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You Can’t Book a Cruise on Departure Day Anymore – Here’s Why

If you have ever considered a last-minute cruise you may be wondering if it is possible to book a cruise on the day of departure.

Can You Book a Cruise on Departure Day?

As a general rule, it is not possible to book a cruise on departure day due to documentation requirements. Guest lists must be submitted a minimum of 24-48 hours before the cruise sets sail to the appropriate local authorities and as a result, booking a cruise on departure day is not possible

In the past, it used to be possible for a passenger to arrive at a cruise port, suitcase in hand, and be booked onto any cruise that is setting sail within a few hours.

Security regulations have tightened a lot since this was allowed. Airlines do not have to submit documents ahead of time in the same way as cruise lines do so it is usually possible to book a flight without the same notice period.

It’s also important to remember that the cruise lines want their passengers to book as far in advance as possible. Even if they could accept bookings at the last minute, they wouldn’t want passengers to wait until the last minute hoping for a bargain. They’d prefer guests to book ahead of time.

Why Do People Want to Book a Cruise on Departure Day?

Many people believe that they’ll be able to book a cheap cruise if they do so on departure day. This used to be the case and many people still believe that it is.

Generally speaking, booking a ‘last minute’ cruise can be a good way to secure a discount but it doesn’t have to be as late as on departure day.

To find out more about how the prices of cruises change as time goes on, check out this post: Do Cruises Get Cheaper Closer To The Sailing Date?

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Cruise Members Can be on Standby

In some situations, it is possible for crew members to book a last-minute cruise if they, or their family members in some circumstances are on standby.

On a large percentage of cruises, there will be situations where a guest doesn’t arrive for their cruise. In this situation, the cruise line may be able to give these cabins, for a price, to crew members or the families of crew members.

Due to the fact that these guests are on standby, the cruise line can submit their information ahead of time. They of course, have to be located close to the cruise port so that they can board if invited to do so.

Why do Cruise Lines Have to Submit Guest Lists?

Guest lists are submitted to the local authorities so that they have a record of who left the cruise port and onboard which ship.

As guests embark on a cruise their cruise card is scanned, and photos taken, to ensure that they know who is on board.

To learn more about what the cruise card is used for, check out this post: Cruise Keycards – Guide.

The guest list will be checked for anybody who may be wanted by the police and trying to flee the country.

What Happens When You Book a Last Minute Cruise?

When booking a last-minute cruise you will have to pay the full balance straight away. The majority of cruise lines require a full payment either 60 or 90 days before the cruise.

This means that if you book a cruise 2 years in advance you only have to pay the deposit until a few months before. If you book within this period of time you have to pay the full balance.

Booking between 60-90 days before a cruise is often the cheapest time to do so. At this point, the cruise line knows how many guests it has sailed and as a result, they try to sell the remaining cabins.

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