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I’ve booked a cruise! 11 clues + the big reveal!

I did it! I booked a cruise!! Booking a cruise is the best feeling, isn’t it? In this post, I’ve given you 11 clues that you can use to guess the ship and the line. The video version is at the end of the post if you don’t fancy reading.

I think this is a ship and a line that you guys will really like, I’m so excited to bring you on this one. I reveal the cruise at the end of this post and explain why I booked it.

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Clue #1

This ship is in the background of the film 21 Jump Street! I really like the film 21 Jump Street but I never noticed that the ship was in the background until I went on Wikipedia to do a quick bit of research for this.

Amazingly a couple of people on YouTube got it after just this clue! I’m very impressed!!

Clue #2

This cruise ship is actually pretty old. She was built in 1998 which makes her  21 years old, for a cruise ship that is pretty old.

Clue #3

This cruise ship wasn’t actually built for the cruise line that it is currently with. It’s quite different from all the other ships that this cruise line has. It was transferred over in 2004 and the way that it happened was actually pretty interesting.  The cruise line had a ship and something happened to it, they couldn’t use that ship anymore so they needed a substitute ship really fast. They transferred the ship from this cruise line to fill the cruises that they already had booked.

Clue #4

This cruise ship is actually pretty small by my cruise ship standards. It has less than 2,000 passengers. I believe that
still makes it a mid-sized ship, but the last cruise ship that I cruised on was the MSC Meraviglia. She has 4500
guests, so less than two thousand really is a little ship to me. I think she’s only 14 decks high too!

Clue #5

This cruise ship belongs to a cruise line which promotes freestyle dining. No dress codes and 24 hour a day food! It’s going to be fantastic!

Clue #6

I have been on this cruise ship before but you won’t find any videos of it. I don’t really have that many pictures of it either. I definitely didn’t have a camera back, then it was a long time ago. I cruised on the ship in Alaska last time (if that helps!)

Clue #7

This is the cruise line that I’ve cruised on more than any other cruise line. I haven’t got any videos already about this cruise line but I have got a lot of posts on our website. I would link to it here but that’ll give it away!

Clue #8

Here is a photo of the cruise ship from my first cruise on her. I don’t know if this will help, I don’t even think it would help me to be honest and I’ve been on this ship before.

Norwegian Spirit

Clue #9

This picture of me with the cruise ship when I cruised on her for the first time. I think I may have to recreate a few of these photos! That’s me on the right by the way, aged 11.

Norwegian Spirit

Clue #10

Clue number 10 is this atrium. The atrium has with these huge glass elevators which I love this so much.  I don’t think I’ve ever found a cruise ship since that I love the atrium of quite as much. On newer ships, they don’t really tend to have such big open atriums.

Clue #11

This ship was apparently made for the Asian market and you can still tell because the handrails are lower than they would be on an American or British cruise ship. Apparently, the sun loungers are shorter too! I’m not sure if that’s true but the internet says it is (maybe we shouldn’t trust the internet).


Drum roll please… the cruise that I have booked is… a week’s Mediterranean cruise onboard the Norwegian Spirit next December!!

How much did it cost?

It was a BARGAIN! It cost me less than £800 for the cruise including flights and a mini stay in Rome before the cruise. The price also included gratuities which made it an even better deal. A week of gratuities on Norwegian should cost $109! I booked the deal through CruiseNation who I’ve booked with quite a few times before. Below is the email that got me…

Norwegian Spirit Cruise

I didn’t quite get it for the £699 price but it cost me under £800. The cruise was probably so cheap because of the time of year.

Why Norwegian?

I took my first cruise with Norwegian when I was 11 and cruised with them throughout my teenage years. When I took my first cruise as an adult I picked the Norwegian Getaway. I adore Norwegians freestyle dining and they have no dress codes, at all! I cannot wait to have 24 access to food (really really good food too). The entertainment onboard Norwegian ships is also incredible, my favourite show at sea, EVER is Priscilla Queen of the Desert onboard the Norwegian Epic.

I’m so excited to share this all with you!

Norwegian Cruise line relaxed dress code

Why the Norwegian Spirit?

My first cruise was on the Norwegian Spirit and I LOVE her atrium and big glass windows at the back of the ship. I also cruised on her back in 2012 over Christmas which was amazing. Long before I had ever imagined having a cruise blog though! I’ve said quite a lot of times that the Norwegian Spirit is my favourite ship. I’m not sure if she’s still my stand-alone favourite but definitely still in the top 3!

You’ll find me in the pub, or the blue lagoon.

Norwegian Spirit cruise ship

Have you ever cruised with Norwegian?!

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Norwegian content:

I do have quite a bit of Norwegian content on this website. When I started this blog I knew more about Norwegian than any other line. The posts are a little embarrassing to me now though so please be kind.

Norwegian Spirit, my favourite cruise ship. 

My favourite 10 things about cruising with NCL

I’ll be filming cabin tours, ship tours, daily vlogs and more onboard. So make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already. EmmaCruises YouTube channel.