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Which Norwegian Ships Have Go Karts Tracks?

Unbelievable as it may seem, you can try Go Karting on a cruise ship and I did!

Some of Norwegian Cruise Line’s newer, bigger ships have Go Kart Tracks on the top two – or sometimes the top three decks.

Which Norwegian Ships Have Go Karts?

There are five Norwegian ships that have Go Kart Tracks. These are:

Are The Go Karts Free On Norwegian Ships?

The Go Karts aren’t free on Norwegian cruise ships, there is an additional charge.

How Much Does It Cost to Use the Karts on Norwegian Ships?

I was lucky enough to try out the three-deck Go Kart Course on Norwegian Prima.

I was pretty nervous before I started, but soon got into the swing of it and really enjoyed myself.

When I sailed on Norwegian Prima in 2023

  • The Go Kart Rides cost $15 each.
  • For an extra $5, you could have the track to yourself for three laps and drive at faster speeds. This is known as “You and the Track.”
  • You could pay $199 and have unlimited rides on your cruise during the scheduled track opening time.  This is known as “The Ultimate Speedway Package.”

How Many Laps Do You Get For Your Money?

You can drive for eight laps for $15.

Norwegian Prima Go Kart Prima Speedway Emma Cruises
Norwegian Prima Go Kart Prima Speedway

How Do You Book To Drive A Go Kart On Norwegian Ships?

You can book a Go Kart by:

  • Booking via The Norwegian App
  • At the designated desk onboard
  • On the Cabin interactive TV

Which of Norwegian’s Ships Has The Biggest Go Kart Track?

Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Viva are sister ships. They have the biggest Go Kart tracks at Sea.

Instead of being spread over two decks like some other Norwegian ships, the Norwegian Viva and Prima’s 1,400-foot go-kart track is spread over the ship’s top three decks.

How Fast Do Go Kart Go On Norwegian Ships?

The Go Karts can go up to 40 miles per hour, but Norwegian limits speed to 27 mph during group races.

Do You Need To Wear Protective Clothing to Drive The Go Karts on Norwegian Ships?

Wearing helmets is compulsory and everyone is given a clean ski mask to wear beneath the helmet.

For safety reasons, you need to be dressed appropriately to race on the Go Karts

Leave your bags in the cabin or with someone watching your race. There are no lockers available to store your things when you drive.


Flat, fully closed footwear required (no flip flops, Crocs, or heels). Riders must always wear a helmet. Loose clothing is not allowed. No age minimum, guests must only adhere to height requirements. Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back and hidden inside helmet. Drug and alcohol consumption before driving are strictly prohibited.   

Norwegian Cruise Line Terms and Conditions

What Happens Before You Drive The Go Karts?

Before you are allowed on the Go Karts you will:

  • Watch a safety video
  • Get weighed – and height measured if you look like you might be too short
  • Get strapped in

Do Norwegian’s Go Karts Have Petrol or Electric Engines?

All Norwegian’s Go Kart’s are electric – but they mimic the sound of petrol/Gasoline powered Karts

Are There Height and Weight Restrictions for the Go Karts?

Yes, there are height and weight restrictions if you want to drive a Go Kart:

  • Minimum height is 55″(1.40m) The maximum height is 82″(2.08m)
  • The maximum weight allowed is 265lbs (120kgs) 

What’s It Like To Go Kart On A Cruise Ship?

I had thought that the Go Karts would be a bit like bumper cars – you would just go round and round in circles – but how wrong I was!

The track is Eighteen decks above the Ocean, and around 166 feet above sea level. It felt very high up.

There were Hairpin bends, hills and corners, and it was quite scary at first as I had no idea where the track would go next.

Because the Go Karts are so close to the ground it felt like we were going fast.

After two laps, I got to know the track better, and I relaxed and really enjoyed myself.

I definitely got $15 worth of enjoyment out of my Go Karts experience!

I lost count of the laps, but I think it was around eight. There was a checkered flag at the end, so I knew when to stop.

I wasn’t last! I came 18th – out of 19 people!

Norwegian Prima Go Kart Prima Speedway Emma Cruises
Norwegian Prima Go Kart Prima Speedway. I didn’t come first – but I didn’t come last!

Watch me try out the Go Karts on Norwegian Prima in the video below:

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