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TUI River Cruise – Drinks Prices and MENUS

If you are taking a river cruise with TUI you may be wondering how much the drinks cost onboard.

I recently took a river cruise onboard the TUI Skyla and below are the menus from both the main lounge and the club lounge.

All drinks prices are inclusive of VAT and service charges. What you see is what you pay.

The prices and drinks available may vary, so these menus are so illustrative purposes only.

How do You Pay For Drinks on a TUI River Cruise?

All drinks bought on a TUI River Cruise are charged to your cabin and paid for at the end of the cruise. Cash is not accepted.

When ordering, you’ll be asked for your cabin number.

What Drinks Are Included on TUI River Cruises?

Beer, wine, and soft drinks are included at mealtimes on TUI river cruises. Water is always included and there is a coffee machine/tea machine available to use 24 hours a day at no cost. Each cabin also has tea and coffee-making facilities.

There is a red, white, and rose wine option included with meals.

In theory, there is no limit to how many beers, wines or soft drinks you can have with meals.

In reality, we found that only refills of wine were offered without asking and we had to ask for refills of soda/beer. The crew did seem very busy so I didn’t like to ask for too many refills, although they were always happy to get them. I was on the first sailing of a new season so I’m sure this will improve as the season goes on.

There are charges for beer, wine, soft drinks, and any other drinks outside of mealtimes.

Main Lounge Menu

The drinks on this menu are also available in the main dining room and on the top deck. Here is the default menu for the ship.

There is a variety of soft drinks, cocktails, beer, and wine available.

Club Lounge Drinks Menu

The club lounge, located just outside the main dining room has a different menu. This is a more premium area of the ship where the drinks cost a little extra.

It is a cozy, relaxing space.

It’s worth noting that there is a free-to-use coffee machine in the atrium and additional seating there. We would on occasion make ourselves a free cup of tea or coffee and then drink it in the club lounge during the day, it wasn’t ever busy and it was a nice place to sit.

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