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Cruise 1st – What happens when a port stop is cancelled

I recently wrote an article for Cruise1st all about what happens when a port stop is cancelled. This has happened to me on a number of occasions. I’ve had ports cancelled due to bad weather but also due to political unrest in Turkey. It seems to happen to me quite often actually.

During the article I discuss:

Why might a port be cancelled?

  • Weather – More likely at a port which requires tendering. See more about tendering here: Tendering tips.
  • Political Unrest


What happens when a port is cancelled?

  • Substitute port
  • Day at sea – There will be extra events going on onboard.


  • Cruise line excursions – You’re protected if the port is cancelled – automatic refund.
  • Private excursions – Not necessarily protected.

Compensation and Travel insurance

  • You are not automatically entitled to any compensation for a cancelled port. Some travel insurances do include a fixed amount for each missed port, for example £100 per port.

You can find the full post here: Cruise 1st.

Have you ever had a port cancelled? Was it a good or bad switch? Let me know in the comments.