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Princess Cruises Tea and Coffee Guide – Free and Premium Options

If you’re considering a cruise with Princess Cruises you may be wondering where you can get a free cup of tea/coffee and if the cabins include kettles.

I’ve been on multiple Princess cruises and the answer has varied depending on the cruise ship and location.

In this post, we will look at where you can get a free cup of tea or coffee on a Princess cruise and also which premium options are available.

When I cruise being able to have access to tea is very important to me and Princess cruises are, in my experience, one of the best cruise lines when it comes to tea and coffee.

Kettles in Cabin (Where Available)Free
Room ServiceFree
International Cafe (Premium Options)$$$

Do Princess Cruises Have Kettles in The Cabins?

Princess Cruises do have kettles in the cabins of their cruise ships on SOME sailings from the UK. Elsewhere in the world kettles are not provided as standard.

Tea and coffee are also available through the complimentary room service, in the buffet, and premium options are available around the ship.

electric tea kettle

Princess Introduced Kettles to Sapphire Princess in 2018

In 2018 Princess Cruises decided to add kettles to their cabins onboard the Sapphire Princess. Other cruise lines, such as MSC Cruises have also made this move.

Tony Roberts, Princess’s UK Vice President in UK and Europe had the following to say:

“We fully appreciate how much Brits all enjoy drinking tea and coffee. While it’s still easy enough for guests to order complimentary hot drinks via room service or our onboard restaurants, introducing kettles will give them an extra coffee and tea-making option when it’s time to rise and shine or they’re sitting back and relaxing in their stateroom or balcony.”

Tony Roberts – source.

Will There be Kettles in The Cabins on British Isles Sailings with Princess Cruises?

At present, it is not known whether Princess Cruises will have kettles in the cabins for British Isles itineraries. I reached out to Princess with this question and was informed that it is still to be confirmed.

I took a British Isles cruise with Princess which was AMAZING. If you’re considering the same make sure you read this British Isles packing guide and my Princess British Isles Excursion review.

loch ness british isles cruise

Can guests bring tea bags on a cruise?

There are no rules that prohibit guests from bringing tea bags onboard a cruise. Many cruisers who enjoy a specific type of tea not available on the ship will bring onboard their own tea bags for use in the buffet or cabin.

Room Service Tea and Coffee Are FREE With Princess Cruises

If you are taking a cruise with Princess a great way to enjoy a cup of tea, or coffee is to take advantage of the free room service available 24 hours a day on most ships.

Sheri from Cruise Tips TV has a great video, where she talks us through the Princess Cruises room service menu.

Although room service isn’t QUITE as easy as having your own kettle in your cabin, it is a great alternative. On the majority of cruise lines there is a charge for room service regardless of what is being ordered.

Ordering tea/coffee via room service on a Princess cruise is free but there are charges for some food items like pizza and drinks like alcohol or soda.

Head to The Buffet for Free Tea/Coffee

A personal favorite option of mine when cruising is to head to the buffet for a cup of tea or coffee. All buffets on Princess ships have vast tea and coffee-making facilities with a variety of tea bags and tea types.

On most cruises you’ll find a range of milk alternatives as well as some fruit teas.

The tea and coffee section is usually located as you enter/leave the buffet. You’ll find this section located on both sides of the buffet. On occasion, one side may be closed for cleaning but generally speaking, you’ll have multiple choices.

princess cruises buffet tea and coffee making facilities

The photos above and below were taken from a ship tour I filmed onboard the Sapphire Princess. You can watch the full tour here.

princess cruises buffet tea and coffee making facilities

As you can see above, there is a wide range of tea types available and the mugs will be located here for guests to use. A range of coffees are provided from the taps and milk is kept in the jugs.

There is also a water machine here and juices during breakfast time.

Head Outside for Free Tea/Coffee

You’ll often find a station similar to those shown above by the pool deck. These are often right outside the buffet doors and have very similar options.

This is a great option if you want to grab a cup of tea to take back to your cabin or to sit by the pool.

There’s no limit on the number of cups of tea you can have from the buffet, be warned though, you may find yourself heading to the buffet for a cup of tea and every time grabbing a snack. They’re too good to resist!

Princess Cruises Offer Tea and Coffee in the Main Dining Room

On all Princess cruises you’ll find that tea and coffee are offered in the main dining room without any extra charge. This is usually offered at the end of the meal but if requested earlier the waiters will be happy to get you a cup of tea/coffee.

Personally, I’ve never understood why I’d want a coffee after dinner but there are usually decaf versions available if that is something that you try to avoid in the evenings.

The below photo is me onboard the Golden Princess enjoying dinner. We had just arrived which is why the restaurant looks so empty and why all crew members are stood to the left by the door.

Princess Cruises Main Dining Room

Do Princess Cruises have Afternoon Tea?

Princess Cruises offer two types of afternoon tea. A free afternoon tea is served in the main dining room on sea days and a second-afternoon tea is served in the Piazza at a cost of $10/$20 per person depending on if the afternoon tea includes champagne.

I’m happy to report that afternoon tea does come with an unlimited (and free) supply of tea and coffee.

The Piazza afternoon tea is limited in capacity and usually requires pre-booking.

afternoon tea princess cruises

Afternoon tea includes a variety of cakes, biscuits and scones with cream and jam.

Premium Options – Tea/Coffee on A Princess Cruise

Princess Cruises do offer premium teas and coffees for guests who like something a little extra. In the buffet/on the free room service, you’ll only find basic teas and coffees but the premium options include things like Espressos, Cappuccinos, and barista specialty mixes.

You’ll find tea and coffee for sale at the International Cafe located in the atrium (Piazza) of all Princess ships.

Iced coffees and smoothies are also available at a cost.

Approximate Cost
White Chocolate Iced Coffee$3-$4
Pomegranate and Blueberry Green Tea Smoothie$4-$5
Caramel Macchiato $3-$4
Vanilla Bean Latte$3-$4
Hot Chocolate$2-$3
Princess Cruises Speciality Tea and Coffee Option Prices

Premium Tea/Coffee – Drinks Packages

If you are somebody who likes specialty teas or coffees a drinks package can be a great way to save money. There are three options available:

New Grounds Coffee Package

The New Grounds Coffee Package allows guests to prepurchase a fixed number of premium drinks for a lower price than paying on a pay-as-you-go basis. The package has to be purchased a minimum of 4 days before the sailing and cannot be transferred to another cruise. Any drinks not used by the end of the cruise will be lost.

The price and number of drinks included varies by sailing.

The package does not include bottled coffee or drinks from the mini bar.

Premier Coffee & Soda Package

The Premium Coffee and Soda Package includes premium specialty coffees, teas, and fountain soda. It also includes juices, mocktails, and hot chocolate. The package does not include bottled water but a 25% discount is applied to bottled water when purchasing this package.

The package also includes energy drinks and milkshakes.

At present the cost of this package is $19.99 per day, this is subject to change. This price does not include the service charge (unless cruising in Australia). The gratuity which is automatically added is 18%.

The package must be pre-purchased or purchased on embarkation day.

Premier Beverage Package

The Premier Beverage Package includes specialty coffees, fountain sodas, wine, beer, spirits, bottled water. There is a limit of $12 per drink, drinks above this price are not included in the package.

The package must be pre-purchased or bought on embarkation day.

At present the cost of this package is $59.99 per day, this is subject to change. This price does not include the service charge (unless cruising in Australia). The gratuity which is automatically added is 18%.

All drinks packages are available to pre purchase on Princess’s online organiser.

Drinks PackageInclusionsPrice (Per Person Per Day)
New Grounds Coffee PackageA fixed number of premium coffee options.Varies
Premier Coffee & Soda PackagePremium specialty coffees, teas, fountain soda, juices, mocktails, and hot chocolate.$19.99
Premier Beverage PackagePremium specialty coffees, teas, fountain sodas, juices, mocktails, hot chocolate, wine, beer, spirits, and bottled water.$59.99
Princess Cruises Drinks Packages That Include Premium Coffee and Tea

It is possible to take a Princess cruise and not spend a penny extra on tea or coffee. For guests who would like to try something different, or have a favorite tea/coffee, not on the complimentary menus, there are premium options available.

If you are taking a Princess cruise, check out this post first, there are LOTS of food options available that you won’t want to miss out on!

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