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MSC Virtuosa Cabin Guide – (Honest Reviews and Cabins to Avoid)

If you are taking a cruise on the MSC Virtuosa you may be wondering which cabin to choose.

The MSC Virtuosa has cabins identical to that found on Virtuosa’s sister ships MSC Meraviglia, MSC Bellissima and MSC Grandiosa. I’ve cruised in both an inside cabin and a balcony cabin on the MSC Meraviglia and have stayed in an inside cabin on the MSC Virtuosa.

The cabins on these ships are some of my personal favourites.

What Cabins Are Available on The MSC Virtuosa?

The MSC Virtuosa has a range of interior, oceanview, balcony, and suite cabins available. All cabins contain a private bathroom, hairdryer, and safe. The cabins on board the MSC Virtuosa range in size from 17 metres squared to 57 metres squared and are able to accommodate up to 6 guests.

Solo interiors are also available for passengers cruising alone.

Regardless of cabin category all cabins include:

  • Large Wardrobe, Additional Shelves.
  • A Minimum of One or Two Beds (Convertible, either a Queen or Two Twin Beds).
  • Desk.
  • At Least One Chair (Balconies and Higher Also Have a Sofa).
  • Safe (Free to Use).
  • Minibar (Cost For Items).

Inside Cabins – MSC Virtuosa

Inside Cabins – MSC Virtuosa
Size Range16 Square Metres – 22 Square Metres
Number of Guests4 Maximum
PriceMinimal (Cheapest Option Available)

Below is a photo of the inside cabin I stayed in onboard the MSC Meraviglia, this is almost identical to the inside cabins onboard the MSC Virtuosa.

MSC Mervaiglia Inside Cabins

This photo is of my MSC Virtuosa cabin:

MSC Virtuosa inside cabin

What Are Interior Cabins on a Cruise?

An interior cabin is a cabin that is located on the inside of a cruise ship. Interior cabins don’t have windows or any outside space. Interior cabins are also called ‘inside’ cabins and they are usually the cheapest cabin grade available on a cruise.

The main reason why cruisers book inside cabins is because of the cheap price but some people also book them because they enjoy the darkness that is gained by not having any windows.

The inside cabin I stayed on onboard the MSC Meraviglia and Virtuosa was one of the largest inside cabins I’ve ever stayed in.

Things I loved about the inside cabin:

  • I had the BEST night’s sleep, it was so dark.
  • The cabin was spacious, with lots of floor space.
  • There was loads of storage, a huge wardrobe, and multiple other shelves.

Inside Solo Cabins – MSC Virtuosa

Inside Solo Cabins – MSC Virtuosa
Size Range12 Square Metres
Number of Guests1
PriceMid Range

MSC do have a selection of cabins designed for solo cruisers, all are inside cabins.

Solo cruisers are often hit hard with ‘solo supplements’ when they cruise. This means that a solo person may have to pay double the price of a person sharing with another passenger.

When a cruise line has solo cabins this effect is often reduced.

Why Do Solo Cruisers Have To Pay a Solo Supplement?

When cruising solo cruisers will often have to pay a ‘solo supplement’. This means that they pay more to stay in the cabin alone than they would if they were sharing with another passenger.

This is not only to account for the lost revenue from not having another passenger in the cabin but also from losses in things like drink sales and casino spend.

When booking a solo cabin guests are given one price. This is usually more expensive than an inside cabin shared between two but is often cheaper than a solo cruiser having an inside cabin alone.

MSC Meraviglia Cabins Interior Solo

Inside Solo Cabins – Design – MSC Virtuosa

The design of the interior solo cabins is VERY similar to the standard inside cabins. The only difference is the slightly smaller size and the fact there is only one bed.

The bed is a large single.

The average size of a standard inside cabin is 15 metres squared. To learn more about the size of cruise ship cabins, and how the size of oceanview cabins compare to inside cabins, check out this post: How Big Are Cruise Ship Cabins? 27 Examples, All Cabin Types

Oceanview Cabins – MSC Virtuosa

An oceanview cabin is very similar to an inside cabin but the cabin also has a window. This could be a large picture window or a small circular window.

The windows in oceanview cabins cannot be opened.

Oceanview Cabins – MSC Virtuosa
Size Range15 Square Metres – 25 Square Metres
Number of Guests1
PriceMid Range

I rarely choose to stay in outside/oceanview cabins but have on occasion. If an oceanview cabin wasn’t much more expensive than an inside cabin I may consider it, but generally speaking, I’d upgrade to a balcony if I had extra money to spare.

The oceanview cabins are almost identical to the balcony cabins in size and layout. The only difference being the window instead of a balcony.

What Are Obstructed View Oceanview/Balcony Cabins?

Some oceanview and balcony cabins may have what is known as an ‘obstructed view’. An obstructed view simply means that there is something in the way of the window or balcony.

This could be a small piece of machinery below the balcony or to one side or it could mean that the cabins view is completely blocked.

The only way to get an obstructed view cabin is to specifically book an obstructed view cabin. When booking a ‘guaranteed’ cabin or any other cabin you will not be assigned an obstructed view.

An exception to this is if a guaranteed cabin is booked and the guest is upgraded.

A cruise line may place a guest who booked a ‘guaranteed’ inside cabin into an obstructed view balcony. To learn more about obstructed views, including why you should consider one, check out this post:

Balcony Cabins – MSC Virtuosa

Balcony Cabins – MSC Virtuosa
Size Range19 Square Metres – 22 Square Metres
Number of Guests4 Maximum
PriceMid Range – High

I love the balcony cabins on these ships. The design is clean, modern, and comfortable. The space is functional and although the floor space isn’t much bigger than cabins on other lines it does feel a lot bigger.

All cabins on the ship have similar stylings. The colours vary by deck so a cabin on deck 8 and deck 10 will have a different colour scheme.

There is also a variation on where the bed is placed, the bed can either be by the balcony or by the bathroom, each balcony cabin alternates between the two.

MSC Meraviglia Balcony Cabin Bed Deck 10 Sofa
MSC Meraviglia Balcony Cabin Bathroom Shower Mirror

How big is the balcony on MSC Virtuosa?

Based on my experience cruising on the MSC Meraviglia I’d say that the balcony isn’t huge but it isn’t small either. It is mid-range.

We were cruising with friends who were in the balcony next to us so we asked our cabin steward to remove the barrier between the two balconies, this gave us a huge balcony which was amazing. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re cruising with another cabin.

It’s worth noting that some balconies are bigger than others. We had the standard sized balcony although cabins on deck 8 have a bigger balcony.

The bigger balconies on deck 8 are partially restricted view, meaning you cannot see down to the ocean because there is a lifeboat in the way.

Our Balcony Cabin on Deck 10 (MSC Meraviglia):

Below is the video review that I filmed onboard the MSC Meraviglia. During the video, I talk a little about the cruise in general and about what it is like to cruise with MSC.

I love cruising with MSC but it is very different from cruising with an American or British line. It is important you do your research before cruising with MSC so you know what to expect.

Things I Loved About My Balcony Cabin:

  • The design. The cabin was modern and clean.
  • The cabin had a LOT of storage space. A big wardrobe and multiple other drawers.
  • The bed was really comfortable.

I’d usually write here about the things that I didn’t love, but honestly, I can’t think of any. I could happily live in this cabin. It is my favourite balcony cabin.

Suites – MSC Virtuosa

The MSC Virtuosa has a range of suites available for guests looking for something a little extra.

Some cabins are part of what is called the MSC Yacht Club. The MSC Yacht club is a ‘ship within a ship’. Guests who book cabins in the Yacht Club have access to all Yacht Club facilities. Yacht Club Facilities include:

  • Private Butler.
  • Access to Private Yacht Club Areas Such as a Pool and Bar.
  • A Yacht Club Dedicated Restaurant.
  • Complementary Thermal Suite Access.

All Yacht Club cabins are located together as shown below:

msc yacht club cabins msc virtuosa

The below is a summary of the suites available.

MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite57 square metresDouble bed/single beds. Bath. Bar setup, refrigerator, and espresso coffee machine. Angled Balcony. Private Whirlpool!
MSC Yacht Club Duplex Suite59 square metresStateroom split over two decks! A living/dining room with sofa bed. Bedroom with double bed/two singles. Two walk-in wardrobes. Two bathrooms (one with bathtub, one with shower). Private Whirlpool!
MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Suite28 square metresDouble bed/single beds. Minibar and espresso coffee machine.
MSC Yacht Club Interior16 square metresSame as the standard inside cabin as mentioned above.
Grand Suite With Private Whirlpool39 square metresDouble bed/two single beds. Sitting Area with double sofa bed. Angled Balcony. Private Whirlpool!
Suite With Private Whirlpool27 square metresDouble bed/two single beds. Angled Balcony. Private Whirlpool!
Suite23 square metresDouble bed/single beds. Can accommodate up to six guests.

The below is a balcony whirlpool onboard the MSC Seaside. This is similar to what guests can expect onboard the MSC Virtuosa.

msc seaside balcony whirlpool

MSC Virtuosa Cabins Frequently Asked Questions:

Do The Cabins on The MSC Virtuosa have Safes?

All cabins on the MSC Virtuosa have safes. The safes are modern, free to use, and quite large. On arrival guests will select a code for the safe, when disembarking the cruise the safe should be left empty and open ready for the next guest.

The safe will fit a table or small laptop, I managed to fit my MacBook air into the safe.

man using a safe

Which plug sockets are on the MSC Virtuosa?

In each cabin onboard the MSC Virtuosa there are two European plug sockets and one USB charging point.

Make sure you pack adapters! This is one of the most common things for first-time cruisers to forget. You can find my full list of cruise essentials on the page here Cruise Essentials.

Do The Cabins on The MSC Virtuosa have Irons?

None of the cabins on the MSC Virtuosa have irons. There aren’t any ‘free to use’ laundries on MSC ships so your only option is to pay to have your clothes laundered. You can learn more about MSC’s laundry services here: MSC Cruises Laundry Services: Packages, Price Lists, and Alternatives.

I tend to just hang my clothes up in the bathroom when I have a shower and the steam usually makes the creases drop out. It’s magic! There are various wrinkle-release sprays you can buy too.

MSC Laundry Self Service Package

Do The Cabins on The MSC Virtuosa have Hairdryers?

All cabins on the MSC Virtuosa have hairdryers. All hairdryers are new, powerful, and can be found in the desk of the cabin.

I wouldn’t recommend bringing your own hairdryer on the MSC Virtuosa as the hairdryer on board is strong.

Do The Cabins on The MSC Virtuosa have TVs?

All cabins onboard the MSC Virtuosa have TVs. Guests are also able to use the onboard TV to check their onboard account as well as watching multiple TV channels. The daily schedule it also available on the TV.

MSC also have a brilliant app which I would recommend you download before you cruise with them.  I filmed a video about how to use the app which you will find here: MSC for me.

msc for me mobile phone app msc meraviglia

MSC Virtuosa Cabins to Avoid

The following cabins to avoid were provided by guests who cruised on the MSC Meraviglia, Bellissima or Grandiosa.

I personally believe that there are no ‘bad’ cabins on cruise ships. Each cruise ship cabin is built in the same way and it’s only the location that changes.

That said if you are somebody who is sensitive to noise, the below cabins may be cabins to avoid.

MSC Virtuosa – Cabins to Avoid, Deck 14

Cabins towards the back of deck 14 are under the buffet.

The following cabins towards the aft of deck 10 onboard MSC Virtuosa are directly below the buffet. Some cruisers staying in these cabins have reported noises of things like chairs being moved.

This shouldn’t be a big problem as the buffet isn’t open late into the night but it may be something to bear in mind.

msc virtuosa deck 14

MSC Virtuosa – Cabins to Avoid, Deck 5

Cabins towards the front of deck 5 are close to the theatre.

I have stayed in a similar location in the past and didn’t have any trouble but I was out during the evenings.

If you like to go to sleep early or are travelling with children these cabins may be ones to avoid.

msc deck 14

Below are my personal recommendations for a cruise onboard the MSC Virtuosa. I have recently booked a cruise on the Virtuosa and booked an inside cabin as I am very much in the ‘budget cruiser’ category!

MSC Virtuosa Cabin Recommendations
Budget CruisersInside Cabins
FamiliesInside, Oceanview or Balcony Cabins (Adjoining if possible)
Solo CruisersSolo Inside Cabins
Large Family GroupsMultiple Inside, Oceanview or Balcony Cabins OR a Suite
Guests Wanting Something Extra SpecialMSC Yacht Club

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