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Theme Nights On Cruise Ships (Everything You Need to Know) – Examples

What Is A Themed Night?

A themed night on a cruise ship where guests and staff dress up with a specific theme in mind.

Colour-themed nights are very popular – particularly White Night, which is held on many different cruise lines.

Emma cruises white night party
White Night Party Ready!

How Do You Find Out In Advance What The Theme Will Be?

Cruise theme nights are included in your cruise fare, but you need to check online to find out what the theme on your cruise might be, so you can pack accordingly.

You can normally find out in advance which themed nights might be held by logging into your online cruise account.

You could join a Facebook “Roll Call” which is a Facebook group specifically for the sailing you are taking. Others already in the group may be able to advise you.

If in doubt – guess! White night parties are very common, followed by 80s and 70s parties. Pack something that you could wear that would fit the theme, just in case!

Find Out What Others Wear For “White Night” Themed Parties here:

What Do People Actually Wear On White Night? Real Photos, Examples and Suggestions

Cruise LineCommon Themes
Royal CaribbeanBlack and White Night, 50’s/60’s/70’s/80’s
NorwegianLatin Night, 70s, 80s, White Hot Party
DisneyPirate Night
MSCWhite Parties, Flower Party
Carnival80s Rock’n’Glow, Silent White Hot Night and Superhero Music Party.
CunardBlack and White, Red and Gold, Masquerade or Roaring 20s.
HALOrange Night
AzamaraWhite Night

Here Is What Some Of The Cruise Lines Suggest

Black and White Night, 50’s/60’s/70’s/80’s, Country Western, Masquerade Ball, Toga Parties. These are examples and are subject to change.

Royal Caribbean

Every MSC cruise offers themed nights on board, including White Parties, Elegant Nights, Flower Party and more!  Guests are encouraged to bring outfits that go with each of the themed nights.


Gala Evenings follow one of four themes – either Black and White, Red and Gold, Masquerade or Roaring 20s. You’ll find many nods to these themes in the way your ship is decorated, the musical acts performing throughout the night, and in the signature cocktails and dishes available that evening in our bars and restaurants.


Pack your best orange outfits and accessories to show off on the dance floor. Wear your wild wigs, giant hats, boas and bowties—whatever you want, as long as it’s orange! 

Holland America Line

It Sounds Like Disney May Have Had Problems With Themed Nights In The Past…

During themed cruises and onboard celebrations like Pirate Night, Guests are invited to dress in costume. We value safety and good judgment and ask Guests to choose costumes that are family friendly, not obstructive, objectionable, offensive or violent. To avoid any disappointment or delay in the boarding process, please refrain from bringing toys or props that resemble guns, knives or other related implements.

Disney Cruise Line

Do You Have To Get Involved In Themed Night Parties?

Not at all, joining in is completely voluntary. If dressing up isn’t your thing, there is no need to do it!

Can I Hire Themed Clothing Onboard?

The only cruise line that advertises clothing hire is Cunard.

Gentlemen can hire tuxedos including shirts, trousers and dinner jackets on board from the shops – these are to wear on their “Gala Nights,” not themed nights as such.

Tuxedo packages range from $90 for one night up to $250 for 5 nights.

They don’t hire any sort of clothing hire for ladies, suggesting instead that they buy something from one of the onboard shops.

I took a cruise on the last Ocean Liner, Cunards Queen Mary 2. Cunard has very strict dress codes. Find out what I thought of that here:

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