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25 reasons why I’d prefer to be on a cruise than at work


1. Your office (probably) doesn’t move and cannot seek a better climate. If you’re like me this means that your office is sat in almost permanent rain! Thank’s a lot England.

2. Calories don’t count on a cruise. It’s a fact! Maybe…

3. If you’re stuck with somebody who is so dull that they’re boring you to tears you can give them the slip. It’s easy to hide from somebody on a cruise ship but not so much in an office.

4. No deadlines! No targets! You don’t have to do anything! Never ever ever.

5. You probably don’t have waterslides in your office, I think Google might! But even still…

6. The food is a million times better than whatever you can cook in the office microwave. A pot noodle can hardly compare!

7. You’re completely off the grid with no worries in the world. Sure you’re probably coming back to a mountain of work but that is a future you problem.

8. Your boss (probably) doesn’t cruise with you.

9. No clock watching! There is no watching the clock on a cruise, time barely matters at all. The only time you need to remember is what time to get back on the ship.

10. Nobody will steal your food out of the fridge. They might steal it off your plate though, but there is plenty more where that came from!

11. You don’t get towel animals left on your desk when you go for lunch (well I don’t).

12. On a cruise you don’t need to know any work place jargon, learn your port from your starboard and you’ll be just fine.

13. Day time napping isn’t a problem on a cruise.

14. Day time drinking isn’t frowned upon, its practically encouraged!

15. You don’t have to deal with your colleagues leaving the kitchen in a state, there’s no washing up to do at all!

16. You don’t have to stare at a screen all day. Goodbye square eyes. Swap those screens for sunsets.

17. There are real comedians onboard. Makes a nice change from that guy in the office who thinks hes hilarious…

18. You don’t get any emails on a cruise (apart from if you want to).

19. No early mornings! The only reason to get up early is to see the ship sail into port. Even that is voluntary.

20. You can’t get a sun tan at your desk, the annoying sun which comes in through the windows and into your eyes isn’t quite the same.

21. You don’t have to commute. Unless you count the 2 minute walk to the buffet!

22. Nobody will tidy up your room and make up/down your bed when you’re at work.

23. It’s impossible to be bored on a cruise.

24. You don’t have to force yourself to go to an exercise class on lunch. A gentle stroll around the ship or a walk up the stairs (to find more food) will do.

25. On a cruise you get to visit some of the greatest places in the world! Even if your office is somewhere lovely (lucky you), it isn’t quite the same as sailing around the world.

Are there any reasons that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

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Little disclaimer: I like where I work and everybody that I work with… still rather be on a cruise though 😉

Paul and Carole

Wednesday 22nd of February 2017

So many reasons why cruising is so much better than work! Really enjoyed your post!


Wednesday 22nd of February 2017

Ha ha! Thank you. Think I've spent too much time daydreaming about cruises while at work. Sure I could think of 100 reasons... maybe even 1000.