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10 things you can do on a cruise (That you didn’t think you could)

If there is one thing that proves that cruising isn’t just for old people its the amount of INCREDIBLE, adrenaline filled, activities that you can do onboard cruise ships. It is mind-blowing that you can skydive, surf, go kart, cycle in the sky and zip line while sailing the seas. Old people wouldn’t like that at all 😉

1) Skydive

Yes really! Royal Caribbeans Quantum class ships feature ‘RipCord by iFLY’. A 23ft wind tunnel at sea. Absolutely bonkers. I would love to try this one, I doubt I would look as happy as the lady below though. I would probably look more like a squirrel stuck in high winds.

royal caribbean sky dive

2) Go kart

NCL’s Norwegian Joy has a two level go kart track. This one makes me a little nervous, I’m sure somebody will try and drive off the edge of the ship, its inevitable. From the looks of it its really well enclosed though so hopefully that won’t be a problem. Seems a little mad but its all good fun. I would love to experience go karting at sea.

Norwegian Joy Go Karts Norwegian Cruise Line Cruising Isn't Just For Old People

Thank you @yukipiggy for this one!

3) Sky high capsules!

Passengers onboard Royal Caribbeans Quantum class ships have a capsule that carries you 300 ft into the air. I bet the view is absolutely incredible!

quantum of the seas sky capsule

4) Cycle in the sky

This one I REALLY want to try. Ever since Richards’s introductory post to Carnival (see here) I have been thinking about this sky cycling idea. It is just crazy. It’s called the Skyride and is featured on the Carnival Vista. The track itself is 800 ft long and is 150ft above the deck.

sky rider carnival cruise line cruise ship cruising isnt just for old people

Thanks @morganrhine for this. I LOVE this photo! One of the best things I’ve seen in a while. It looks like so so much fun.

5) Surf

On Royal Caribbeans Quantum, Oasis and Freedom class ships passengers are able to surf onboard the Flowrider. I am taking my first Royal Caribbean cruise in October onboard the Independence of the seas, I have never attempted surfing before but I think I may have to give this one a go.

That way I can say ‘yeah, I’ve surfed in the middle of the ocean’.

royal caribbean rcl flowrider surf simulator cruising isnt just for old people

Thanks to @wt.skylife for this one! I am SO excited to try the flowrider. Terrified though…

6) Zip line

Royal Caribbeans Oasis class ships feature a 82ft zip line which is 9 decks up and zooms across the atrium. I assume you have to make sure that you don’t have any lose change in your pocket that could fall out and land on somebody who is taking a stroll below… Even Santa seems to enjoy giving it a go.

allure of the seas zip line

7) Ropes course

NCL and Carnival both have their own versions of ropes courses at sea. Passengers are properly harnessed and aren’t actually at any risk of falling off (although I’m sure it feels like that!) Which is good considering that onboard NCL you are invited to ‘walk the plank’ which involves stepping slightly off the edge of the ship. Eek!

ncl norwegian cruise line ropes course

8) 4D cinema

On some MSC and Costa ships you are able to visit the 4D cinemas! Complete with smells, rain and moving/shaking seats. Not really that I would want to spend too much time inside a Cinema while on a cruise. But it would be perfect for a rainy sea day!

IMAX costa cinema

9) Robot bartenders

Onboard Royal Caribbeans Quantum of The Seas is a completely bionic bar. Passengers order using a tablet and the robot mixes the drink in front of you. Magic!

I wonder if, in the future, we will have human-like robots, who won’t just be able to mix your drink but will also be able to listen to you talk and respond, that could get interesting.

royal caribbean robot bartenders

10) Ice bar

I don’t know who’s idea it was to put a whole load of ice on a ship, seems a bit odd to me! But nevertheless, the Norwegian Getaway, Breakaway and Epic all have Ice bars where you can enjoy a drink. Gloves and coats are provided. I have been on all three of these ships but have a thing about ice, being in an ice bar honestly is one of my worst nightmares. (I almost expected the floor to be ice?)

ncl norwegian cruise line breakaway getaway ice bar

Are you a thrill seeker, or a self-confessed scaredy cat? Let me know by tweeting below.

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This post was inspired by a friend of mine called Danny. Danny is a cruise virgin but talks almost as enthusiastically about cruising as me. We were recently chatting about the incredible things that you can do onboard cruise ships when he said ‘that would be a good name for a blog post, “10 things you can do on a cruise ship, that you didn’t think you could!” The rest is history. This ones for you Danny, I hope you lose your cruise virginity soon.

Have you tried any of these? Any that I have missed? Let me know in the comments!


Emma Le Teace

Monday 24th of July 2017

Absolutely I'm sure I wouldn't look like that... ha ha.