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How Big Are Cruise Ship Cabins? 27 Examples, All Cabin Types

If you’re taking a cruise you may be wondering about how big cruise ship cabins actually are. Many first-time cruisers worry about the cabins feeling small and claustrophobic which is something that I’ve never found to be the case. I

‘ve been on multiple cruises and in this article, we will explore the average sizes of inside, oceanview, and balcony cabins.

How Big Are Inside Cruise Cabins?

The average size of an inside cabin is 167 feet squared (15.7 meters squared). This varies not only by cruise line but also by ship. The majority of inside cabins are between 160-180 square feet with some being as small as 120ft2 and some as large as 200ft2.

Below are 9 examples of inside cabin sizes. If the cruise ship in question has multiple different grades of inside cabin an average has been taken.

Inside Cabin Size (Feet Squared)Inside Cabin Size (Metres Squared)
Carnival Panorama185ft217m2
Costa Fortuna185ft217m2
Marella Explorer170ft216 m2
MS Westerdam170-195ft217-19m2
Quantum of The Seas165ft215m2
Crown Princess160ft215m2
Adventure of The Seas150ft214m2
Norwegian Bliss135-200ft213-19m2
Norwegian Sky120ft211m2

How Big Are Outside (Oceanview) Cruise Cabins?

The average size of an outside (oceanview) cabin is 180 feet squared (15 meters squared). This varies not only by cruise line but also by ship. The majority of outside (oceanview) cabins are between 170-190 square feet with some being as small as 150 ft2 and some as large as 220 ft2.

Outside cabin sizes are usually pretty similar to inside cabin sizes. If you are wondering whether you should book an inside or outside cabin, check out this post:

Below are 9 examples of outside cabin sizes.

Outside Cabin Size (Feet Squared)Outside Cabin Size (Metres Squared)
Carnival Panorama220ft220m2
Costa Fortuna220ft221m2
Marella Explorer185ft217m2
MS Westerdam170-195ft217-19m2
Quantum of The Seas180ft217m2
Crown Princess160-190ft215-18m2
Adventure of The Seas160ft215m2
Norwegian Bliss160ft215m2
Norwegian Sky150ft214m2

Oceanview and inside cabins usually have the same amenities:

In an inside cabin or oceanview you’ll typically find the following:

  • Two single beds which convert into a double bed, there are a few ships which have fixed double beds which cannot be separated but the majority are able to be converted.

    If you get to your cabin and see that the bed isn’t as you’d like, just ask your cabin steward and they’ll change it for you.

  • A sofa bed or Pullman beds. Some inside/oceanview cabins will have a sofa bed but the majority have Pullman beds which come down from the ceiling.

    During the day these are tidied away so that you have more space in the cabin. If you’d like them to be kept down just ask your cabin steward.

  • A bathroom. All cabins have their own private bathrooms which include, at a minimum, a shower, a toilet, and a sink. The size of bathrooms can vary quite dramatically but they’re usually quite small. They are on a ship after all!

    That said, as long as they are clean and functional I think that’s all that you need. The bathrooms are located furthest into the ship and it would be very strange for you to find a window in a cruise ship bathroom.

There is one exception to the standard layout of the cabin bathroom. Onboard the Norwegian Epic you actually have a shower on one side and the toilet on the other, the sink is in the main room and there’s a curtain to protect your privacy. This is not typical but an interesting example.

norwegian epic inside cabin
  • You’ll also find lots of storage space on the majority of cruise ships. I stayed in an inside cabin onboard the Marella explorer which actually had 16 drawers! I was only on board for 3 days so definitely didn’t need the space but appreciated it anyway. You’ll usually find that you’ll have a closet just after the bathroom and usually drawers here too. On most cruise ships you’ll find bedside tables and possibly a desk.

How Big Are Balcony Cabins on a Cruise Ship?

The average size of a balcony cabin is 197 feet squared (18.2 meters squared). This varies not only by cruise line but also by ship. The majority of balcony cabins are between 180-200 square feet with some being as small as 150 ft2 and some as large as 305 ft2.

Below are 9 examples of balcony cabin sizes. These are all standard balconies.

Balcony Cabin Size (Feet Squared)Balcony Cabin Size (Metres Squared)
Carnival Panorama185ft217m2
Costa Fortuna185ft217m2
Marella Explorer185ft217m2
MS Westerdam155-305ft214-28m2
Quantum of The Seas200ft218m2
Crown Princess170ft216m2
Adventure of The Seas180ft217m2
Norwegian Bliss175-275ft216-26m2
Norwegian Sky150ft214m2

Other types of balcony cabins:

If you do need a balcony cabin with more room a good option is to book what is often called a ‘family’ balcony cabin. These do cost more than standard balcony cabins but are often much larger and can sometimes hold more passengers.

Another option, if needed, is to book an accessible cabin. Accessible cabins are available for all cabin grades and are considerably larger. Please only book one if you need it though. It can be difficult for people that need accessible cabins, such as wheelchair users, to book cruises as accessible rooms sell out quickly.

Balcony Cabin Amenities

You’ll find all of the same things that you’ll find in an inside or oceanview cabin in a balcony room. The decor and style is usually the same it’ll just be on a slightly larger scale.

In a balcony cabin you’ll also find the following:

  • A sofa or chairs. Because of the slightly bigger space, you’re usually able to fit in an additional area for sitting. This is great if you want to spend any time in your cabin ordering room service or watching a movie.
  • A balcony. The size of the balcony does vary by cruise ship but most usually have room for a couple of chairs and a small table. On some balconies where there is more space, you may find sun loungers or a hammock but this isn’t the norm.
  • Additional storage space. In balcony cabins, you’ll usually find that you have more storage space than in inside or oceanview cabins. This may be an extra set of drawers or shelves in the closet.
balcony cabin msc meraviglia

Are Cruise Cabins Claustrophobic?

The majority of people that cruise does not find cruise cabins to be claustrophobic. If you are prone to claustrophobia it may be a good idea to book a balcony cabin as having some outside space often makes this better. Cruise cabins are usually organized well which makes them feel more spacious. 

If you feel claustrophobic in a cabin may depend on how much space you have at home. Below is a comparison to my home which may explain why I don’t find cabins claustrophobic at all.

How do Cruise Cabin Sizes Compare?

I used to live in a very small apartment, small even by UK standards. The bedroom was 92ft2 and the bathroom was 36ft2. Adding this together gives me square footage of 128ft2! This may explain why I don’t feel claustrophobic in even the smallest inside cabin. If you’re in doubt, consider measuring your bedroom at home.

Bedroom at Home

128ft is smaller than most inside and oceanview cabins. It’s much smaller than your standard balcony and is 32 times smaller than Independence of the Seas Presidential Suite which comes in at a whopping 4891 ft2!

To Conclude:

Inside and ocean view cabins generally hover around 160 – 180 ft2. Oceanview cabins can be a little bigger but they’ll usually not much bigger than inside cabins. Balcony cabins are normally considerably larger and are around 180-200 ft2.

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