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Are Short Cruises Worth it? (Tried and Tested, Pros and Cons)

If you’re considering taking a cruise you may be wondering if a short cruise is worth the price and if it’ll give you the true cruise experience.

I’ve been on 35 cruises to date with a number of these being under 5 nights long, I’ve had some brilliant short cruises as well as some that I wouldn’t recommend so in this post we will be looking at what makes a short cruise worth it, or not.

Are Short Cruises Worth it?

There are a number of reasons why taking a short cruise is a good idea. They’re cheap, easy, and can give you a taste of cruising. On the other hand, there are a few reasons why a short cruise may not be worth it for some passengers.  There’s less choice when it comes to shorter cruises and the onboard experience can be very different from a longer cruise. 

I’ve been on short European and Caribbean itineraries and will talk about my experiences with both in this post.

I have enjoyed the majority of the short cruises that I’ve taken and there are definite benefits to short cruises but there are a few things that you definitely need to be aware of.

viking cruise ship

What Counts as a ‘Short’ Cruise?

A cruise which is 5 nights or less would usually be classed as a short cruise. 3-night cruises are a very popular option as are five-night cruises.  2 or 1-night cruises are occasionally available but these are less common. Only 32% of cruises taken are five days or less.

The most popular length of cruise is 7 nights.

average cruise duration 7 nights

Longer cruises are also popular but the longer the cruise gets the less common they become for obvious reasons. I personally think the perfect cruise length is 10-14 days, it’s long enough to really get to know the ship and to settle into life on board, but it isn’t always crazily expensive.

Cheaper Short Cruises

One of the main reasons why people look to book short cruises is because they are cheaper than longer cruises.

While this is true it often isn’t as good as a deal as you would think because although a ‘3-night’ cruise sounds like a lot once you take into account that the first and last day are just getting on and getting off the ship that really only leaves you with two cruising days.

This is, of course, the same for every cruise but it’s often overlooked when booking shorter cruises.

Price Per Night

The price per night of a shorter cruise is also not normally as good value as long cruises.

For a cruise line, the most difficult part of a cruise is turn around day where they have to get guests on board and also other guests off. It’s much easier for the cruise line and crew to keep the same guests on board for longer.

For this reason, the price of a 14-night cruise is usually a little cheaper than two 7 night cruises and the same can be said for shorter cruises.

Shorter cruises may look like a great bargain but per night they can be more expensive. That said, if you have a limited budget a short cruise is a really good option.

If you are interested in learning how to cruise well on a budget, I teach a course which shows you exactly how to find, book and enjoy a cruise on a budget: How to Cruise For Less.

cruise ship

Party Atmosphere Onboard/Theme Cruises

It’s often the case that a short cruise has a party atmosphere and you’ll generally find a younger crowd onboard. I’ve taken two cruises like this, the first was a three-night cruise with Celebrity and the second was a three-night 90s theme cruised with Marella.

The 90s Weekend Cruise

I took a cruise onboard the Marella Explorer and it remains to this date to be one of my favorite cruises. The atmosphere on board was so much fun and the whole weekend was relaxed and silly.

Everything was 90s themed, there was 90s music in all of the entertainment venues, the ship was decorated for the occasion and passengers dressed up.

I’ve never been on a cruise quite like it, I loved dancing in the silent disco to 90s music and watching bands like Five and B*witched. It really felt like a concert at sea.

I’d definitely recommend a themed cruise line for people who want to have a relaxed fun weekend. The majority of guests on board hadn’t been on cruises before but they seemed to love the ship and the weekend.

Marella Cruises are all-inclusive by standard so include alcoholic drinks onboard. To find out more about why I’d recommend a Marella cruise to families and young cruisers, check out this post: Top 7 Reasons to Take a Cruise With Marella Cruises

Marella 90s Cruise Electric Sunsets

Non-themed Party Cruises

It isn’t just the themed cruises that tend to turn into party cruises. If you book a cruise which is 3 nights, particularly if it’s over the weekend there is a chance that you’ll find many birthday parties and people celebrating onboard.

I took a 3-night cruise over a weekend with Celebrity Cruises. It was SO busy with people drinking in the bars on board that it was almost impossible to get a seat or get served at certain times. That said, if you book a weekend cruise this should be expected.

I really didn’t feel as though the cruise provided the true Celebrity experience but I did have a great time. I mostly booked the cruise to try the Celebrity Cruises food and that did not disappoint!

It’s worth bearing in mind that short cruises, regardless of location or cruise line can feel like party cruises.

Celebrity are usually quite relaxed but the weekend I spend onboard was anything but.

Our first ever cruise as a 2 night cruise to Guernsey, we already had a 14 night one booked a few months later and it felt like we were on a booze cruise, full hen and stag dos. We vowed we’d never do a 2 night one again, weve only done 4 nights+ since then. We’re fairly young and like a good time, but it was far too much for us – Emma Turner (Facebook group member)

I did take a second cruise with Celebrity which was VERY different from the first. To learn how two cruises on the same cruise line, and same ship, can be so different, check out this video >>

Is a Short Cruise a Good Way to Try a New Cruise Line?

A short cruise is a good way to try a new cruise line but it’s important to remember that the experience onboard will likely not reflect a longer cruise. Short cruises are a great way to explore new cruise ships and try out elements like food and entertainment however certain elements will be different. 

The 90s theme cruise which I took was with Marella who include all-inclusive drinks as standard.

If the 90s cruise was the first Marella cruise that I had taken I may have thought that all Marella cruises were party cruises because of the all-inclusive drinks. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I took another Marella cruise the year before and because it was 14 nights long and cruised to the Baltics I never saw anybody drinking to the extent that we regularly saw on the 90s themed Marella cruise.

It is important to remember that a short cruise on a cruise line may not provide you with a true representation.

Exploring The Ship

One of the best things to use a short cruise for is to explore a new cruise ship. If you are unsure if you’d like a larger or smaller ship a short cruise can be a great way to find out this as the physical ship itself remains the same regardless of the itinerary length!

If you’re trying a cruise line that is totally different from anything that you’ve cruised with before a short cruise can be a good option. If you’re used to American cruise lines and are considering a British line or an Italian line a short cruise can be a great way to get a taste of the major differences.

Italian cruise lines like MSC are incredibly popular but the experience onboard is very different from American cruise lines. To learn more about this, including what the passengers of both lines are usually like, check out this video:

Short Cruises Mean You Can Pack Light

I am always pretty good at packing light, I’ve taken a two-week cruise with nothing but a carry-on cabin bag before without too much trouble.

That said, it’s always nice not to have to pack too much. For a 3/5 night cruise, it is very easy to cruise with just a small bag especially since shorter cruises often don’t have formal nights.

The 3 night Marella cruise I took was on board the Marella Explorer, we actually had 16 drawers in our inside cabin, 16! We only had 3 days worth of clothes so could have realistically spread out our clothes across all 16 drawers if we wanted to…

Packing light is not only a lot easier but it can also save you a lot of money if you are flying to the embarkation port as you may not need to pay for baggage. 

Less Choice of Cruising Time

Short cruises tend to be for fixed dates and it’s not possible to choose other dates. For the majority of cruises, the cruise will be repeated over and over and so if you need to cruise a week later or a week earlier you can often do this without changing the itinerary.

A good example of this is the MSC cruise ships that cruise the Mediterranean, the ships repeat the same 7-night cruise over and over for the best part of a year at a time.

This gives you lots of flexibility to choose your cruise dates.

cruise ships

Mid Week/Weekend Itineraries

Short cruises tend to be less frequent and this can mean that if you want to do a cruise of a certain length you are extremely limited to only a few cruises per year.

Cruises that cruise over the weekend are incredibly sort after compared to mid-week cruises so the prices of these are usually higher.

Short itineraries often happen between long itineraries, for example, if a cruise ship has been doing eastern Caribbean cruises but changes to do a western itinerary there may be a smaller cruise in between which allows the ship to get into the new schedule.

It isn’t in the cruise lines interest to have a ship empty for any period of time so even if it is just a few days the ship will be filled and an itinerary sold.

On Occasion There Will be no Drinks Packages or Other Offers

On some cruise lines, there are restrictions where drinks packages can only be purchased for cruises over a certain length. On others who do offer drinks packages, these are usually more expensive per day than they would be on a longer cruise.

Some drinks packages for P&O Cruises are only available on cruises 5 days or longer in length. source.

p&o short cruise drinks package limitations

Many cruise lines are really trying to remove the party reputation of short cruises and as a result, are trying to discourage short booze-filled cruises!

This does depend a lot on the location of the cruise, cruises in the Caribbean tend to have a more laid-back party atmosphere than those in most of Europe.

Other Perks May be Unavailable

You may find on a short cruise that other extras are missing that you may find on longer cruises. These may just be small things like no snacks in the bars or lounges and no welcome drinks but if you’re used to cruising on long itineraries the difference is noticeable.

I don’t know if it’s still the same, but a while ago we found some of the little extras, like nibbles with drinks and quite a few other things were missing. False economy as many people use these cruises to see what it’s like. There were some new people on our dining table and we’d spend a lot of the time saying “it’s not usually like this “. Ps it was P&O – Kimberly Moore.

There may also be other perks which are for cruises only over a certain length. For example, P&O cruises offer a coach transfer with some of their fares, however, this isn’t added to cruises less than 5 nights long. It isn’t normally a big deal but just something to be aware of and look out for.

Trying New Cabin Grades

Upgrading Your Cabin

On the 3-night Celebrity cruise which I took, I actually decided to book a balcony cabin. I am usually always in an inside cabin or outside if I am feeling lucky.

To be able to cruise in a balcony is a real treat for me. Due to the fact that the cruise was so cheap, it wasn’t much more expensive to upgrade to a balcony which I did.

If you are used to inside cabins I would suggest doing the same but be aware that it can be quite hard to convince yourself to go back to an inside cabin once you’ve had a balcony!

I have managed it since but there is nothing quite like having a balcony to watch a sail in or sail away.

Downgrading Your Cabin

On the other hand, a short cruise does provide you the opportunity to cruise in a cheaper cabin than one that you would normally. I’ve shared an inside cabin with my brother and parents on a short cruise. I wouldn’t like to share a cabin with 3 other people for too long but for 3/5 nights I think it’s a great option.

Many cruise lines will have discounted prices for the third or fourth passengers so if you share the saving equally you can all have a discounted cruise fare.

Shorter Cruises Give You More Chances to Cruise

Without taking short cruises I wouldn’t be able to cruise as much as I do. Short cruises allow you to really make the most out of your annual leave and you can take advantage of things like public holidays.

I often use public holidays as an opportunity to cruise, it isn’t possible to cruise to exotic faraway destinations in a few days but it’s a great break from real life.

The more forward planning you do the better the chance that you’ll be able to plan your cruises well and require the minimum amount of time off work.

On disembarkation day you can realistically expect to be off the ship by 9 am so in some circumstances you can actually take a half-day or head back to work! T

his might not feel that great at the time but if it means you can cruise more in the future by saving your annual leave it can be a great option.

Disembarkation day is usually pretty sad anyway.

A Short Cruise Doesn’t Have to Mean Limited Ports

You may think that by taking a short cruise you will be missing out on ports that you may have otherwise visited. It’s important to remember that longer cruises may have more sea days than shorter cruises and it is actually possible to pick a cruise that includes more than one port per day.

I recently took a short cruise with Celestyal cruises. The cruise was 4 nights long and we visited a whopping 7 ports! 7 ports in 4 nights is almost unheard of within the cruise industry but this is what Celestyal specialises in.

Celestyal are a greek cruise line and if you are cruising to Greece I’d strongly recommend Celestyal, it’s the best way to be surrounded by greek people, culture and food. To learn more about a Celestyal cruise, check out my review here: Celestyal Cruises Review and Daily Photo Diary.

Celestyal Cruises

One Night Cruises are Rarely Possible

Believe it or not, it is possible to take a one-night cruise although whether this really counts as a cruise or not is up to you.

The majority of large American cruise lines don’t do one-night cruises but some small British cruise lines like Fred Olsen do.

A one-night Fred Olsen cruise will only set you back around $150 which is a bargain when you consider that the cruise if your accommodation and meals.

Fred Olsen do have small, old traditional ships so it may not provide the cruising experience that many are used to. These one-night cruises are also only from the UK.

Where do You Find Short Cruises?

When on almost any cruise line or travel agent website you will be able to filter your cruise search for cruises of a short duration. Below is an example of Norwegian Cruise Line’s website.

Norwegian Cruise Line Short Cruises

Flexibility is Key

The key to finding a good short cruise is to either be flexible with dates or be flexible with the location of your cruise.

On the website, you are able to search by nights and also cruise line if you did you want to cruise at a specific time with a specific line you would have to be flexible about the itinerary.

Similarly, if you wanted to cruise to a specific place on a short cruise you would probably have to be flexible when it comes to the cruise line. That said, this is what is great about short cruises, the opportunity to try something new!

If you’re from the UK and are looking to book a cruise, drop us a message on our Book a Cruise Page here.

Would I Recommend Short Cruises?

A short cruise can be a brilliant way to try out a new cruise ship or cruise line. Short cruises are often very affordable and are able to fit around the rest of your life because they are so short.

That said, any short cruise shouldn’t be taken as a representation of a longer cruise, there are many things that are different between short and long cruises even if the cruises are on the same cruise line.

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