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Scarlet Lady – Cabin Review (REAL PHOTOS) Virgin Voyages

In this post, we will cover everything that you’ll find in a Sea Terrace cabin. Most elements are almost identical to that of an ocean view and inside cabin so this post is also relevant to those cabin categories.

Virgin Voyage’s Converting ‘Sea Bed’

The cabin features a bed that converts from the day layout shown below into a full-sized bed. I’m not aware of any other cruise line that have ever tried something like this before and it certainly is a divisive subject!

When I first heard about the bed I have to admit I didn’t really understand why Virgin would make such a strange choice. Having been in the cabin I now understand why. It makes the cabin feel SO much more spacious when the bed isn’t in the way. I really like it.

By day:

Is the sea bed on Scarlet Lady comfortable?

Yes! I have to admit before visiting the cabin I was concerned about how comfortable the bed could realistically be. I am happy to report that it is very comfortable and is also a full length. The bed is approximately 2metres long which is the average length of beds sold in Europe. If you’re over about 6’2 your feet will probably hang off the end (but you’re probably used to that)!

I was a little worried that the bed would feel like a camping bed but that couldn’t be further from the truth, the mattress is full thickness and a mattress topper is laid at night.

Scarlet Lady Virgin Voyages Balcony Cabin Sea Terrace Cabin Bed

Can you leave the sea bed as a bed during the day?

Yep! I was a bit worried that I’d have to miss out on my afternoon naps because the bed would have been put away but the passengers are in control of when/if the bed is made into a day bed. I’m not sure if by default they will make it into the day bed unless you ask them not to, or the opposite.

I’m sure over the cruise the cabin steward gets to know if the guests are the party kind or the sleepy kind! I’m definitely the latter.

Can you put suitcases under the sea bed on Scarlet Lady?

You could possibly put your suitcase under the part of the bed that is fixed but you would be able to see it all of the time.

The bed is also quite low so if you have a large suitcase it might not be high enough.

I’d suggest putting your suitcase in the bottom of the wardrobe if you are cruising on Scarlet Lady. Alternatively there is a lot of floor space at the end of the cabin by the chair and desk where I’m sure the suitcases could go.

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Balcony Cabin Sea Bed

By night:

When the bed is in bed form you wouldn’t ever know that it wasn’t a permanent part of the room. The cabin looks like most other cruise ship cabins when the bed is like this.

Almost all cruise ships which have double/queen/king sized beds are made up of two single beds pushed together. You may be able to feel where the beds join together but I don’t think you’d be able to feel it on this bed as much as you might on some other cruise lines.

Do the cabins on Scarlet Lady have bedside tables?

There isn’t any kind of bedside table for the side which is closest to the bathroom. There are two USB sockets and a US socket on this side though which I think is much more important.

If I was staying on this side of the bed I would either rest my phone on the arm of the sofa/couch or maybe move the stool/wooden table into the corner and use that.

Sometimes it is nice to have a glass of water by the bed and I do worry a little I’d knock it on the floor without a proper bedside table.

If you are on the side closest to the balcony the wooden part where the bed became a table of sorts. I would use this as my bedside table.

The plug sockets are a meter or so away so unless you have a long arm you would need a long charger to lay in bed and browse on your phone. Arguably you’d be out enjoying yourself rather than doing this anyway!

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Bed Balcony Cabin Sea

Desk/End of Cabin

At the other end of the cabin, you’ll find a desk, a chair/stool, and a bigger chair in the corner. The cabin feels very spacious because of the lack of extra things in the room. I personally really like this style as I’m not generally a person who likes much too ‘stuff’.

Other cabins would usually have a sofa/couch or big chair in this part of the room, this cabin doesn’t need another sofa thanks to the huge sofa/couch that makes the bed.

How many plug sockets are there on Scarlet Lady?

On the desk, there is 1 European socket, 1 US socket, and 2 USB sockets. By the side of the bed there are 2 USB sockets and 1 US socket on both sides. Bringing the total to 10! Amazing.

How many people can fit in Scarlet Lady’s balcony cabins?

Up to 4 people can fit in the cabin. I’m not too sure how this works in practice but when I find out, I’ll let you know! I would assume that another bed or twofold down from the ceiling.

Scarlet Lady Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Balcony Cabin

At the end of the cabin, you’ll find the minibar which is housed inside the cupboard below.


I think it’s important to note that there are no other drawers or shelves in the cabin apart from those found in the wardrobe area by the door. I pack very light so this isn’t a problem for me but I do imagine that it’ll be a problem for people who like to pack more than I do.

That said, Virgin Voyages primarily offer short cruises to hot places where you wouldn’t need too many clothes!

Scarlet Lady Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Balcony Cabin Desk Mini Bar Chair Stool Lamp

I love the design of the cabin and this gorgeous mirror. The whole room has mood lighting and that is a 4K TV right there!

Random fact: This cabin is the only cruise ship cabin I’ve ever been in where there is A BOX OF CONDOMS in the mini bar. Yep. I suppose it makes sense but it did make me laugh when I found them. 

Scarlet Lady Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Balcony Cabin


I’m afraid I can’t really show you the balcony, as you can see the balcony of this cabin was just a big printed picture of the ocean (I took these photos in a warehouse in the UK).

The balcony is going to be a pretty standard size but the thing that I am most interested in is the hammock.

Each hammock is hand woven and I imagine that it would be very relaxing to spend an afternoon here reading a book or using Virgin Voyages included WiFi.


The closet area is a pretty good size with 6 shelves on top of each other inside a cupboard and a place for hanging clothes. There isn’t a door on the hanging section but it does have a curtain.  There is enough space in the bottom of the wardrobe for a suitcase to go and I’m sure I would end up throwing my shoes in the bottom too.

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Wardrobe Closet

There were some VERY comfortable robes in the cabin which I did try on.

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Bath Robe

Would I cruise in the cabin?

Initially, I wasn’t convinced about the converting sea bed but now that I have seen how much more spacious it makes the room I understand why Virgin made the decision to make it like this. I’m very relieved that the bed is comfy too!

I love the design of the cabin and the hammock, the only concern that I have is about the lack of storage within the cabin. I don’t think it would be a problem for me but for other cruisers, it may be.

Check out my full ship review here:

UPDATE: I’ve booked Scarlet Lady! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. I still agree with everything I said in this review, but something bigger has changed. I’m SO excited! Watch this video next >>

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