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Travel Recommendations

get travel insurance

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance:

You could be stranded abroad, lose your entire cruise fare, or be hit with MASSIVE medical bills if you don’t have cruise travel insurance. I use comparison websites to compare quotes: Compare Quotes Here.

Even if you are from the US and are taking a cruise to the Caribbean you need cruise specific travel insurance. Your regular medical insurance won’t cover you for medical treatment onboard.

Compare Hotel Prices:

When booking a hotel I compare prices using a website like This allows me to compare multiple hotels by entering my details once. price guarantee the prices on their website meaning that if you find the price cheaper anywhere else (even direct) they’ll give you the cheaper price. I’ve never managed to find a cheaper price than the one on though! 

compare hotels

compare flights

Compare Flights:

Rather than just looking at one airline I like to use the website SkyScanner. You enter the details of where you’d like to go and on what date and the website will give you all of the airlines flying the route and the cost.

I find SkyScanner extra helpful because sometimes I’ll find than a flight a few hours later is much cheaper

Get a Cruise Quote:

Bookings are made through Travel Counsellors who have been voted UK’s Best National Travel Retailer. Travel Counsellors have a REALLY COOL online booking portal and I book all my cruises through them. Cruise Quote Form.

free cruise quote

Not Sure What to Book?

Learn everything you need to know to find the perfect cruise and save 60% on it in the How to Cruise For Less cruise course.

The course will show you how to cruise well on a budget without missing out on anything. Cruising cheaply will allow you to cruise more often, travel further and make more memories with your family and friends.