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Disney Cruise Line Laundry – Price List, Services, and Self-Service Laundry

If you are considering a cruise with Disney, you might be wondering about the types of laundry services that they offer onboard.

I have just returned from a cruise on the Disney Magic.

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Do Disney Cruise Ships Have Self-Service Laundries?

Disney Cruise Line have self-service laundries on board all of their cruise ships. These are available for guests to use 24 hours a day. The self-service laundries on Disney cruise ships do cost money to use with a wash starting at $3.

Fabric detergent and softener are available to buy from machines located in the laundry, these start at $1.

All charges are made to your onboard account. To learn more about why cruise ships don’t use cash, and how you purchase things on a cruise, check out this post: Cruise Ships Are Cashless Societies – Here’s Why

The irons are free to use at any time without charge.

The below photo was taken onboard the Disney Magic.

disney cruise line self service laundry washers and dryers

Each washing machine and dryer has a number of settings including:

Normal Wash, Light Wash, Synthetic Wash, Wool Wash.
Dry, Extra Dry, Low-Temperature Dry.

Self-service laundries are located on multiple decks on each ship. Facilities vary by laundry.

Number of Laundries
Disney Dream7
Disney Fantasy7
Disney Magic3
Disney Wonder3

The Disney app is used to let you know when your laundry is done. The Disney app played a big part in our Disney cruise, to learn why and see how it works in practice, watch this video:

How Much Does Laundry Cost on a Disney Cruise?

Disney Cruise Line offers dry cleaning, a standard wash and press only services. Laundry prices vary from $1.50 to $12.00 per item. To wash a single shirt costs $4.50, to dry clean a shirt costs $5.40 and to press only a shirt costs $2.70.

The table below was created using data from the Disney Magic.

Dry Cleaning PriceLaundry PricePress Only
Suit (2 Piece)$10.80$5.40
Suit (3 Piece)$13.20$11.60
Evening Dress$12.00$6.00
Garment Bag$12.00$6.00
Undershirts & Bras$2.40
Short Pants$3.90
Sports Shirt$3.90

Note: Disney doesn’t offer a press-only service for items like socks or handkerchiefs.

The prices of laundry (and all things on cruise ships) change regularly.

Laundry is usually returned the next day by 5.30 pm if you would like your clothes returned faster there are two options:

  • Collected by 9am and returned by 5.30pm the same day – 50% EXTRA CHARGE.
  • Any item collected and returned within 3 hours – 100% EXTRA CHARGE.
disney cruise line laundry price list

How do You Use The Pay Per Item Laundry with Disney Cruises?

To use the laundry service on a Disney cruise simply fill out the laundry sheet and total up the amount that you are spending.

Then place your items in the laundry bag.

I’m sure that the laundry checks this but it’s always good to have an idea of how much you are spending too. It’s also important that you write down your stateroom number, name, and date.

Disney Cruise Line Laundry Terms:

“To insure the safest handling we must use our discretion on dry cleaning and laundering each garment. Fragile or hand washable garments must be dry cleaned to insure prompt service. Not responsible for shrinkage, fastness of color, zippers or for articles left in clothing.”

Any claim must be made within 24 hours.

In the case of loss or damage, the maximum liability of an item is 10x the price charged to wash and press that item.

If you have a particularly expensive dress or suit I would recommend that you don’t have this laundered by the cruise line.

Disney doesn’t accept any responsibility for your clothes if they shrink or become discolored.

Free Alternatives to Cruise Line Laundry Services

If at all possible I do try to avoid paying for laundry when I cruise. I usually make use of my free bag and wash any other items myself.

When I cruise I usually pack a little sachet of travel wash like this (affiliate link): Travel Wash.

I use the travel wash to wash things like t-shirts and socks in the cabin sink. It’s easy to do and almost free!

How to Use Travel Wash:

Using travel wash is really easy and doesn’t take long at all. Start by filling the sink with warm water then add a very small amount of the travel wash.

Move your clothes around in the wash and then put them to the side. I like to wash all clothes in the same bubbly water before moving on to rinse them off. Rinsing some clothes in the sink can be a bit tricky but rinsing them in the shower is always a good option.

Once you’ve washed your clothes, try to wring out as much of the water as possible, so that they can dry faster.

There is usually a line for hanging your clothes in the shower so I do this. Cruise lines do try to dissuade guests from hanging clothes on their balconies to dry because they can blow away and become a danger.

Is It Worth Paying For Laundry on a Disney Cruise?

Disney doesn’t have a ‘fill a bag’ promotion like other cruise lines do. All laundry is paid for on an item by item basis and whether it’s worth paying for depends on the value of having the item laundered for you.

If you are only wanting to wash a few t-shirts, maybe some gym clothes, socks, etc I’d strongly recommend that you do your own laundry in the cabin sink. It’s cheap and easy!

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