective, but to me as a British person, I find the weather in the Mediterranean is far warmer and sunnier than it is in the UK.

Of course, the weather varies throughout the year – but even cruising in the winter months, the weather is far more pleasant than at home.

azamara onward ship port
Here I am in France in November enjoying a cruise on the Azamara Onward – in shorts! I certainly wouldn’t be wearing shorts in the UK in November…
  • In Spain for example, the coolest month of the year is February with an average daily maximum of 13 C /55F
  • The hottest month of the year in Spain is July with an average daily maximum of 36 C/97F

The average temperature in the UK in February is 7C/44F – and often wet, dark and miserable! I know where I would rather be…

#3 The Euro

If you travel to the majority of the Mediterranean countries, the currency is the Euro.

This makes it incredibly easy, you don’t have to keep changing the local currency you are using.

Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule – but you will often find that Euros are still accepted in those countries.

currency exchange
The Euro is the currency used in Mediterranean ports

It’s always important to bring some euro coins as public toilets are chargeable in some places. It’s always better to keep a euro or 50 cents in your pocket than to be caught short!

#4 Lots of Interesting Places To Visit

There is so much to see and do in the ports of the Mediterranean.

Wonderful architecture, historical sites, amazing food, and sandy beaches – there is something for adults and children alike.

I have been to many of the ports in the Mediterranean countless times, but I never get bored.

I was in Barcelona many times last year. On my last visit, we booked in advance to visit the Sagrada Familia – the largest unfinished Church in the world.

I had walked past it before, but had never been inside. They started building it in 1882 – and are still building now. We walked from where our ship was docked. It was fantastic…

Sagrada Familia In Barcelona

#5 You Don’t Need to Spend Extra Money on Cruise Ship Excursions

In the majority of ports in the Mediterranean, you can just get off and wander around.

There is no need to buy expensive cruise line excursions – unless there is something you particularly want to see.

Do your research, print or download some local maps and organise your own walking tours.

Many larger cities, like Barcelona, Rome and Athens have “Hop On – Hop Off” buses to help you explore.

The cruise lines often offer these too, but you can often just buy your own ticket from just outside the cruise terminal, and save yourself some money.

I have never really felt unsafe in Mediterranean ports, but I would advise you to take normal, sensible, safety precautions and keep a close eye on your purse and wallet when in busy port areas.

Find out more about visiting ports, and hints and tips about what to take with you here:

Getting Off The Cruise Ship in Port – What To Expect, What To Take – And Other Useful Hints and Tips For A Successful Day Out!

#6 Relatively Easy To Get To

From the UK, it is very easy to fly from the UK to embark on your cruise.

Cruises start in a number of different places, Barcelona and Rome being the two main ones that spring to mind.

emma cruises msc world europa outside
Boarding MSC World Europa at one of Barcelona’s five cruise terminals.

Barcelona and Rome are large airports, and it shouldn’t be hard to find flights there from the country you live in.

The big Italian cruise lines, Costa and MSC sail the classic Western Med Loop every week. You can cruise for any length of time and can start your cruise in a number of different ports.

This means the cruise is totally flexible. If Rome or Barcelona doesn’t suit you, you can sail from Marseille, Genoa, or Palma – wherever you can get the cheapest flight to!

#7 Cheap Deals Often Available

You might be able to get a cheap, out-of-peak season cruise deal. I have done this countless times, often choosing to sail in October, November, January or February when the prices are at their lowest.

Of course, the weather can’t be guaranteed, but usually it is warm enough to just wear a T-shirt or jumper/sweater – whereas at home I would probably be wearing a large coat, hat and gloves!

Another perk of going out of season is that the ports themselves are quieter.

I have been to Santorini and Mykonos on the Greek Islands and Portofino in Italy and there were so many cruise ship passengers, that it was impossible to see where you were walking because of the crowds of people. Not pleasant!

I visited Portofino on Celebrity Edge. We had to tender in because the port was so small. On the way back, the Cruise Ship Captain sailed the tender boat back to the cruise ship! Find out all about that here:

In the winter months, it is far quieter.

I always enjoy seeing the locals out walking in their coats and hats, whilst I am wearing a T-shirt – thinking how warm it is! It is just what you are used to, I’m sure…

Find out about the incredibly cheap January Mediterranean cruise I took on Costa Smeralda below. Only a small percentage of the passengers spoke English, so it was not your “normal” cruise experience. We had a great time though…

Whilst finding cheap deals may take some researching, I keep returning to the Mediterranean time after time – as I just can’t resist a bargain!

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