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Celestyal Cruises Dress Code (Photo Guide with Examples)

If you are taking a cruise with Celestyal Cruises you may be wondering what the dress code onboard is. I took my first cruise with Celestyal a couple of weeks ago and had many questions in regards to what to wear. In this post we will cover what to wear during the day, the evenings and on excursions.

What is The Dress Code on a Celestyal Cruise?

During the day there is no dress code on Celestyal Cruises. In the evening guests are encouraged to dress in a ‘relaxed but elegant’ style. Celestyal Cruises do have ‘Gala nights’ and ‘Captains Cocktail nights’, on these nights there is a stricter dress code in place.

Celestyal Cruises does have some information on their website in regards to dress codes but in practise the dress codes that we actually experienced were quite different. We saw very little mention of dress codes onboard and generally speaking all passengers were very relaxed in what they wore during the cruise.

Celestyal Olympia Cruises Aft

What is The Day Time Dress Code?

Celestyal don’t have a specific dress code in place during the day. Guests on the Celestyal Olympia generally wore shorts/skirts/dresses as it was quite warm when we cruised.


When it came to shoes most guests were wearing flip flops or sandals during our cruise. The Celestyal Olympia is a little bit ‘higgley deepiggledy’ due to her age so wearing good shoes is important. Some steps onboard are uneven so make sure you take care when walking around the ship. Celestyal’s ships also have a lot of wooden decking which, although gorgeous, can be slippery!

What to Wear

Any sort of resort/beach wear would be appropriate providing that you are wearing shoes and are wearing more than swimwear. On the top deck by the pools swimwear would be appropriate but inside the ship you’ll need to put on some more clothes.

Celestyal Cruises do not allow topless bathing. This isn’t really a thing I’ve ever considered before but I did see another guest be asked to put her top on during the cruise while sunbathing.

If you cruise with us during the warmer part of the year, from May through September, light-colored cotton clothes will help to keep you cool.  – source. 


According to Celestyal’s website guests aren’t permitted to wear shorts in the restaurants. This was never implemented on the cruise or even mentioned.

I wore shorts in the main dining room every lunch time, so did most of the other guests onboard. 

There was no dress code information outside the restaurants which you would usually find on a cruise. Each day we were given a daily schedule but the only information on there about dress codes was that you can’t wear ‘tank tops or swimwear’ in the main dining room.

Celestyal Olympia Pool Deck Embarkation Day

What is The Evening Dress Code?

According to Celestyal’s website the evening dress code is as follows:

In our restaurants, casinos, lounges and nightclubs, and in the other open spaces on our ships, your attire should be “country club casual”– relaxed, yet elegant – after 18:00. – source. 

As mentioned above we never heard this dress code mentioned on the ship and the guests would usually be wearing shorts/dresses.

The atmosphere onboard was very relaxed but the schedule was quite busy. We visited 7 ports in 4 days which meant that most days we had two ports. Due to this we didn’t always have time to get changed for dinner. I felt as though most guests didn’t get changed for dinner.

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Do Celestyal Cruises Have Formal Nights?

Celestyal cruises do have formal nights. They are called ‘gala nights’ and this is when guests are encouraged to wear their best. Celestyal also have ‘Captain’s Cocktail’ nights. If you are taking a cruise which is 4 or 7 nights long you will only have one gala night. 3 night cruises do not have any gala nights.

For Gala Night and Captain’s Cocktail, please attend in formal dress: a cocktail dress or something smart for ladies; jacket and tie for men.  – source. 

The gala nights will be mentioned on the front page of the daily schedule that is delivered to your room each night. We decided that we didn’t want to dress up so chose not to attend the gala night.

The gala night dress code is applicable only to the main dining room so you always have the option of eating in the buffet if you don’t want to dress up.

What to Wear, Men:

Men should wear a shirt and a tie. Celestyal aren’t an overly formal cruise line so you could wear a patterned shirt without problem. Pairing a shirt with a smart pair of chinos would also be okay.

Some guests may wear a jacket but this isn’t mandatory. It can get very warm in Greece is peak season so I imagine most guests wouldn’t want to wear a jacket. That said, cruise ships do have great air conditioning!

To learn more about that check out the post here: Do Cruise Ships Have Air Conditioning?

What to Wear, Women:

Women should wear a smart dress or a blouse/trouser combination. As long as you were wearing something clean and presentable I’m sure you would be fine.

The dress code is more of an invitation to guests to dress up rather than a direct instruction. The dress code is ‘suggested’ meaning that you probably wouldn’t be turned away from the dining room for being underdressed.

What is The Dress Code For Excursions?

There are no specific dress codes for excursions with Celestyal Cruises. I would strongly recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shows as the included excursions do include portions of walking.

It’s usually quite warm in Greece. We travelled out of peak season (late October) but the temperatures were still in the late (20s c) (80s f). Make sure that you dress appropriately for the weather.

I am from the UK so to me the temperatures in Greece felt very warm, I would usually wear a dress or shorts with a t-shirt. That said, guests from hotter parts of the world found the temperature to be cold and would wear jackets and coats!


The paths and roads in Greece can be slippery and they are often worn away. Make sure you bring comfortable, flat shoes with a lot of grip. This is particularly important if you are planning on walking up the steps in Santorini. It’s incredibly slippery. (On that note, if you are planning on walking up the steps in Santorini make sure you bring closed toe shoes as the Donkey poo that covers the steps isn’t pleasant to get on your feet!)

Celestyal Cruises Olympia Lindos Excursion Rhodes

Exercise Wear

Both the Celestyal Olympia and Celestyal Crystal have free to use gyms onboard. To learn more about using a gym on a cruise ship check out this post here: Do Cruise Ships Have Gyms? Are They Free and Other FAQs.

Celestyal also offer free Zumba classes so it is important you pack clothes for exercising if you plan on taking part in these. Doing Zumba on a cruise is a lot of fun I would definitely recommend you give it a try.

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