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Norwegian Epic – Cabins: Honest Reviews and Cabins to Avoid

In this post, we will look at all cabin grades available onboard the Norwegian Epic. I cruised in the Norwegian Epic in an inside cabin and had family members staying in a balcony cabin.

The Norwegian Epic’s cabins are some of the most controversial.

The bathroom design is unlike any other and I personally quite liked it, lots of people don’t though so make sure you’re happy with the below before booking.

In this post we explore:

  • Inside Cabins
  • Balcony Cabins
  • Suites
  • Solo Cabins

We will also look at cabins to avoid.

The Norwegian Epic was built in 2009 and the cabins have remained largely unchanged during this time.

How Many Cabins Are on The Norwegian Epic?

The Norwegian Epic has 1912 cabins, 128 of which are studio cabins designed for solo cruisers. 75 of the cabins are located in the Haven.

For a cruise ship to have over 100 solo cabins is incredibly high. On many cruise ships, you’ll find as little as 10-20 solo cabins.

The Bathrooms on The Norwegian Epic Have a Unique Design

If you are considering a cruise on the Norwegian Epic it’s important that you are happy with the bathroom situation. Norwegian have created a unique bathroom that isn’t replicated on any of their other ships.

In a usual cruise ship cabin, you’ll find the bathroom in the corner of the room. In the bathroom, you’ll usually find the toilet, sink, and shower. On the Norwegian Epic, you’ll find the shower in one room in the corner of the cabin and a toilet in a little room on the other. The sink is within the main cabin and there is a privacy curtain.

The below diagram shows the design on the Norwegian Epic.

Note: The edges of the rooms are curved, but you get the idea.

Norwegian Epic Bathroom Diagram Toilet Shower and Sink

I was cruising with my brother and I didn’t mind the unique bathroom design at all.

That said, lots of people don’t like it and I can understand why. If you were cruising with a friend it would be a little strange to step out into the cabin after a shower with only a curtain between you and your friend.

It was a little weird to have the main sink in the cabin because if somebody wanted to brush their teeth or have a shave they would just be stood in the main cabin, which was a little odd but not a big problem.

norwegian epic bathroom
Norwegian Epic Bathroom, Photo: Joanne

Norwegian Epic Inside Cabins:

Sleeps Up To 4

We stayed in an inside cabin on deck 10. The inside cabins on decks 8,9,10,11 and 12  only sleep 2 people but the inside cabins on 13,14 can sleep up to 4 people. If the cabin sleeps 4 these will be pull-down beds from the ceiling.

Family Inside11 m213, 14
Inside11-17 m28, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

It can be quite a squeeze to share a cabin with 2 or 3 other people but it is doable and I have done it in the past.

The drop-down beds, called Pullman beds, are most commonly used for children although they do accommodate adults too.

If you’re particularly tall your feet may hang off the end though and there are weight limits! I have shared a cabin with 3 other adults before, it isn’t ideal but for a short cruise it isn’t a problem.

norwegian epic cabin bathroom review
Norwegian Epic Inside Cabin Bathroom

The Inside Cabins Are Quite Small – Coming in at 11m2

The inside cabins start at 11m2 and the average within the cruise industry is 15m2. In many inside cabins, you’ll find a separate chair, or possibly even a small sofa. In the Norwegian Epic cabins, the beds take up the majority of the room with no extra seating area.

I never felt that the cabin was too small and didn’t feel claustrophobic inside.

The clever design of the cabin means that even though it is small, there’s plenty of floor space and storage space.

What I Loved About my Inside Cabin on The Norwegian Epic:

  • The cabin had a lot of storage
  • The floor space felt large
  • I love the overall design and curved lines
  • The bed was very comfortable

In ALMOST all cabins the beds can either be arranged as a twin or as a double bed. If you arrive and the beds aren’t set up how you’d like, just let your cabin steward know and they’ll change these for you.

A couple of friends of mine didn’t realize that the beds separated and they ended up sharing a bed for an entire week, without wanting to.

norwegian epic inside cabin review
Photo: Norwegian Cruise Line

The Cabin Has Lots of Storage

On one side, there is a large closet that has hanging space and drawers too. On the inside door of the closet, there are a few baskets for small pieces like accessories.

My suitcase fit well at the bottom of the closet but it would also have fit under the bed in the cabin.

Our life jackets were inside the closet as was safe. The safe is free to use and you set your own code when you use the safe for the first time.

Do The Cabins on The Norwegian Epic have TVs?

All cabins on the Norwegian Epic have TV’s installed. In the majority of cabins, these are mounted up high.

Do The Cabins on The Norwegian Epic have Kettles?

The cabins on the Norwegian Epic do not have kettles. Tea and Coffee is available in the buffet free of charge and is available in many other bars and lounges at a cost.

Norwegian Epic Balcony Cabins

Sleeps Up To 4 (Most Balcony Cabins Have a Maximum Capacity of 3)

During my cruise on the Norwegian Epic, I had family members staying in a standard balcony cabin and I spent a lot of my time here.

If you are cruising as a group it can sometimes be worth just purchasing one balcony to save money, you’ll probably spend the majority of your time in one cabin anyway.

The Norwegian Epic had 4 types of balcony cabins available. The standard cabin, family cabin which can accommodate an extra person, a large balcony which is slightly larger, and a spa balcony that provides extra spa benefits.

Standard Balcony17-33 m238, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Family Balcony17-23 m2411, 12, 13, 14
Large Balcony18-24 m239, 10, 11, 12
Spa Balcony18-21 m2314

The Balcony Cabins are Average Size – Coming in at 17m2

The average size of a balcony cabin is 18m2, the balcony cabins on the Norwegian Epic come in just under this at 17m2.

The shape of the balcony cabins are quite different from other cabins, the walls are curved. Some cruise ship cabins will have slightly curved walls but the curve (seen below) is quite prominent.

This works because the cabins are a mirror image of each other and sometimes the bed is closer to the window and sometimes closer to the bathroom.

Norwegian Epic Balcony Cabin Review Bathroom

What is in the Balcony cabins on board the Norwegain Epic?

  • Twin/Queen beds
  • A desk with mirror + chair
  • Sofa/couch
  • Bedside tables
  • Minibar
  • Hairdryer
  • Safe
  • TV

The balcony cabins onboard are very similar in style to the inside cabins. The sofa area seen in the middle is just an extra addition that the inside cabins don’t have.

Large Balcony Cabins

Sleeps Up To 3

The large balcony is exactly the same as the regular balcony but it is slightly larger. Despite being larger the cabin still can only accommodate 3 passengers.

Family Balcony Cabin

The family balcony cabins on the Norwegian Epic are almost identical to the standard cabins. The only real difference is that there is space to accommodate a 4th person.

The sofa changes into a bed and a Pullman bed comes down from the ceiling, this creates bunk beds of sorts for guests 3 and 4.

Norwegian Epic Balcony Cabin Review

I stayed in an inside cabin during my Norwegian Epic cruise but my mum stayed in a balcony cabin and had the following to say:

“I’ve read many bad reviews about balcony cabins on the Norwegian Epic but for me, it was one of the most memorable balcony cabins I have stayed in.  So much more interesting than your standard, oblong, cruise ship cabin . I loved the curved walls, and the interesting ceilings!”

Gaynor (my mum)

Norwegian Epic Solo Cabins

The Norwegian Epic has 128 solo cabins and the solo cabins also have access to a solo lounge. All the solo cabins are located together in an area of the ship reserved for solo cruisers which I like.

The design of the solo cabins is very similar to that of the regular cabins.

All of the solo cabins are inside cabins but they do have windows to the corridor outside, these are one way mirrors so other guests can’t see into your room, but you can see out.

A friend of mine Pete cruised solo on the Norwegian Epic, in his video review he explores the room in detail:

If you are considering cruising Solo start by reading this post, it details my personal favorite cruise lines for solo cruising. Norwegian are on the list along with many others. Best Cruise Lines For Solo Cruisers (Tried and Tested Pros and Cons).

Do The Cabins on The Norwegian Epic have Hairdryers?

All cabins on the Norwegian Epic have hairdryers, there is no need to bring your own.

I found the hairdryer to be good and powerful.

Top tip: If it isn’t powerful enough to dry your hair, a trip to the top deck is usually enough to do it if it’s windy! It might not be a look you want to go for… but it works.

What plug sockets are on the Norwegian Epic?

All cabins on the Norwegian Epic have at least 2 US plug sockets, 1 European socket, and 2 USB sockets.

If you are ever in doubt about which plug sockets a cruise ship has, check out this post.

I scoured through hundreds of photos and videos to put together a searchable table >> Complete Cruise Ship Plug Socket Guide: Search by Ship (it might be worth favoriting that page for the next time you need it).

Do The Cabins on The Norwegian Epic have Irons?

None of the cabins on the Norwegian Epic have irons. There isn’t a self-service laundry so if you do need something ironed you would have to pay for this. An alternative is to buy a spray that drops the creases from clothes.

To find out more about Norwegian’s laundry prices and options, read this post: Norwegian Cruise Line Laundry – Price List, Services, and Packages

Norwegian Cruise Line Ironing Board

Norwegian Epic – Suites

The Norwegian Epic has a range of suites available, these are located in an area called the Haven.

The below is a summary:

The Haven Deluxe Owner’s Suite with Large BalconyFloor to ceiling windows. Separate living area, bedroom, and dining room. Whirpool tub.4
The Haven 2-Bedroom Family Villa with BalconySeparate living area, bedroom, and dining room. Two bathrooms6
The Haven Aft-Facing Penthouse with BalconyAft views. Separate living area. 2
The Haven Courtyard Penthouse with BalconyLarge balcony.3
The Haven Spa Suite with BalconyEntrance to the spa and thermal passes. Queen-sized bed.3

Cabins booked in the Haven have access to the following perks:

  • A private pool deck and swimming pool.
  • A private restaurant.
  • A private lounge.
  • Unlimited beverage package as standard.
  • 24/7 butler.

For more information about the suites available on Norwegian Epic visit the Norwegian website here: Norwegian Epic Suites.

Norwegian Epic – Cabins to Avoid

The following cabins to avoid were provided by guests who cruised in these cabins. I haven’t personally stayed in any of these cabins.

Note: Many cruise ships will have cabins near the theatre or main lounges. The cabins are all on the higher decks on the Norwegian Epic so there are fewer cabins to avoid than you may find on other ships.

If you are worried about noise, booking a cabin that’s between two other decks of cabins is usually the best idea.

Norwegian Epic, Cabins to Avoid – Deck 14

The following cabins towards the aft of deck 14 onboard Norwegian Epic are directly below the buffet. Some cruisers staying in these cabins have reported noises of things like chairs being moved.

This shouldn’t be a big problem as the buffet isn’t open late into the night but it may be worth something to bear in mind.

Norwegian Epic cabins to avoid

If you are somebody who makes frequent trips to the buffet like me, these cabins could be a good idea.

All cabins on deck 14 are under the main sun deck of the ship. It isn’t abnormal to hear noises of sunloungers being moved or music from the pool deck. This noise usually doesn’t go on late, but the cabins on lower decks will be quieter.

Norwegian Epic, Cabins to Avoid – Deck 9

The below cabins are a little bit strange.

They are great if you struggle with mobility and need to be near an elevator but due to their proximity to the stairs and elevators, a number of past cruisers have suggested that these cabins should be cabins to avoid.

norwegian epic cabins to avoid

(The crosses in boxes are elevators and the stripey rectangles are the stairs).

There are also a couple of cabins like this on deck 8.

Norwegian Epic, Cabins to Avoid – Deck 8

The below cabins on deck 8 are directly under the Bliss Ultra Lounge. The bliss ultra lounge is used as a nightclub at night so it is likely that there will be some noise carrying up to the cabins on deck 8.

The Bliss Ultra Lounge is open until late in the evening. It usually becomes adult only at 11 pm.

norwegian epic cabins to avoid deck 8

If you are planning a cruise on the Norwegian Epic and haven’t yet booked your room, this video will help you to cut the cost as much as possible (without downgrading cabin grade):

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