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Cruise to Hawaii: 10 reasons why!

When you think about a tropical vacation in a summer paradise, one of the first places you’re bound to think of is the US State of Hawaii. The small archipelago that sees over 8 million visitors each year. 60% of these tourists come from from the US Mainland.

It’s not surprise that Hawaii is such a popular tourist destination. It boasts of a rich potpourri of Polynesian culture, various activities for both adrenaline junkies and more laidback people. It is home to one of the most recognizable cuisines in the world.

But before you take a trip in this scenic state, you might want to consider doing so through a cruise vacation rather than a normal resort vacation. Here are 10 reasons why you should!hawaii cruise beach

  1. Great Value

A Hawaiian resort is great and enjoyable, but a Hawaiian cruise vacation will give you more for up to 50 percent less of the cost. A Hawaiian cruise vacation already includes the opportunity to visit the four main islands of Hawaii (Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island), as well as accommodations, transportation, entertainment, dining, cultural activities, children’s program, and more!

The initial cost for both resort and cruise vacation may not have too much of a difference, but a cruise vacation’s expenses already covers the meals, which can be costly in restaurants or hotels as they pay more to serve the variety and quantity of fresh food that can easily be served in a cruise ship.

  1. Island Hopping

Most resort vacationers only have time to visit one or two of Hawaii’s four main islands, but through a cruise vacation, you can instead visit all four without needing to pay extra or endure long lines in the airport or figure out how to get there by car. You can have more time to experience what each island can offer you and still feel relaxed on the way to the next island.hawaii cruise waikiki beach

  1. Convenience

It’s fun to imagine exploring all the major islands of Hawaii, but once you’re in one place, it can seem tiring and tedious to repack your luggage, check out of the hotel you’re staying in, get to the airport, wait for your flight, check in at the next hotel, unpack your luggage, then get on the road to see the sights. By the time you’re done at the second island, you’re probably already grumbling about doing the whole moving all over again. Worst case scenario, you left something back at the hotel and you’ll only end up doubling the stress.

A cruise vacation, however, will eliminate the unnecessary stress of transitioning from one island to another because island hopping is part of the experience, and you won’t have to bother with all the small details of going to and fro!

  1. All-Inclusive

One price for a Hawaiian cruise vacation is not only inclusive of accommodations, food, and transportation. It also covers nightly entertainment, cultural activities, and children’s programming – activities that otherwise would cost extra during a resort vacation, especially if you opt to take these activities outside of the premises. Depending on your timing and the promos you avail, you may also find that what you paid for will include airfare, ground transfers, gratuities, hotel stays, shore excursions and golf outings, special occasions and romance amenities, and even travel insurance.hawaii cruise beach

  1. Perfect for Families

There are activities for all ages onboard cruise ships that you can enjoy. On board the cruise ship, there are family-friendly accommodations can host up to five members comfortably. Or you can choose connecting cabins for additional privacy and comfort. There are flexible meal services and children’s menu selections that is perfect if your family has its own schedule. As well as children’s programs that will keep them busy.

There are also babysitting services that can allow parents to have a good time without the worry of what to do with the kids. Being together in one secure place ensures that, even if the kids are not around their parents, it will still be easy to find them later.

  1. Romance

Hawaiian cruise vacations are not just for families. They’re also perfect for couples who want to enjoy what Hawaii has to offer! A cruise vacation is especially romantic and intimate. Enjoying it in a paradise full of wonder, elegance, and spontaneity such as Hawaii is sure to make for one memorable trip. hawaii cruise ocean trees nature

  1. Unique Experiences

There are some places and experiences in Hawaii that cannot be accessed easily. Being on a cruise ship is one of your tickets to them. For example, the main island of Hawaii (referred to as the “Big Island”) is home to the world’s most active volcano, Kilauea. It has been constantly erupting for the past 20 years. It being on its most active state may make the tourist attraction prohibited to visitors. If you’re on the deck of your cruise ship, though, you can enjoy the full view without being compromised. Enjoy the scenic, thrilling view for free!

hawaii cruise volcano

  1. Golfing

Golf enthusiasts will certainly enjoy a Hawaiian cruise. With the island-hopping aspect of a Hawaii cruise vacation, golfers can explore a great majority of the state’s beautiful, challenging, and famous golf courses. Such as Oahu’s Ko’olau Golf Club and the many courses at Wailea on Maui. Many cruise lines also offer golf programs that gives you access to some of the best courses in Hawaii. These allow you to pre-book your tee times for maximum convenience. Some ships also offer on-board pro shops, golf clinics, simulators and driving nets, and logo merchandise!

  1. Hawaii Shore Excursions

All Hawaii cruise ships have a shore excursion desk, where you can pick and choose from a multitude of different Hawaii tours. You can enjoy activities like: helicopter flight seeing, whale watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, volcano hiking, horseback riding, golfing, zip line adventures, Pearl Harbor touring, surfing lessons, and even a traditional Hawaiian luau!hawaii cruise excursions

  1. Fulfill a Dream

It’s no secret that Hawaii is one of the top dream destination. The stunning natural beauty of the unspoiled beaches, exotic tropical scenery, and wonderful weather is famous throughout the world. A Hawaiian cruise vacation is the perfect first experience to the state for many tourists and a great experience for those looking for more!


About Eddie:

Eddie Keliinohomoku works for Hawaii Tours and Aloha Trikke, With Direct Ties to the Hawaiian islands. (So he should be the perfect person to tell us all about Hawaii!) Eddie’s passion is sharing the islands and spirit of aloha with the world.

“E Komo Mai” (Welcome)


emma cruises


Emma says: Thanks Eddie! I have only been to Hawaii once when I was 11 but I would LOVE to go back. Completely agree that a cruise is the perfect way to visit the Hawaiian islands. It means you can see so much more of Hawaii than if you were staying on land.



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Greg Nunez

Tuesday 15th of May 2018

Been to Hawaii at least 18 times the last two by cruise ship...Cruising is the best way to discover Hawaii for the first time then you can go back An enjoy your Favorite Island An spend more time on land... we have done the 15 day cruise to Hawaii twice on Princess An was a very informative trip with very knowledgeable people telling you all you need to know about the Islands... Highly recommend this cruise