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Best Cruise Ships Toys (Children & Adults – Playmobil, Polly Pocket, Lego & More)

If you are interested in cruising or have children who are, you may be looking for a cruise ship toy.

Cruise ship toys are available with a range of functions and in this post, we will look at some of my personal favorites including toys from Polly Pocket, Lego, Playmobil, and more.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may earn a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Cruise Ship Toys For Children – Playmobil Cruise Ship

Perhaps the most popular toy cruise ship on the market is that sold by Playmobil. The ship has 3 main large compartments and lots and lots of accessories.

The ship features 2 cabins which are complete with bathrooms, a slide, and a lifeboat.

There are 5 characters provided, 2 adult characters, 2 children, and a captain.

The ship is designed to be played with on dry land but there are no batteries meaning that it could get wet without any problems.

Note: The ship isn’t designed to float.

Playmobil Cruise Ship
Ages6-12 (Recommended)
playmobil toy cruise ship

You’ll find the Playmobil Cruise Ship Here (affiliate link): Playmobil Cruise Ship.

Cruise Ship Toys For Children – Inflatable Cruise Ship

On many cruise lines, you’ll find inflatable ships being sold in the gift shop. I’ve purchased multiple and have given them to friends in the past.

Below is a photo of me with my inflatable ship on board P&O’s Britannia.

Inflatable Cruise Ship

The ships come uninflated and flat. They’re relatively easy to blow up and I’ve never had any trouble with them.

inflatable cruise ships

The following cruise lines have inflatable ships available to buy, there may be more:

  • Royal Caribbean
  • MSC
  • P&O

Each inflatable ship that I have purchased has cost around $10.

The ship models are usually only available to buy on cruise ships in the gift shops. Occasionally they’ll appear on sites like eBay but the cruise lines don’t directly sell them on land.

There is a Titanic version available to buy but it is incredibly expensive compared to the versions you’ll find on the ship. The Titanic version can be found here (affiliate link): Inflatable Titanic.

Cruise Ship Toys For Children – Littlest Pet Shop

The littlest pet shop cruise ship is a plastic cruise ship which comes with two animals, a cat and an octopus. It was originally launched in 2017 and as a result can be found quite cheaply on a few re-selling websites.

You can find the toy directly from the Littlest Pet Shop here: LPS Cruise Ship.

The cruise ship is relatively small and does require some assembly before use.

Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship

The littlest pet shop cruise ship doesn’t float but it has no electrical parts so there is no reason it can’t be played with in water.

Cruise Ship Toys For Children – Polly Pocket Cruise Ship Compact

If you would prefer a smaller cruise ship toy that takes up less space. The compact cruise ship toy from Polly Pocket is a great option. I used to have many Polly Pocket toys and always enjoyed playing with them.

Polly Pocket Cruise Ship Compact

The cruise ship Polly pocket toy is self-contained within a case meaning that it’s easy to take with you. It also has a strap.

Photo: Polly Pocket

The top part of the ship contains:

  • Ships hull with porthole
  • Karaoke stage
  • Cabin for Polly
  • Captains chair and wheel

The bottom part of the ship contains:

  • Claim shell
  • Whale
  • Jet Ski

You can buy Polly pockets cruise ship compact here (affiliate link): Polly Pocket Cruise Ship Compact.

Cruise Ship Toys For Adults – Ship Models

Every cruise ship will have a ship model in their gift shops. They are incredibly popular and some cruisers collect ship models from every cruise ship that they’ve been on.

The quality of the ship models does vary by cruise line. Some will be incredibly detailed and others may be more generic.

Cruise Ship Models

It is possible to find ship models on reselling websites. The cruise lines only sell these directly on their ships but there are many people who purchase and resell ship models. This is particularly useful for people who start cruise ship model collections but have a model or two missing from their collection.

Below is a photo of my friend Jordan’s cruise ship model collection. Very impressive!

cruise ship model collection

Examples of cruise ship models can be found here (affiliate link): Cruise Ship Model.

Cruise Ship Toys For Adults – Lego Titanic

Although technically an ocean liner, instead of a cruise ship, the lego Titanic definitely deserves a place on this list.

To learn about the differences between ocean liners and cruise ships, check out this post next: Ocean Liners, They Still Exist: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

lego titanic cruise ship toy
Photo: Lego

There have been many unofficial cruise ships and Titanic build kits over the year but this Titanic official launched by Lego in 2021 contains 9090 pieces.

Cruise Ship Models

The lego build isn’t just to complete the exterior of the ship, there is also a very detailed cross-section featuring the grand staircase, boiler rooms, and smoking rooms as well as working pistons, propellers, and an anchor.

Photo: Lego

Titanic Lego Statistics:

Titanic Lego Model
Build Time24 Hours +

The below video shows the process of putting together the Lego Titanic, this definitely isn’t for beginner lego creators but the results are amazing.

The Titanic model can be found on the Lego site here (affiliate link): Lego Titanic.

Cruise Ship Toys For Adults – Build Your Own Cruise Ship

Although not technically marketed as a toy, I definitely see how this ‘build your own cruise ship’ could be viewed as one!

Build Your Own Ship

It’s designed as a table centerpiece and there is even an opening at one end to put candy in.

You can find the build your own cruise ship here: Beistle Three Dimensional Cruise Ship Table Centerpiece.

The plastic/paper that the ship is made of is coated in a type of plastic but this doesn’t mean that the ship floats. Don’t get this one wet or it’ll end up in a soggy pile! :’)

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