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In The Media

In The Media

The Guardian

I was recently mentioned in The Guardian which was SO cool. I’ve not bought a newspaper for years but I bought this copy and I intend to keep it forever. The article used me as an example of why the ‘instagram generation’ are cruising more frequently.

The online version of the piece can be found here: Why Cruises Float The Boat of The Instagram Generation. 

Emma Cruises Le Teace Newspaper Guardian

I’ve also been interviewed for a number of pieces, usually to do with how younger people are cruising more and more. I am so proud of the cruise industry and feel so honoured to be a part of it.

It is a world away from the insurance industry where I spend my days (insurance conferences just aren’t as fun as cruise related ones!) To learn more about me check out the post here: About Me

World of Cruising

I was recently featured on World of Cruising with a guide to cruising for millennials which was amazing. I have also written for the magazine. You can check that out here: Emma Le Teace’s Guide to Cruising for Millennials. 

The Telegraph

The site was also mentioned on the Telegraphs website in an article called ‘The cruise for people who don’t consider themselves cruises’. The article has the most amazing quote:

“So, do you fancy a cruise?” I asked my partner. He pulled a face. “We’re not really ‘cruise-ship people’, are we?” I opened my laptop and the pithily named website: “But maybe we’re meant to be?”

You can read the full article here: The Telegraph. 

Telegraph Cruising Isn't Just For Old People

BBC Radio

I’ve been interviewed multiple times on BBC radio. Below is an extract of the show where I was interviewed about mystery cruises. It was SO much fun being on the radio, if a little scary. Being told ‘okay Emma, you’re on air NOW, is terrifying’.


I was recently quotes in an article by the NY Times which talked about the way that technology is changing the cruise industry. I mentioned downloadable apps and talked about how cruise ship tech makes the experience of cruising faster, easier and more fun. Click here to read the full article.

Cruising Isn't Just For Old People NY Times Emma Cruises Newspaper Article

Daily Mail

The daily mail recently ran a piece, in print and online, about dream destinations. The article is called:

If YOU had to pick just one trip, what would it be? From the North Pole to Australia via Cape Horn, travel experts choose their ultimate cruises

I feel very honoured to have been included as a travel EXPERT! 
You can read the full article here: Daily Mail. 


I was voted ‘favourite cruise blogger’ at the Wave Awards in 2018. It was such an honour to be up against cruise bloggers who I had looked up to for years. Click here to read more about it. 

Emma Cruises Wave Awards


Shaving My Head… As You Do!

Travel Weekly

Last year, I let the captain of the Marella Discovery shave my head and I’m so glad I did. We raised £5000+ for a cancer support charity and I was able to donate my hair to be made into wigs for children that need it.

I’ve been posting YouTube videos and sharing photos across social media during the process of my hair growing back so if you notice I sometimes look like a fluffy little kiwi fruit, now you know why!

Emma Le Teace Brave the Shave

World of Cruising

The story was also mentioned on World of Cruising’s website. I am so grateful for the media attention because we managed to raise £3500 online before the day! That is CRAZY cool.


Emma Le Teace Shave Head

Where To Next?

If you’re considering your first cruise, or would just like to learn a little more about cruising, this post is a brilliant place to start: 67 Cruise Tips From 67 Cruisers. 

The post shares tips from 67 real cruisers and takes you through from embarkation to disembarkation. By reading this guide you’ll be better prepared for your cruise than 99% of other cruisers!67 first time cruise tips from 67 cruisers ultimate cruise tips guide

If you have any cruise questions or stories/photos you’d like to share, please join us in our Facebook group!

cruising isnt just for old people facebook group