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I’m Taking an All Inclusive Cruise! (On a Budget)

I know “all-inclusive” and “budget” usually don’t go together, but hear me out on this one… 😂🍷

I’ve booked a little cruise with the British cruise line Marella. They include flights, transfers, all gratuities and DRINKS (including alcohol) as standard. Woohoo! 🚢⚓️

This will be my 5th Marella cruise, and I can’t wait to bring you on this adventure! 👏🏼😁

If you are looking for a cheap cruise, there are lots of things to avoid that can push the prices up significantly!

We have all seen bargain offers, but when you come to book them, they are no longer available or have many extra charges attached.

Follow these hints and tips to get the best value for money – something I am always keen to do!

5 Things You Should Avoid if You Want a VERY CHEAP Cruise (I Do All These)


If you do want to have a spa treatment when onboard, do it during a port day, there will often be discounts compared to sea days!

You may see cruises with Costa advertised with ridiculously cheap lead-in prices and wondered how their cruises can be so cheap compared to other cruise lines.

I cruised with Costa to find out, it’s not for everybody that’s for sure but I loved it.

Why my Costa Cruise Was HALF The Price of Other Cruise Lines

Based on my Celebrity Infinity cruise last week, I have put together something for you that I hope you’ll like.

This breakdown contains details of how much I spent on the cruise, what upgrades I did/didn’t take, how much I spent onboard and how much my brother, who was cruising solo, paid.

I hope this will be interesting. If it is, let me know, and I’ll make them in future for my cruises.

Get Your Copy Here.


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    Well done to Rob Y, who won last week’s live stream world map competition!

Have you ever considered selling up and moving on to a cruise ship full-time?

Over the past few years a few companies have sprung up offering people the opportunity to live at sea. Some of these companies have been more successful than others.

He Paid $100K to Live on a Cruise Ship Without Having Cruised Before – Here’s Why (Interview)



Each week I share a discount code and this week it’s for the background maps you can see in all of my YouTube videos. I’ve had mine since 2020 and love it.

For a limited time only when you use the code you’ll get some money can’t buy nautical pins. Woohoo!

I have been cruising (and testing cruise ship cookies) since I was 11 years old and in this guide, I will share with you the cookie options from all the mainstream cruise lines.

Cookies vary in quality, availability and location.

Which Cruise Lines Have The Best Cookies? (11 Cruise Lines Compared!)

The British Line Marella Are Now Bookable From Outside The UK!

For a long time, you couldn’t book a Marella cruise if you didn’t have a UK bank account, but it seems as though that one is fixed now, which is faaaaabulous.

Marella are one of my favourite cruise lines and it’s always been weird for me to show you something you maybe couldn’t actually book. The change was part of the reason for me booking this next trip with them.

You can check out Marella’s itineraries here, including the ‘repositioning cruise’ tab, these ones are usually the cheapest (affiliate link).

For some reason, Marella doesn’t give travel agents the same rates as booking direct, so it is cheapest to book directly. They’re the only line I know of like that, and if people come to my website wanting to book, we suggest they book directly as it’s cheaper. It’s a bit bizarre, but hey, I want you to get the lowest price.

Have a fantastic week,

Background World Map: Use code EMMACRUISES for 10% off – (Affiliate link)

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