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I’m Emma Le Teace, I’m a cruise blogger, YouTuber and founder of the Cruising Isn’t Just For Old People Facebook community and website.  Welcome!

You’ll find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. To contact me please email me at emma@emmacruises.com

Cruising Isn’t Just For Old People – Website

On this site, you’ll find loads of first-time cruise tips, ship/cabin tours, daily videos and more! If you’re taking your first cruise (or 100th cruise) I guaranteed we’ve got something for you here.

I started this site because I love cruising and I want to show the world how great cruising is. Our aim is to help cruisers (or cruisers to be) to pick their perfect cruise.

When Did I Start This Website?:

I started my blog a little over 2 years ago when I came back from my first cruise with Cunard cruise line. I had cruised as a child and throughout my teenage years but the Cunard cruise was very different. As I sat on the ship I thought ‘Why did nobody tell me these things before the cruise?’. I came home and started the blog to share cruise tips, tours and reviews with people like myself

MSC Meraviglia Toulon Mediterranean Cruise

Facebook Community:

If you ever have any cruise questions or photos/stories that you’d like to share, join us in our Facebook group! I am so proud of the community that we have created. We currently average 20,000 comments and reactions a month.

There is nothing I love more than seeing a new member ask a question and the members of our community helping them with their query. The group is my favourite place to be.

Why Did I Start a Facebook Group?

I started a Facebook group when I realised that I had built up a community across my social accounts and website. By bringing everybody together into a Facebook group I was able to provide a space for cruisers, or future cruisers, to ask questions without fear of judgement or looking ‘silly’.
We have over 5000 members at the moment and I still learn things on a daily basis from the group. If you’ve got a question about a cruise line or cruise destination you can guarantee that somebody has experience they’ll be able to share.

cruising isnt just for old people facebook group


As well as sharing written content on this site I also produce videos weekly for my YouTube channel.

Emma shares ship reviews, cabin tours, cruise vlogs and cruise booking tips and tricks. If you’re considering taking your first cruise, or are interested in learning more about a certain cruise line or ship, you’re in the right place! I upload a new video every single week. Thanks for watching, welcome to the community!


When I’m not thinking about cruising…  emma cruises loch ness british isles cruise

I work full time in the insurance industry. I studied maths at university and now work in data development (think coding, maths…). My day job couldn’t be further from the world of cruise!

I cruise as much as I can in my annual leave and am very lucky to live in Sussex, UK. This means I’m close to Southampton for those weekend cruises and London for cruise events! The best of both worlds.

What Was My First Cruise?

I took my first cruise when I was 11. It was onboard the Norwegian Spirit and we visited Alaska. I loved the freedom that cruising gave me as a child. I had loads of fun in the kids clubs with my brother and cousins. I also loved being able to decide what and where I wanted to eat. My parents might decide to have dinner in the main dining room and I could have pizza from the buffet, it was great!

How many cruises have I been on?

I’ve been on 21 cruises to date. I cruised every few years throughout my childhood and teenage years but really have stepped up my cruising in the last couple of years! Below (on the right) I am with my first ever cruise ship. The Norwegian Spirit is still my favourite ship, I’m excited to be cruising on her again in 2019!

emma cruises about me

Cruising Isn’t Just For Old People Because…

Cruising Isn’t Just For Old People because cruising is the best way to visit lots of new places in a limited amount of time. There is nothing quite like opening the curtains in the morning and being in a new place.

Cruising gives you the flexibility to do as much, or as little as you’d like. If you’re somebody who loves adrenaline filled activities there are cruise ships with go-karts and surf simulators. If you’d prefer to relax by the pool with a good book, that’s an option too.
The biggest misconceptions that people have about cruising relate to dress codes and dining. Some cruise lines do still have dress codes and traditional formal nights, however, there are also cruise lines with no dress codes at all. Cruise dining also seems to have a reputation for being formal and requiring table sharing. Many cruise lines offer flexible dining which allows you to eat when and where you want. Table sharing isn’t mandatory on most lines.

As Seen On

I was recently mentioned in The Guardian which was SO cool. I’ve never been in a ‘proper’ newspaper before. I’ve actually not bought a newspaper for years but I bought this copy and I intend to keep it forever.

The online version of the piece can be found here: Why Cruises Float The Boat of The Instagram Generation. 

Emma Cruises Le Teace Newspaper Guardian

I’ve also been interviewed for a number of online pieces, usually to do with how younger people are cruising more and more. I am so proud of the cruise industry and feel so honoured to be a part of it. It is a world away from the insurance industry where I spend my days (insurance conferences just aren’t as fun as cruise related ones!) Only problem is having enough annual leave to cruise!

I was recently featured on World of Cruising with a guide to cruising for millennials. You can check that out here: Emma Le Teace’s Guide to Cruising for Millennials. 


I was voted ‘favourite cruise blogger’ at the Wave Awards in 2018. It was such an honour to be up against cruise bloggers who I had looked up to for years. Click here to read more about it. 

Emma Cruises Wave Awards

FAQ: What is Going on With Your Hair?

Okay this is a really weird one but it’s actually a very common question I get asked. Especially on YouTube! At the end of last year I shaved my head for Macmillan Cancer Support. I did it on the stage of the Marella Discovery and I’m so glad I did. We raised £5000+ and I was able to donate my hair to be made into wigs for children that need it.

I’ve been posting YouTube videos and sharing photos across social media during the process of my hair growing back so if you notice I sometimes look like a fluffy little kiwi fruit, now you know why!

Emma Le Teace

Hey! I'm Emma. A cruise blogger, YouTuber and founder of the 'Cruising Isn't Just For Old People' Facebook community and website. You can learn more here: About Me.

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