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We raised £4800 for Macmillan! Thank you all!!

You can watch the head shave video footage here

On my last cruise I ‘Braved the Shave’ for Macmillan and donated my hair to make wigs for kids that need it. It was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done and I am still getting used to life without my hair.

What happened on the night?

The event happened on the stage of the Broadway show lounge (theatre) onboard the Marella Discovery. It was the last sea day of the cruise and happened before the first show at 8:15pm. The cruise director Adam introduced me and the captain who made the first snip to my hair. I was so SO nervous at the point, not about the head shave itself but about being on the stage.

Emma Le Teace Brave the Shave Marella Discovery Cruise Director Adam Captain Hugh

My head was shaved and the audience clapped, some cheered and stood up which I really really appreciated. The video footage was played at the second show, which I watched. It was really bizarre to sit in the audience and watch my own head shave. You can watch the video footage below.

What happened after the event?

I had SO many people come up to me and tell me their stories. I felt honoured that so many had felt able to share stories of loved ones who had had cancer. One lady cried and a couple kissed me on the cheeks. It really reminded me why I was doing the shave and made me really proud about the amount of money that we managed to raise. I hope that the money will help somebody somewhere.

Emma Le Teace Brave The Shave Macamillan Marella Discovery

How much did we raise?

The passengers of the Marella Discovery raised an incredible £1500, adding this to the donations that we already had that brings us to a total of £4800! I am really hoping to get to £5000 because this is the goal I set at the start. When I said ‘I hope we raised £5000’ I never thought that it could be possible! I am so so SO overwhelmed by the number of people that donated.

Watch the video here. 

Getting used to life as a Kiwi fruit

Below are a few things I’ve noticed since having really short hair:

  • I look like a kiwi
  • It is SO cold
  • My sunglasses don’t stay up on my head how they used too, they fall straight back down!
  • I can dry my hair is about 12 seconds.
  • I actually really enjoy bobble hats.
  • The wind on my head feels SO weird. I’ve never felt anything like it!

Emma Le Teace Brave the Shave Marella Discovery

Thank you!

I just want to end on a big thank you for you all. Thank you for your support, kind words and donations! I feel really lucky to have been able to raise as much as we have.

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