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10 things you should know before cruising with Thomson

10 things you should know before cruising with Thomson. (Tour videos at the end of the post)

GUEST POST: Paul and Carole

1. Value for money

Breaking it down day to day, it has worked out cheaper than our other cruise experiences that we have had on RCCL, Cunard, P&O and Celebrity.

2. Interesting itineraries

Which was the reason we booked our first cruise on the Thomson Celebration. As the ships are smaller they can access some ports that the larger ships can’t. The ships are not as grand as the mega ships but what they lack in size they make up for in personality.

3. Cheap drinks!

Very cheap all inclusive drinks package the cost on our recent cruise was just £25 per day for the basic package which is excellent value and a lot cheaper than other cruise lines.

4. Entertainment

Superb entertainment in smaller theatres and lounges so you are really close to the action and feel like you’re part of the show.

Thomson Celebration Entertainment Dance Show

5. Staff

Very friendly staff constantly mingling with passengers. This not only included the singers and dancers from the entertainment team but also the captain and his senior officers.

6. Chilled out cruising.

Great introduction to cruising for first timers. Very informal and relaxed if you don’t want to engage with any formalities it is not a problem.Paul lido Thomson Celebration

7. British food

If you crave some home comforts you can get your fix of proper bacon, walls sausages and heinz beans for breakfast. They also do an excellent afternoon tea every day with scones and clotted cream.

8. More port days

On some 7 day cruises you may only get 3 or 4 ports of call but with Thomson it is normally 6 or 7.

Thomson Celebration Cruise Ship Front

9. Dining

Complete freedom dining in the main dining rooms, you can choose your time and whether you want to sit on you own or join others.

10. No kids! (If thats what you want)

Adult only cruises are offered by Thomson which may suit some passengers.

Sunset Thomson Celebration Cruise Ship Balcony

We have now cruised 11 times with various cruise lines but know that we will cruise again with Thomson due to the 10 reasons above.

Lido Deck:  [wpdevart_youtube]YnnWf8wEhBo[/wpdevart_youtube]

Sun Deck: [wpdevart_youtube]OB3Zr8bqGNk[/wpdevart_youtube]

Tour of Deck 5: [wpdevart_youtube]p1v92W2u7b0[/wpdevart_youtube]

Girl dress norwegian breakway balcony


Emma says: Thanks for this one Paul and Carole! I have heard bad things about Thomson ships in the past but this as put my mind at rest. Not sure about some of the other ships but I would definitely consider a cruise on the Thomson Celebration having seen these photos and videos. I suppose it just depends what you would like from a cruise, price is always a big factor for me when considering a cruise line so I may in the future look for a Thomson cruise. 



About Carole and Paul

Paul and Carole are a couple from Gloucester, England. You can find them at where they share their travel experiences to inspire others to travel. It certainly works for me, I love watching their travel videos and reading about all the interesting places that they visit (even if it does make me incredibly envious!)

Make sure you follow them on youtube here: Paul and Carole Love To Travel

10 Things Thomson


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