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Which cruise ship cabins are bigger than my bedroom?

It is no secret that I am a lover of inside cabins. I don’t feel claustrophobic in them at all and I normally choose to cruise in them. I have never really thought about why I feel so at home in an inside cabin until recently when an American friend of mine said that he felt claustrophobic in an inside cabin as it was so much smaller than his bedroom at home.

My bedroom 92sq ft

I live in a small flat in the UK (small even by UK standards). (Flat=Apartment for you Americans!) The rent is pretty expensive where I live and frankly, I would prefer to spend my spare money on a cruise than a bigger bedroom, no surprise there. I have measured my bedroom in this VERY scientific test and can confirm that my bedroom is 10ft 8 by 8ft 7. Ta daa! There is a bitmoji of me for scale.

+ Bathroom 36 sq ft

As cruise ship square footage includes the bathroom I thought I should measure mine and add it on. I hope the bit emoji of me on the toilet isn’t too much, I just couldn’t resist…

36 sq ft + 92 sq ft = 128 sq ft.

See that maths degree wasn’t completely pointless….



I am going to be comparing the size of cabins onboard the Independence of the seas because I am cruising on her next and super excited!

Inside cabin

A standard inside cabin onboard the Independence of the seas is 152 sq ft! So even the smallest cabin is bigger than my bathroom and bedroom at home. Maybe this is why I feel so comfortable inside one? Cruise ship cabins are so well organised too, much more so than my bedroom at home!

independence of the seas inside cabin

Balcony cabin 251 sq ft

A balcony cabin is 177 sq ft + the balcony is 74 sq ft. = 251 sq ft. That is almost double the amount of space that I have at home! No wonder I feel like a celebrity when I have occasionally have a balcony cabin.

My work station when revising for a work exam!

Presidential family suite 2025 sq ft

Okay, so this one is HUGE. 1215 sq ft + 810 sq ft balcony!! That’s almost 15x the size of my bedroom + bathroom. ON A CRUISE SHIP. Incredible. I wonder if I’ll ever make it to a suite, I wouldn’t know what to do with all of that space.

Even bigger…

The biggest cruise ship suite that I can find is the 3 bedroom garden villa from NCL which is an incredible 4891 sq ft!! Available on Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Pearl, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Bliss, and Norwegian Jewel. Thats 35 times the size of where I live!!!

the haven garden villa big cruise ship stateroom

How about you?

Are you surprised by the size of some of these cabins!? I definitely am. It’s no wonder that I feel at home in an inside cabin, it’s still an upgrade from where I live normally.

How big your bedroom at home? Let me know how you guys measure up.

Emma Le Teace

Friday 17th of November 2017

Oh absolutely! It would be AMAZING to be in a suite one day. Agree that I wouldn't want to pay too much for it though :')

Emma Le Teace

Friday 17th of November 2017

Couldn't agree more!

Mark Van Raam

Sunday 1st of October 2017

Hi Emma, I’ve done 3 cruises; 1 with NCL about 15 years ago and 2 Holland America ones in the last year. All were ‘Ocean View’. Two were large 1m by .75m and one was floor to ceiling. The large one was called obstructed view which was between lifeboats. I like being able to see outside.

Emma Le Teace

Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

For a moment then I thought you meant the cabin was 1m by 0.75! ha ha.. I was so confused.

Thanks for commenting :)